What's worth buying?

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Kalocin, Nov 23, 2012.

  1. Kalocin

    Weapon wise and cert wise, what do you think the order should be?
    For me, the #1 upgrade was getting my 10x scope, I literally cannot play well without it. The other upgrade I got right away was a restoration kit (I tend to get a lot of fall damage) and a basic nano suit upgrade (1 point)...Now I have 250+ points saved up and there's a lot open for me (and I imagine others in the same situation) and the question now is: What next? My guess is probably the ammo belt, however, the price per 5 shots kind of sucks. My other thoughts are a suppressor or laser (which I probably will avoid since it kind of ruins stealthy) for my pistol. Likewise, we also have claymore/proximity/bouncing betty mines which are probably a lot more useful than the frag. Now I also have 1000 SC to buy things (spent 500 on an exp booster already) and wondering what weapons are worth it? Rebel? LA80?

    My question: What do you find worth buying? In what order and importance?

    Edit: Also got the AMS for sunderer since it is useful for restocking ammo and giving a spawn point inside of a base.
  2. AngryFire

    After trying out a lot of Infil weapons.. My preferred loadout is....

    LA80 - Similar to NC14 (which i love) but with faster bullet velocity and less drop
    12x Scope
    2 Restoration Kits
    Nanoweave armor
    Hunter cloak
    Rebel Pistol

    Cert up the Cloak and Armor as you go, i got mine to level 3 and about to move to level 4 (I would of had them closer to fully certed if i wasn't certing up the leadership tree and other classes).

    I also certed up my hacking device to level 2 for now, it will get fully certed later.

    My prefered CQC loadout is the same except I use the stalker with 2x reflex scope vs LA80.

    Normally when i am away from a equip terminal to resuply we either have an engi at hand to keep us ammoed up OR i just drop a spawn beacon and redeploy on it.
  3. Vepo

    For me I'm going into my nano suit certs to increase my health as I'm still able to get insane long distance headshots and taking out people on the move with the default scope on my SR-7.

    a health kit is indeed a recommendation to get as soon as possible once you have the cert points to obtain. No real point getting a silencer until you are going for a scout rifle in my opinion as you won't really be sniping people mid to short range 95% of the time.

    So for me it's:

    • Restoration Kit
    • Nano Suit (Health increase)
    • Nano Suit (Faster Stealth Regen)
    • Hacking tool before or after your scope (it depends on how much you go into bases to help capture)
    • 10x Scope
    • Claymore
    • Pistol Attachments (Laser)
    Then points placed into a Flash (quicker timer) and the main vehicle you use afterwards.

    Of course everyone will be different in what they want to go for first, but as long as you are happy with your play style and how you are personally doing, I would say go for what you feel will help you improve in the long run and to help you gain more cert points within a shorter period of time.