What's wrong with Cobalt and Miller servers?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by oOHansOo, Oct 26, 2023.

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  1. FLHuk

    So, second session ongoing as it's interesting.
    • Cobalt but on the 2nd IP
    • 10 hops.... Never good.
    • Hops 8 and 9 are in London and are at 93% packet loss.
    • My ping is fine in game and have had no issues over 600 route requests while playing.
    Sooooooo, If I have any issues with this session I'll be blaming BT and not the last hop, the server in Holland!
  2. FLHuk

    So after an Indar alert over 10 hops with two hops reporting over 90% packet loss I saw no spikes.

    Rechecking both Cobalt IPs
    • 1st is always 10 hops and 2 hops from Cornwall have BT related hops causing packet loss
    • 2nd is always 8 hops with one London BT hop causing 48% packet loss
    • In game on both zero issues and 50/50ms
    From here on in I will always be checking which Cobalt IP I'm connecting to and doing a quick pingplotter.
  3. vlaamseleeuw

    thats not what causes the login problem, i feel like its a limit on requests on the server they use to 'verify' your account or something stupid.
  4. FLHuk

    If a support ticket has told you that then fair enough.
  5. vlaamseleeuw

    i haven't opened any support tickets for this to be clear.
    i live near the miller server so doubt routing is the problem for me.
  6. FLHuk

    See now this is where I have an issue.

    Refusal to test is only proof of no testing.... Pingplotter takes 30 seconds to setup, perhaps less!

    I lived in the Somerset sticks of the UK down 7.4km of overhead copper. 2.5meg DL / 1meg UL, ADSL.... Dropped to 0.3meg both ways.

    Two years later of fighting I'm sat in a room with our local MP, 30+ village residents all on different suppliers, the UK data minister and a BT wholesale PR guy, the uk network operator ( Not BT retail, the ISP ).

    BT guy "We have no legal obligation to inform anyone using our services ( ISPs, large corporations ) of any issues to the network, repair work, maintenance or emergency works. The software we give to ISPs to test your lines, ADSL and fibre, is not legally obliged to inform of network status."

    He then told us we'd never had 2.5meg, I had logs, few others had.

    I also had a photo of BTw workers with the line on the floor cut in half. All our ISPs, including BTr, told us our lines tested as working.

    This is why you test, cuz ISPs lie, get lied to by network operators and everyone has throttling that has to happen if there are issues.

    "I'm on 1 gig fibre, it's not my issue!" Prove it, then if you're a paying customer of DBG you can present data proving your case and demand a refund.

    /rant ( sorry )

    Edit : In fact, do it just to show me I'm wrong and a bit of a dick, cuz I can be and often need reminding!
  7. chamks

    yo im stuck at the loading screen where you choose chr. 90% of time it stuck in "logging in" and i have to exit the game. robot chr never enter. all 4 on miller
  8. oOHansOo

    Okay, listen Planetside team. I'm trying to be patient here, but i can't log into my Cobalt and Miller characters for weeks now.
    I paid good money for the damn membership and now i can't collect my daily bonus.
  9. OscarTheGallant

    Hey Mithril, can we get some sort of update please?
  10. vlaamseleeuw

    i can't even login,so no way of figuring out the miller ip, and all the once i find online time out.
    i really have no urge to prove how ****** the routing of your isp is.
    some isp's just have ****** routing, its a know issue.
  11. FLHuk

    Mate, I promise you, I'm stupid and in under 30 mins I found out how and did via google. The rest I blundered my way through.

    Post 1 for those that CAN get in, post 2 for those that can't....

    There are MANY people who do this for a living on this forum, I'm shocked they've not joined in!

