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  1. x7xBillyDaKidx7x

    Tanks on Tanks , air on air,and infantry on infantry is not realistic. In real wars airforce kills everything. And then u have guys on the ground shooting aircraft down and aircraft shooting aircraft down. Dome sheilds are a joke. The problem is to many people play for free and dont have the tools for the right job yet. Given time and people start getting there characters fully certed, where they can buy the anti air rocket, or anti tank rocket will make better game play. Half the people that play dont even have dual bursters yet. Or there getting them as we speak. Some friends i play with ,are ages away from getting the good stuff that makes a squad powerful in its own way . The real problem, is half the rejects that just sit around in warpgate ,Teamkill, and just basically are there to ruin everyone elses game. Ive been c4d and dam near shot out of the sky just leaving my warpgate by my own faction members.
    Fix that crap first, then you can fix the rest !! ;)
  2. JHordwell

    What modern shooters are you talking about that are cranking out new releases in 6 month cycles?

    The most popular ones, Battlefield and COD, have been on 2 year (24 month) release cycles. There's only a new COD game every year because they have 2 different studios (Treyarch and Infinity Ward) working on 2 different versions (Black Ops and Modern Warfare). The only exception (within the last 5 years) was probably Battlefield 3, which was released a year after Battlefield Bad Company 2, but Battlefield 4 is due out this year which is 2 years after the release of Battlefield 3. Also, both series release DLC well after the "6 month" period you're referring to.

    Back to the topic:

    OP, I think this type of game, F2P or P2P, is for a niche market and it won't achieve critical growth. Not to the point where there will always be medium-to-large battles across all the front lines. Even during prime time there are only a few large battles going on at once and there will be too many front line areas that are ghost towns.

    I got a friend to try the game today. We joined a platoon, headed to a large battle where the enemy were quickly trapped/camped up in their spawn room. While waiting for cap he said "this is boring, we're just suppose to stand around for 10 minutes?" He played a round of TDM on Black Ops 2 while we were waiting for the cap. In that one 7 minute round of COD he had more gun fights / enemy encounters than he did in 30 minutes on Planetside 2 the 'massive multiplayer' FPS. So right away the game gave him a bad first impression. I tried to explain that not all battles are like that. Later on we were on the opposite end of that same situation, we were defending a base with 12-24 players against a large zerg. He tried to push out of the spawn to get to the objective, but there was just too much spam from the zerg surrounding the spawn area and after a few deaths he got frustrated. I don't blame him.

    I defended the game saying that it is fun when you find the right battle that has a good mix of attacking and defending instead of such lopsidedness. However, that's when I realized it just isn't for everyone, it's mainly for a niche group of gamers who are able to tolerate the erratic experiences on it.
  3. Salamanerd

    I stopped listening when it came to dome shields. Its a desperation move to make a horrible balancing mentality work.

    Sure, 3 battles. But only ONE MATTERS. Its infantry and vehicles. When infantry takes a base, and they will, vehicle battles are worthless. The way the game works a base can be under siege for an entire day but none of that actually matters.

    Horde of tanks around a base? Doesn't matter if they don't take the point. Everything in the base still works, even spawns. NOTHING MATTERS.

    Aircraft, tanks, and infantry NEED to be in the same battle. Vehicles SUPPORT and EFFECT infantry battles, not have their own damn battles. This isn't world of tanks. This isn't world of planes. This isn't Call of Duty. Those who WANT that gameplay have other, better games to play.

    Trying to make a combined arms game segregated will only serve to kill it. Vehicles will become expensive, irrelevant paperweights.

    It won't help the game. If infantry is the only thing you can do, why not jump to COD, TF2, or battlefield? PS2 is desperately trying to be battlefield anyway without any of what made it work.

    There are many better infantry focused games. Combined arms is the only thing that keeps planetside 2 from sliding into irrelevancy.

    People may hate vehicles, but its the only thing keeping planetside 2 from being another bog standard shooter.

