What's up with the VS getting the .75 ADS speed LMGs?

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by Coltorl, Aug 30, 2013.

  1. W0rthy

    Throw a foregrip and comp on that baby and go ads'ing, after the initial wtf is this nonsense.. practice an hour with it, go into the field and call me in the morning ;) It's my favourite VS LMG atm. don't hate :p The amount of times that 100 mag size will save you if you use adren with it are quite substantial. I've quite a few times taken out 5 people in one mag by doing so.

    If you want to go full carnage mode to pave the way for sunderer placement and installation siege, there is flare with adren with extended (150) and hv to increase bullet velocity and burst damage, i think about 9 people in one mag is my record with it. It requires high level aim correction though and ADS'ing even in tight spots. But i mean damn.. You can pull out similar stuff with carv s hv extended (200), or em6 extended (200) aswell.

    The other ones are kinda peashooter/meh'ish/ohsnapigotthatguybutranoutofammoanddiedreloadingFAK once you've tried those combo's. And are more point defence oriented rather than full aggro.

    Dropping gems here might aswell... your call if you want to pick them up hehe :cool:
  2. Sossen

    If I feel like having more ammo I'll use the SVA-88 instead. I don't have the problem you describe with it - if anything I often have too much ammo for 2-3 guys. I despise slow reloads on the other hand. I'd say that if you don't have time for a 3 second reload between your first three kills and your second three kills, you're going to get killed anyway unless you're only facing scrubs.
  3. W0rthy

    With a lot of ingame experience you will more than likely prefer higher mag sizes. Everyone likes the orion and sva88 at first, and the pulsar lsw for when the sva88 is too much of a softball at shorter ranges. They're the easiest to get into. But to be as efficient as possible you'll start gravitating towards polaris and flare extended sooner or later which has a higher skill ceiling aim wise but with huge rewards for taming the beast. Similarly for tr t50 and carv s extended hv. and NC em6 extended/em1.

    It's a matter of point defence, and moving from point to point in formation (orion, sva88 pulsar lsw), vs frontline carnage with a few rambo guys (flare extended, polaris foregrip) to carve way for sunderer with long range backup really. Rather than it is "this gun is just better than everything".

    It depends a lot on how much of an aggressive frontline player you are. Give it a little time hehe, glad you like playing VS though some nice people in this crowd, which server do you play on? If you have the chance pop on ceres we can play some.
  4. Sossen

    Miller, so no meetups I'm afraid.
  5. Mxiter

    We looks have the same gameplay and the same state of mind about infantry weapons. ;)
  6. Posse

    Lol? At least 90% of the top VS HA players use the SVA or the Orion as their main gun (and at least 3 of every 4 probably use the SVA as their main).
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  7. Coltorl

    I consider Scourgeoftheserver and Glorinnn as the most consistent and greatest HA players on Connery. They have reached the skill ceiling and broke it to be the best on the server. What guns do they use? Orion and the SVA 88. So to be it is hard to believe the Polaris will net a skilled player more kills.
  8. SinerAthin

    Haven't you heard?

    Spandex makes you lithe!
  9. Ellipson

    Posse already addressed the fact that your assertion about skilled players preferring other guns. 0.75 ADS multiplier weapons is what I see "top" players gravitating towards across the board because the survivability increase is extremely noticeable. It's a shame that arguably the most important weapon statistic doesn't show up on the ingame stat sheets.
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  10. W0rthy

    Yeah orion and sva88 are clearly used a lot by VS players, but the other weapons with more ammo are great because you don't have to worry too much about reloading all the time, which means that you with greater comfort can engage multiple enemies and use adren to full effect. The 0.75x boon on heavies dissapear a lot when you use the overshield. I don't think the 0.75x multiplier is why people use the orion/sva88, nor does it in my experience "save you constantly".

    It depends a lot on the playstyle ofcourse. But just because the majority use orion sva88 doesn't mean the other ones aren't just as good, or that magazine size doesn't matter whatsoever.
  11. Ellipson

    I get the advantages of more ammo. What I don't get is your total dismissal of 0.75x ADS just because "shields". You still move 50% faster while ADSing compared to the other weapons; that's an indisputable fact. That percentage does not change when your shield is triggered.

    0.75x doesn't "save" you (thanks for not actually quoting me directly and making something up that suited your point), it gives you a survivability increase in most situations because you are strafing faster, changing directions faster, and have a different movement pattern while ADSing compared to most other players. In any ADS situation, if your increased movespeed causes your opponent to miss even one bullet, that's a huge advantage.

    Nowhere in my point did I say magazine size doesn't matter. It's a nice boon and a reason (besides the 0.75x ADS on them) that I prefer the Jaguar over any VS carbine available right now; 10 extra bullets in the clip is a boost. I'm arguing that 0.75x ADS is a more compelling boost because it's a way to avoid damage and therefore win fights.
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  12. Bill Hicks

    Its because Sony overvalues damage and undervalues speed. ( see harrasser and ZOE max) So basically almost all VS weapons are overbudget or have too much synergy. They get good everything.

    So NC weapons suffer because they do slightly more damage but this is mitigated by nano weave, and laggy hit detection that punishes slow ROF weapons.
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  13. Bill Hicks

    A good heavy will dodge before he will pop his shield. I have almost got an auraxium with the orion. And .75 ads allows me to survive by dodging and then I can pop my shield when I made my enemy waste alot of ammo. SVA- 88 and the Orion are the best infantry weapons in the game.
  14. RX530SS

  15. UnDeaD_CyBorG

    The speed looks just fine to me.
    VS gets 2 LMGs and 1 AR, TR gets 2 Carbines and 1 AR, NC gets 2 ARs. I suppose the NC is lacking in that regard because their Heavy Weapon is a Shotgun which by automatically has 0.75.

    As for punch or speed, I sure would love to have a weapon like the Gauss SAW. Or maybe not, because of factional differences (which should exist), but the weapon itself is awesome.
    And please don't argue with ZOE. A beacon of uncreativeness in this otherwise fairly standard game world.
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