    • DL Wireshark, easy to google, free, I wont as ToC rule #5
    • DL Pingplotter, easy to google, see above again free
    • Shut down all un needed processes, Razer game booster perhaps
    • Run PS2
    • Alt Tab, run wireshark as administrator
    • Select Ethernet, I use cable to my router. I would assume if WiFi you would need to select that!
    • Select CAPTURE from the top bar and then CAPTURE FILTERS, select TCP and UDP ONLY.
    • You will see a MASS of packets from your IP to an IP.
    • Stop the flow using the scroll bar, right side, write the IP down.
    • There are two IPs per Server!
    So now you have one or both IPs for your sever.
    • Keeping PS2 running
    • Close Wireshark
    • Run Pingplotter as administrator
    • To the right of ALL TARGETS enter one IP
    • Set interval to the right as 1 second
    • Repeat the process for the other IP
    • Press the pause button for the one you're NOT currently connected to.
    You are now looking at a glorified version of Tracert we all used on our 19k dial up modems circa 1990+
    • At this point it's worth pointing out the next time you run pingploter
    • To the right of ALL TARGETS your two IPs are now stored
    • To re re run the test don't press the green start, to the right of it press the down arrow
    • Select RESET & RESTART
    You can now check before entering the server which IP is cleanest and use wireshark to see which you're then on. rejoin till desired IP achieved.
    • This is what I see for the lower hop IP of Cobalt
    • I've removed the Server IP as I feel this is not what the forum mod would allow
    • This next link could break forum rule #5 but It wont let me post the img
    • https://prnt.sc/sXaMG6_z618B - This is my results
    • Game server ALWAYS reports 100% packet loss, THIS IS NORMAL
    • I would assume this is quite rightly security based, END OF.
    • I'm not EVER saying the servers are 100% perfect, that would be stupid!
    • You will see in my plot the amount of BT owned HOPS.....
    • From my LIMITED use of pingplotter BT routing is where most of my issues are
    • High packet loss and high latency
    • So far none of this has lessened my in game experience
    • Again, I'm on over head copper ADSL in the *** end of Cornwall, UK.
    This is why I'm saying you guys with issues REALLY need to do this!
    If you need help ask, I'm off work sick, on great drugs and bored!
  12. FLHuk

    So you can't get in. This is summation so please please please provide feedback and perhaps we can work it out.

    We're both doing the same thing with a different result so we should be able to see a difference.


    • Run the launcher.
    • Run wireshark as Admin
    • Turn off everysingle process not required
    • Press PLAY while looking at the wireshark feed
    Now obviously mine connects but I'm seeing a shed load of SENTS and RECIEVED.
    This is where someone with a lot more experience could help.
    Logically you will be seeing dropped or timed out packets.
    I see one line that says
    • Server Hello, Change Cipher Spec, Encrypted Handshake Message
    And it carries on, perhaps yours is different?????
    • All the way through these lines I'm receiving APPLICATION DATA
    Are you?
  13. FLHuk

    So, I just deleted my BR40 NSO and remade him on miller.
    • I now have both miller IPs
    • Seeing the same results, mostly BT related.
    • There are ZERO non UK HOPS until the game severs.
    • All packet loss and latency are within the BT hops.
  14. FLHuk

    Right, I've recreated your issue...

    • I got loaded into miller three times on the same IP
    • On the forth I got stuck after char selection.
    • The issue, unless a professional can say different is in one UK hop.
    • 100% packet loss and no resolved IP
    • Wireshark is then saying no response from ( game server IP )
    Routing issue with BT between a BT hop and another BT hop, way before the game server.

    Edit : It looks like this, took me about 15 pingplotter runs to recreate it a second time > https://prnt.sc/2rUclCfjTwgE
  15. vlaamseleeuw

    i can't even ping the miller ip's, they just time out.
  16. FLHuk

    For the protection of the servers ping is disabled, so are a few other things.

    This is why we're using wireshark and pingplotter :)
  17. Mithril Community Manager

    Hi everyone, we made some adjustments with the gateways for Miller. We will monitor Cobalt in the coming days. Please use the bug report section with your experiences after our patch tomorrow. Thanks.
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