What's up with the VS getting the .75 ADS speed LMGs?

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by Coltorl, Aug 30, 2013.

  1. Coltorl

    The NC and TR only have the NS 15M, after playing my VS for a while I do miss the Orion, I did not try the SVA 88 out but I can only imagine it is just as good or better. I don't want this to turn into a flame war, I just want to know why the VS have that trait and the other factions don't? It certainly isn't a faction specific state.
  2. Ganjis

    To tempt me away from the glory of the Lasher. It is not working though, I still love my Lasher *hugs Lasher* "Don't worry, I won't let them take you".

    In all seriousness it is probably to make up for our (comparatively) lousy Assault Rifles.
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  3. Van Dax

    faction trait of mobility, tr get 2 .75 x ads carbines while vs have none. We also have the worst performing ARs.
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  4. Coltorl

    Who even aims down the sights on Carbines? I certainly don't use LA as much as HA, but I understand that my effective range is the same as my hip fire range.

    Edit: I'd be all for the VS getting two .75 carbines if it means I'd get 1 .75 LMG
  5. Van Dax

    Which lmg would get it though? not the msw-r because then it would be straight better than the orion, MCG wouldn't make sense, the carv? idk.
  6. Coltorl

    MSW-R would make the most sense though. I'd sacrifice the RoF to keep it from outperforming the Orion. Right now the guys who are very good infantry players will value the .75 ads speeds more than a faster RoF.

    Edit: looking at the various differences between the MSW and Orion, it looks like the MSW wouldn't need a RoF nerf, they would look fairly balanced with both having .75 ads speeds.

    Edit: I don't play NC but the Anchor or the EM6 could use a .75 ads speed. Maybe up the RoF and lower the dmg to 143 and they have a decent cqc LMG.
  7. Van Dax

    IDK man the msw has angled recoil unlike the orion and an advanced laser with a shorter long reload time and sft point ammo. the orion has a higher velocity round and a better first shot recoil multiplier. really its only the move speed multi that keeps them even.
    I've played with the anchor, personally I think the damage profile and rof is good (gets a higher dpmag and follows faction trait of high damage) the .75x multiplier would give it really good versatility and would in my mind put it close to the sva-88.

    looking closer at TR lmgs it appears to me that the T-32 bull is intended to be more accurate on the move and is very controllable. I would give it a .75x ads to distinguish it from the rhino (which is like the polaris and em1) what attachments does the bull get?
  8. Mxiter

    As said Van Dax, TR get 2 carabines and NC get 1 more AR with 0.75 ADS move mult.

    Anchor and MSW-R trade 0.5 ads move mult for adv laser sight and SPA. It's a fair tradeoff by increased damages and better hip firing (1 move mult while hipfiring :D )

    If TR LMGs would get 0.75 ADS move mult, it would be Carv-S or T32 but the T32 would be a NS-15C clone.
    Certainly GD22-S or EM-1 for NC.
    But it would also mean to give 0.75 ads move mult to NC/VS on them VX6-7 and GD-7F

    If you play TR and want the 0.75 ADS move mult on your HA, you can still use the NS-15C, SMGs, shotguns or pistols.
  9. Mxiter

    Actually MSW-R and orion are both balanced CQC weapons
    It's close to the MSW-R with a slight lower DPS, but better at higher range with 167 weapons trait (horizontal recoil and damage degradation)
    SPA/HVA and compensator, with same hip and ADS COFs than CQC LMGs.
    Small magazine (60) and low ROF(652).
    Don't worth 1K certs/7$.
  10. Van Dax

    So buffing the msw would be unnecessary as I said.
    I don't have much experience with the anchor but I felt it handled very well, would you agree on a .75x ads multiplier being added on? or is it fine currently.
    Just tested it out, my conclusion was it was lacking. The stats and flavour text back up my opinion that this should be the mobile lmg.
  11. Posse

    TR Medics have the TAR, nuff said.

    Btw, the thing that makes the Orion a bit better than the MSW-R is that, while being very slightly weaker at CQC (since it doesn't have Adv Laser), it scales better into mid-range, but if you're making the MSW-R equal to the Orion, then make the H-V45 equal to the TAR.
  12. Mxiter

    I tested it few hours on test server (intern event with my outfit) and it was looking fine at its designed purpose. (7$/1k certs are too expensive for my 74hours/ BR30 alt char)

    Compared to the carv/orion:
    7% lower DPS.
    Same starting COFs (hip and ADS).
    16% more damage per magazines.
    better first shot multiplier.
    Lower horizontal recoil.
    Better bullet velocity.
    Slight lower bloom/sec.

    It might be too strong by adding 0.75 ads mov mult imo, but my main is TR and i might be faction biased.
  13. hansgrosse

    I think the Anchor is just fine as-is, honestly. If ANY of the NC LMG's are going to get a .75x ADS modifier, it should be the EM-1.
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  14. Van Dax

    well the em1 is your polaris/rhino analogue and that would make the em1 more VS than the polaris is. Would you give the polaris something to compensate? the rhino?
  15. hansgrosse

    The Rhino gets an advanced forward grip, which I think is enough of an advantage in and of itself to offset an EM-1 with .75 ADS.

    The Polaris gets a 2x reflex sight and a compensator, which the EM-1 does not. If that's not enough, the Polaris also seems to handle a little better than the EM-1 in sustained bursts, according to their recoil charts. I believe this is sufficient to offset .75 ADS on the EM-1.

    Of course, this is all personal opinion. You may or may not agree.
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  16. lilleAllan

    I guess it's decent but I'm just sick of that 167 dmg/600 rpm damage profile. That's what we get for our CQC LMG? A 50 round mercenary?
  17. W0rthy

    VS trait are mobility and lower recoil with low damage. However i hardly move whilst ADS'ing, since it reduces the accuracy.

    The ADS multiplier of 0.75 only exists for 2 VS weapons; Orion and sva88 both having small sized mags where you often die whilst reloading, all the other weapons except the NS 15m has 0.5.

    Essentially the ads move speed multiplier isn't really a big deal. The NC and TR weapons sure get their advantages aswell. It's a skewed perspective to isolate one parameter like the ADS move speed without looking at all the other parts of it that come together to make the weapons function like they do.

    Here's the spreadsheet filtered for LMG's for good meassure.
  18. W0rthy

    If you are upset about em1 and anchor compared to orion/sva88 you should try them both with foregrip on. The em1 with foregrip on behaves a lot like the sva88 but with 25 more rounds per mag and softpoint option instead of hv. And the anchor with foregrip is basically an orion with more 167 instead of 143 damage.. but lower bullet velocity/rof to offset. Really sick weapon.

    NC only players need to understand their arsenal a bit better in some respects. NC adv laser weapons seem to be very strong with foregrip on, which people often miss trying to ads with adv laser and concluding their weapon sucks, you need more skill at aim correction on to ads with adv laser NC weapons, so it's easier to slap a foregrip on it if you aren't quite there yet skill wise.
  19. lilleAllan

    I'm sorry but the EM1 has nothing on the SVA-88.
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  20. Sossen

    It absolutely is! At close-mid-range strafing with a 0.75x ADS movement speed multiplier is going to save you more often than your overshield!