Whats with the credit for 0% damage?

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  1. Levtech

    This is quite annoying. I am flying then I get hit by AA. I land and fully repair (if I did not nanites would top it off), then crash into terrain (100% my fault), and then on the death screen it gave the guy in the AA credit for his 0% damage and does not list the weapon used. Why should people still get credit when they did no damage related to the kill? Someone please explain.
  2. Klypto

    The last person to damage you in the 10 seconds before you die gets credit. This is to prevent people like me from jumping out of my tank, and instant suicide to cheat you of a kill.
  3. St0mpy

    yes but that doesnt explain the zero % damage kills, I get them frequently when im hunting sundys when I kill myself and im absolutely sure no one saw or chipped at me in the previous 10s while I was crawling under/around the bus but still some random scrub gets a 0% kill rather than a suicide.
  4. Bruno Puntz Jones

    It's idiotic. Infantry now spend more time shooting at Libs and tanks than anything they can actually kill, because if they just get one (completely ineffective) lucky last hit in, they get the full kill credit.
  5. Bindlestiff

    Is a tank not a ground target?
  6. Bruno Puntz Jones

    You know what I mean.
  7. Vodski

    So dont crash?
  8. Klypto

    There's also a bug with the death screen being out of sync. It will sometimes show the last person who killed you on your second death or as an assist to that death and throw the info off.

    So Madrey could kill you and it shows up fine, and they you run off a cliff on your second life and it will say that Madrey killed you again, even though he didn't do anything, and then your third death being mowed down by a MAX could show up as a suicide.
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  9. Paleron

    I like that people get kills for 'causing' a crash. It will inevitably get miscounted sometimes, though.

    Common Scenario (for me):

    I'm farming infantry in my ESF (yup..) and I don't see a mossie approach. He unloads on me. I attempt to flee and afterburner right into a wall / tree / whatever I forgot was behind me.

    I'm glad he got the kill (and a good laugh) for that. He deserved it.
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