What's wrong with Cobalt and Miller servers?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by oOHansOo, Oct 26, 2023.

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  1. oOHansOo

    For about 10 day now the server connection is abysmally bad now. Logging into either server takes about 3 minutes and then i often get the message "Disconnected from Server" and the game closes.
    And when i get lucky enough to get past the disconnection point, i have a network latency of 230 and a server latency between 300 and upwards of a 1000.
    I'm in the EU and i have a better connection to Emerald, than to the european servers. What's going on here?
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  2. Mithril Community Manager

    Thanks for your post, what times do you notice these occurrences the most? And please state your time zone as well. Thanks!
  3. oOHansOo

    I usually log in between somewhere between 18.30 and 22.00. Timezone is CEST (UTC+2).
    But the connection seems to be always rather poor, but get worse during primetime, around 20.00.
  4. BlackFox

    Had the same issue, a network ping of around 30 but a 400+ server ping on Miller - from Germany on a 175k fibre connection around the same time
  5. Spandex4all

    I only play on Cobalt and I haven't seen any connection issues, also from EU. Even in prime time, the worst I got a few days ago was a yellow connection poor warning for a brief moment.

    Could it maybe something on your side? Some time ago my Steam was downloading a large update at max speed which resulted in PlanetSide having the worst connection ever. Once stopping the download all was well.
  6. oOHansOo

    It's not my connection. I have a glass fiber cable. Also, the connection to the Emerald server, which is on the OTHER SIDE of the planet is just fine.
    But something must have been fixed. Yesterday evening i could log in just fine and server and network latency was around 160 at prime time. It's not ideal, but manageable.
    Later on, at around 23.00, the latency even dropped down into the green at about 40 each.
  7. Spandex4all

    The reason I asked if it could be anything on your end is because (although an entirely different protocol), after changing firewall settings on my modem, certain remote connections to my office had gotten extremely wonky. Maybe you had changed something recently. :)

    I'm glad you're getting more manageable latency and hopefully it stays green forever.
  8. karlooo

    I was able to mostly fix this connection issue with a VPN. I used a free version of Proton VPN and connected to Netherlands. No absurd issues since I am using it.
  9. Tops

    3 days in row 250ms server latency since yesterday even 500ms + on Cobalt
    Germany, my regular connection is fine everyday except for this game.

    Had this problem already a few months ago it took also days until pings were fixed again.
  10. Phytor

    So, it's 16:05 CET and I'm trying to play on Miller...
    Servers are "up", allegedly. Server pop is "low" with 31%/32%/37% faction distribution.
    Download 899.9 MBit/s Upload 53.4 MBit/s Latency 8ms; all stable.

    Logging in...
  11. Golconda

    I'm waiting at the character login screen as I type this T_T
  12. BorgUK1of9

    Tring to log into Miller now, cant get in. Gave up trying last night and went and played Lies of P. As OP says this has been going on for days now, no issue getting onto Emerald.
  13. Xipoid1

    Same, not possible to login.
  14. Mithril Community Manager

    We are looking into these reported issues. Thank you.
  15. OscarTheGallant

    In my experience, planetside 2 usually breaks a bit around this time of year. Sometimes it can be entertaining, like whatever the heck this is:

    This year it feels more like a minigame of figuring out which combination of PC restarts and proxies are required to successfully lo log in (for Miller).
  16. OscarTheGallant

    on the topic of current major issues with live the friends list is also broken
  17. vlaamseleeuw

    i experience the same problem the last 2 weeks,

    launcher ->play -> OK
    character select screen-> select TR -> connection times out
    ->select NSO -> OK
    i experience the problem during miller prime time with high pop.
  18. Agrozon

    I´ve been trying to log in for two hours now, neither Miller nor the Cobalt Server are working. wait three to five minutes until you are in the game and then be kicked out of the game seconds later because the server connection was interrupted. its not primetime and its low pop
  19. FLHuk

    Surely this has to be a routing issue no?

    I'm on overhead ADSL in Cornwall, UK with the odd spike.... Works fine!

    Have none of you opened support tickets and or submitted wireshark captures?
  20. FLHuk

    • So I've just connected to one of the two Cobalt IPs.
    • Wireshark tells me which one it is.
    • I put it into Pingplotter free and set it to 1 sec refresh.
    • I see 8 hops, Superb.
    • I see the last hop is the target and rightly so it's not giving me packet loss details. Anti DDoS I assume.
    • I see that between the server and me there is about 8% packet loss as standard.... Thanks BT.
    • I see the worst culprit is hop 3 of 8
    • I see that most of my issues are BT routing to other BT hops cuz UK = BT and BT = haha give us more money.
    I've set the target to one hop previous so as to not burden the PS2 server, not sure if that's even a thing but it can't hurt....

    I'm stupid on this stuff, I just googled Planetside 2 wireshark and read for 5 mins those here that know or knew more before quiting.
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