    MLG is a fantasy. They won't touch something so unbalanced and focused on selling overpriced guns.

    The PlayStation 4 release will not save it. If players didn't like PS2 the first time, why would they suddenly like it now?
  4. earth

    why make modern game that doesn't take advantage of current computer hardware.

    the game should be fine tuned balance. instead every update they change balance to make money. don't understand why you can't use team fortress model and make money selling hats, faces, hair, and different but balanced weapons.

    maybe a little more variety. there is base, open land and then base. a change in gameply to city battles or something different would feel nice.
  5. Nobalification

    about balance. One big probelm is we dont have main TR developer in Higby and T-Ray team.
  6. Ned

    Oh none of it, its just some footage at the beginning
  7. wwwjdx

    disfunctional "Client Side Hit Detection" in a "shooter" game
  8. Ned

    Most of my hits seem to get on target, sniping in this game is a bit whack though
  9. KnightCole

    Yeah, cuz SoE is kinda listening to player complaints and no matter what SOE does the crowd opposed to the change will cry even harder. So SoE tries to compensate a little and then more crying.

    Playerbases arent happy until they each have a instagib gun with impenetrable armor. But then where does that leave us? Everyone then would complain that they cant kill anything.

    PS2, is it really so screwed up? Or are players just entirely too needy?

    Air Lolpods were to good, they got nerfed a bit. AA was to weak, it got buffed a bit. Now we have pilots used to the OPness being killed by AA that finally can hurt them.

    People cried that tanks were to tough, now there are 1million and 1 ways to kill tanks while tanks got their damage nerfed(ie: blast radius nerf). Meanwhile, others complain that all the AV guns are to good and to plentiful and that tanks are now useless.

    Yeah, its the playerbase ruining the game for themselves. I personally have fun with this game, lonewolfing around with my EM6. I am on the side that says Tanks could use a blast radius buff.

    But, overall, I like the game just fine and dont see what everyone is always crying about.

    Of course, I do see some people's points and I am in the most OP class, but meh. PS2 isnt as horrid as everyone thinks.

    Want a bad game? Warrock.....that game was weird....
  10. Pouk3D

    OP you're making me sad, I couldn't agree more. Mostly with the faction asymmetry, both combat phylosophy and aesthetic. When I first started I thought to myself "which faction is going to have that infamous Galaxy", the fact that everything except for one tank and one fighter is going to be common pool is something that nearly shocked me.
  11. KnightCole

    The Vanu should get the Galaxy, or atleast a huge transport named the Galaxy.

    I dont have any good names for NC or TR faction specific carriers. Though I do agree this game needs more uniqueness to th Factions.

    I wish NS would die in a fire and for 2 weeks all 3 factions became allieds just long enough to put NS 6 feet under.
  12. Faerrus

    One change SOE should make to improve both Store Transactions and allow players to better tweak, personalize and own their characters would be some sort of Armory(Infantry)/Vehicle Bay(Vehicles)/Aircraft Hangar(Aircraft) interface.

    Need for Speed Underground 2, or pretty much any recent NFS game within the last 5-10 years, utilize an awesome interface catered to tweaking and customizing vehicles.

    For those that have never played any of the NFSs, it was a "Garage" type interface that had your vehicle centered and surrounded by different menus for tweaking both mechanical and aesthetic components. It is both simple and fun to apply different types of paint, vinyls, decals, body kits, hoods, spoilers, tires, rims, headlights and etc. in this "Garage". Players would also be able to see, in real time, how certain components would change performance in speed, handling, weight, torque, etc. Messing around in the "Garage", to many players, is a major draw to picking NFS U2 (as an example) over many of the other competing racing games available.

