What's the point of universal weapons?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by PLooschacK, Jun 14, 2013.

  1. PLooschacK

    Okey, before I start complaining on some weapons I want to consult that issue with other playrs as I might be missing something important. Basicly I'm thinking about ES "AV" wepons - Enforcer & Saron & maybe Vulcan.

    What I think is wrong with them is how effective they are against both - armor and infantry units. C'mon, isn;t it a bit overkill? Until their changes I had Kobalts and Modifed Enforcers on my assault tanks couse they were better at mowing down infantry. But now? Honestly I see no point in choosing weapon other than Enforcer \ Saron.

    It's not that I was killed by those weapons too many time or I envy those guns. As I play all factions and I have those toys. But from my point of view it's plainly stupid to make a weapon that has no drawbacks...
  2. HannaDest

    Not everything has to be rock, paper and scissors mmk ?
  3. Haterade

    As TR, when looking for an AV weapon that can also do AI, go for the Halberd.
  4. Macchus

    well- according to the way they've designed this game , yes everything does have to be , mmk ?
  5. Macchus

    so your actually talking about ES or empire specific stuff , not NS or universal . i agree with you when it comes to enforcer and saron , they are way to good at both AI and AV , but the Vulcan is only good against light armor really . infantry is such a pain to hit with it .