What's up with slug shells?

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by gunshooter, Dec 2, 2012.

  1. gunshooter

    So I certed into slugs for my shotgun thinking they'd be cool, but it feels like all they do is force you to ADS at all times. Hipfiring with slugs, I have emptied entire clips into people who are within range that they'd be 3 shot without slugs, and not gotten a single hit register, with the spread circle almost entirely covered by their body. It was so bad to the extent that I actually thought I was lagging or something because out of the 10 round clip NOT A SINGLE POINT OF DAMAGE WAS BEING DEALT, then I realized that it was because of slugs. Removed them, and went back to instagibbing people.

    I know that slugs are decent with ADS but it seems that the hipfire is just horrible, and if you can't even hipfire from poink blank why use a shotgun?
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  2. ThePackage

    Slugs are useless right now. They're not even accurate when aiming down the sights.
  3. Achmed20

    slugs are not ment for CQC. its a medium weapon. hipfire is also the possible worst thing you can do with slugs since shotty mechanics are applied (which is a coding fail).
    other then that, whatever you throw at me, 3 shots and its dead, 2 if headshot is included.
    Best mid-longrange sniping weapon we have, but rather useless in CQC
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  4. gunshooter

    It not being meant for CQC doesn't excuse the gun never doing any damage in cqc. An Infil can land a headshot unscoped in CQC with a long range sniper rifle if he has the skills while I don't even land 1 shot when i'm aiming perfectly center mass at someone 5m away.
  5. Trysaeder

    They have a HUGE CoF while you're ADS strafing, which kind of disables a great part of using a shotgun.

    I feel like shotguns are a tiny bit UP right now and extremely situational and I'd like to see a little increase to their flexibility and reliability.
    • Tighten the CoF of slugs by 30% in all states - slugs are hilariously inaccurate from the hip, and satisfactory while ADS
    • Tighten the spread of buck by 20% and make it more predictable - at 7 metres, you can have 50% of the shots land outside of your circle, or have all of them land within 15cm of each other. Needing 4+ shots to kill at ~10 metres while ADS is also a bit weak.
    • Change the pellets from 6*143 to 12*70 to help consistency - self explanatory
    • No/little movement penality while ADS - mostly to help out slugs at medium ranges
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  6. Cidroyz

    i also wasted 100 certs for this.. i just unequipped it after not being able to kill anybody with it >_>
  7. Achmed20

    Only real problem this gun has is hipfireing, and yet, every other gun has.
    but its fine if every1 think it sucks, this just means it wont get nerfed ^^
  8. 80Bit

    Yeah I am playing a sad song for those 100 certs. I should have known better.

    Yes, slugs work fine at medium range. Close in you have to ADS which gets you killed. Bullet drop is huge so anything past medium you going to have a hell of a time hitting.

    I have the Piston which puts out 6 rounds in very short order. I have literally blasted hip fire at people 5m away and missed all 6 shots.

    There are a lot more versatile options for a medium range load out that would have worked much better. Carbines will work out to medium and still light up a target at close range. The burst would work at medium as well as medium-long. But with slugs, the only place they won't get you destroyed is medium, which is very limiting.

    No light assault should ever be scared of dropping in to close to the enemy's backside.
  9. Yalk

    I blame infiltrators...

    Shotguns were darn good and OP in infiltrators hands...so they nerfed them, then took them away from infiltrators...then never un-nerfed them

    I agree with this thread...I've had a little more success hip firing them but I'm using the Barrage...maybe the different shotty's have slightly different hip cones? ....granted, sometimes it takes 8-12 rds to kill a guy...
  10. Trysaeder

    This. Shotguns are now reskinned energy swords in their effective range/spread behaviours. They should be un-nerfed because the only OP thing about shotguns back then was that an infiltrator DIDN'T EVEN HAVE TO UNCLOAK PROPERLY before firing it. Cloak shooting was fixed, shotguns were nerfed, and later they were taken away from the infiltrator. Everything's fine except the over-nerfed status of the shotguns.