    If we were given a similar interface to tweak our Infantry/Vehicles/Aircraft, I am sure that new and veteran players alike would be more open to spending money on SC. Giving new players the option of running through the "Armory" before the battlefield might encourage spending at least a little SC on items where they otherwise may be content running a stock load out. As an aside, it wouldn't hurt to give new players a one time limited time (say within first 2 weeks of gameplay) discount on SC to further encourage breaking the ice with an SC purchase early on.

    These new interfaces would essentially replace the clunky and hard to use SC store that we have now.
  13. NietCheese

    Some good points, especially on combined arms. IMHO the rocket pods should never have been in the game. Why on earth the devs thought it was ok for the fastest vehicle in the game to be able to spam pods at a groupd of infantry and get 3, 4, 5 kills or kill a MBT in 1.5 seconds is beyond me.

    The rocket pod problem (and Liberators) then made the devs make many more mistakes, like making infantry capable of spamming no-skill lockons at aircraft. The Striker was a huge mistake, so was the AV turret in it's current form (with invisible missiles and massive range).

    Now it's at the stage where armor is terrified of infantry over open ground because of the AV turret, the Striker, the AV Max weapons. Air have never recovered from Striker spammers. Balance is gone, game play is frustrating for everyone. The last patch made everything worse.
  14. Zotamedu

    These forums is what's wrong with Planetside 2.
  15. Malacovics

    $7 for a weapon in game, while some great games out there cost $15...
    I'd rather buy Company of Heroes than two mediocre weapons in planetside 2 that gets nerfed or completely re-done in a few weeks anyways.
    Long story short, too expensive.
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  16. NinjaTurtle

    2 things mainly.

    Lack of meta game and performance
  17. Dreez

    Vanu rifles has 100% accuracy.
    Vanu tanks can strafe.
    Vanu Air-fighter can strafe.
    Vanu are invisible during night in their starting suit.

    Exactly what does NC have that does all this?.
  18. NinjaTurtle

    Most of the time isn't good enough. It should be everytime.

    I have this issue quite often especially when using AA for some strange reason, Bursters and the Skyguard always seem to suffer this issue.

    Though I have had the same issue with C4, dropped into a group of infantry blow it and nothing it's as if it was never there.

    Knife attacks, I can see my knife hit them they even stagger slightly like they do when you hit with it. Yet nothing they simply shoot me and I'm dead because of the games lousy performance. Getting killed to another players skill fair enough, getting killed because the game decided to not register a legitimate hit is not ok
  19. Hoek

    This is definitely the biggest problem of Planetside 2. I have been asking the same question from myself over and over again.

    Why would anyone come up with such a no-brain game play? I mean you push the enemy into their spawn room and then you wait for 10 minutes and after about an other 10 minutes later you are camping the next spawn room right around the corner. This is so freaking ridiculous!
  20. NinjaTurtle

    Just watched your video... or had it on in the background whilst doing other stuff and I agree with most things.

    I agree that faction differences need to be bigger at the moment they are too similar and that is because SOE are trying to hard to please everyone. I mean everyone in the sense that they can play any faction they want and have a similar experience.

    The fact that the NC have the GD-7F a faster carbine than the TR have is odd. Also is odd that the TR have a gun that does 167 damage per shot the TMG-50 lmg for example when high damage is an NC trait "apparently".

    I would also say that I was one of the people that said the NC ScatMAX was fine months ago because of the NC's faction trait of heavy hitting. Can't get much more heavy hitting than a shotgun. It made sense for them to be great in CQC because they lack severely in medium - long ranges something the TR and VS MAX units didn't. But this community decided that it was unfair for a faction to have a strength in a particular area.

    I also agree that common pool vehicles should have been given at the very least a different aesthetic. Seeing the VS with a sunderer in it's current form is silly. Same with Flash units the below picture is how they could have been designed


    The way it could be fixed is if no attempt to flip any of the bases points within 5 minutes (this can be adjusted by base size/type) the base is automatically won. If an attempt is made and the defenders get within range of the point to begin the switch the cap time will continue as normal when the attackers regain control assuming they do