What's with the bunny hopping?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Zeek, Feb 15, 2013.

  1. Zeek

    Quick suggestion, disable firing while jumping. Won't stop bunny hopping, but will decrease the dps of those who do it nonstop. Never mind any potential advantage the bunny hopping might give, I just want to see it gone because it looks really stupid in-game.
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  2. omega4

    The biomechanical suits of the future allow soldiers to rapidly oscillate in the vertical Y-axis while engaging targets.

    Bunny hopping is here to stay. Get used to it.
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  3. Zeek

    I just find it odd. I don't remember any bunny hopping before, seeing it a lot for the first time today.
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  4. omega4

    A lot of bunnyhoppers have stopped playing PS2.
  5. Cougarbrit

    Goddamnit I am done with these threads. No. Man up. Get used to it. It's been around in FPSes for goddamn years and it doesn't even offer any statistical advantage in this game, no speed gain no random *** stuff that seems unfair. Just a guy, mashing his spacebar, as you flail your shots around him.

    On a more serious note though who else thinks the TRAC-5 has been nerfed? I've lost so many 1v1 fights today that I swear I would've won but each time, the dude survives with a sliver of health while I get gunned down as soon as they turn around (been playing mostly against NC if that's relavant). Maybe I'm just having an off day.
  6. Loegi


    I actually have no idea. I do feel that it's really quite a potent weapon, especially since it's the starter carbine. But I haven't tried other carbines to judge it well enough.
    EDIT: Disregard that, I can't read. No idea.
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  7. PurpleOtter

    They should bloom your hit boxes if you are bunny hopping, really make it detrimental in a combat zone.
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  8. jshaw

    what is up with people complaining about bunnyhopping? there is already a mechanic in game to discourage it.... it really only works if your opponent is zooming in on you and has bad aim.

    edit: oh man you got gunned down by a bunny hopping NC? i have to give him props for that. playing as a light assault with an adv. laser sight i miss 90% of my shots.
  9. Lakora

    I'd say your having an off day, heck when I'm having an off day it feels like everyone n their mom are seeing through walls and aimbotting.
  10. Snow Sheltie

    Bunny hopping = the act of making yourself incredibly predicable with an uncontrolled jump that a player can track and shoot at without guessing where you will end up. In Planetside 2, all I see from bunny hopping is that the player slows down to a stand-still and in general end up an easier target.

    Please keep this thread on-topic. If you're so concerned about the TRAC-5, then let's create a separate thread to discuss it.
  11. SinerAthin

    The best reply and solution in this thread so far. Not overkill, and makes sense.

    A big bloom with the off chance of shooting in wrong directions, followed by a brief period of disorientation as you land to steady yourself and pull up your gun back up.
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  12. Cerberus90

    nothing is wrong with bunny hoping.....keep on doing it....your just gonna waste any effort in trying to stay alive and have a huge disadvantage in any firefight.

    If anything I have a good chuckle when someone jumps to think they can escape my bullets XD
  13. Zeek

    Err, people seem to be misunderstanding. This isn't about dying to bunny hoppers, it's about removing any incentive whatsoever to do it simply because it looks incredibly stupid in-game. I like PurpleOtter's suggestion.
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  14. Loegi

    Removing a feature because of how something looks seems stupid to me.
  15. Linedan

    Hopping would (mostly) go away if SOE did two things. If they fixed the hit detection issues on people jumping or rapidly shifting direction, and if they disabled full-screen-overlay sights (i.e., the NV scope) while jumping. That's it. The wonky hit detection makes it harder to hit jumpers than it should, and using an NV sight lets them keep a stable sight picture on you, so they only have to compensate for their movement while bouncing--an advantage reflex and iron sights don't have.

    And I agree with the OP, it looks dumb as hell to see gobs of heavies bounding across the Indar countryside like they're a flash mob of kangaroos with CARVs and TMG-50s.
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  16. MasterCheef

    There is really no major disadvantage to hopping like some like to say. If there was, people wouldnt do it. Fact is- it is beneficial to hop for the defender.

    1. It buys you more time to react
    2. If the hopper is lucky, attacker will be reloading while trying to finish him off
    3. no real drawback for when you try to return fire, it essentially evens the playing field if someone gets the drop on you.

    I have no problem with the idea behind hopping- its an evasive maneuver. My only gripe is how silly it looks. I wish there was someway to turn a HOP into a dive move or some kind of evasion tactic that doesn't look as silly.

    I try to tell myself, due to the limitations of the game controls, hopping = evasive dive move. It is not unrealistic to think that a future soldier would dive out of harms way and return fire, killing his attacker. This is essentially what hopping accomplishes.
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  17. Zeek

    Didn't PS1 have stamina for jumping specifically because of bunny hopping? I never played it beyond a few hours but when I noticed the stamina cost for jumping I figured it was to prevent bunny hopping. Not saying that's the solution in PS2, I like the ideas in this thread much more.
  18. Stncold

    The only real problem with it is that TR benefit from it way more than the other two.
  19. Linedan

    I wonder why? I see TR do it more than VS but that's because on my server (Mattherson) has more TR HAs than VS, and HAs do it the most across all factions. But why would TR benefit more from it than NC or VS?
  20. ThreePi

    Just general better accuracy and higher ROF means they aren't punished as much by bunny hopping.