What's the point of TR? They seem to be the weakest of the 3.

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  1. Zarth

    I just feel VS and NC are much better in weaponry. The default LMG for heavy assault has incredibly bad recoil and the other guns don't seem great(default weapons. I've been thinking about getting the battle rifle.

    What makes TR weapons better than the others? Is the Mosquito fun to pilot??
  2. -Synapse-

    It's mostly population imbalance after the whole WDS flop, and the result of constant nerfing.

    It is a cycle though. Give it time, we'll be back.
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  3. Monkeydmomo

    Isn't the TAR still effective?
  4. Chipay

    If anything, TR has been having the highest average KPU of all factions.
    They've got some weapons that are complete garbage but they are easely neglected by the insane KPU the Prowler gets compared to other tanks.

    TR is mostly a boring, bland faction that only has one thing going, MOAR BUWLETS. Hopefully the new audio revamp for TR will have a similar positive effect as it had with the VS.
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  5. Roll Fizzlebeef

  6. wuffar

    At least with AR's, I usually play VS but have a lowly alt on TR, and I really really prefer the TR AR's.

    But overall, I don't think the differences actually make a difference, there is balance somewhat.
  7. MichaelS

    why would anyone do this? imo the carabine with the UBGL is really nice in handling compared to the vanu pendant and i would go for that.
  8. Tonberry76

    i don't agree ad all on Connery TR show us a good battle
    but then again its seems even if we have the zerg power we stile lose

    because what i see atm allot off players only wane farm -.-
    and they don't care about losing areas to the enemy

    even ad my faction they kill me because i focus to much on suns
    and with no suns no farming for them pretty sad -.-

    how can you enjoy a game if you cant do your thing
    am not rely for farming but to capture areas

    so its always very hard for me to play :(
  9. Jardalas

    All factions are the same. In fact I would welcome if one faction was OP because then it would actually be unique and not the same boring, bland, copy paste weapons that every faction has now. Also t9 carv is an amazing weapon; I switched to tr from vs just because I liked it so much. It's recoil is not really different from any other 143/750 weapon and if you have trouble controlling it then you are just a bad player...
  10. GardenOfSilver

    As a TR-primary player myself I'm rather biased here I will admit, so take what I say with a pinch of salt - it's mostly just my impression of the faction and not nesecarily accurate. It comes down to blandness of weapons and a poor selection of empire specifics.

    TR weapon really comes in only one flavour unless you talk about the SABR-13 AR (wich is really the only stand-out weapon in our arsenal), and that is RPM. Our weapons pour more fire at the enemies over avrage than other factions thanks to that above-avrage RPM and extra magazine capacity, but that's all they do and it often feels like we're paying in accuracy and reload times for those benefits. I have alts on other factions, and part of me kinda feel that the VS sits in the same boat of sorts with a bit of a boring selection of weapons (that said, I use almost exclusively carbines and do not have any VS CQC oriented ones). NC is, on the other hand, rather fun ranging from high-RPM low damage weapons to low-RPM high damage ones, and at least for their carbine selection they have some that feels painfully accurate to what I am used too.

    On the empire-specific front we have the Mini Chaingun and the Striker for our heavies and the Vulcan and Marauder for our MBT - I'll get into them a bit later, bear with me. I have a Mini Chaingun myself, but I've more or less left it to collect dust lately and I've never bothered getting a Striker considering the ammount of complaining I hear about it from my fellow TR. Both seem to suffer from the same symptoms the Railjack does - they're just plain to good at what they do (unloading massive amounts of death) so they need to load it down with some extra limitation to keep them from going overboard, like the Railjack it feels counterintuitive and cumbersome so few use them. Like the Railjack there's a fix here that'd revolve around making something different rather than sticking with it, but I doubt we'll see that.

    As for the Vulcan and Marauder, I don't think I've ever seen the later for any vehicle to be honest - then again it looks a lot like the Fury, which I would personaly take over the Marauder anyway for the sake of having some mild AV potential - and the former have gotten sadled with a very short effective operational range, which honestly it might have needed though perhaps not that short. The Vulcan paired with the Prowler's AP turret have the capacity to annahilate enemy armor up close, sadly the Prowler is sadled with Anchor - which makes it a very servicable artillery piece but also discurages it from going into close engagements with other armored units by forcing it to sit in place in exchange for a boost in DPS and velocity.

    Likewise the TR MAX suffers from the same issues with it's Lockdown - it's not conductive for close-range engagements which is where most infantry fighting take place and it leaves it standing exposed if it tries to engage armor. Charge is, like in many cases, a better option since it gives mobility and mobility is survivability. Both the VS and NC MAX's suffer from the same issues with their empire-specific abilities, though the NC MAX's is a bit more usable than the others thanks to the fact it is a downright damage mittigation ability (even if it's buggy and works poorly).

    So yes, most of us TR are somewhat grumpy becaus our weapons feel rather underpowered (or at least rather unflexible, if you ask me) and that most of our empire-specific equipment have been hit by changes that have taken them of the top spot. From my time playing the Vanu I'm kinda suprised we don't hear them complaining as much as we TR do, but then again I've almost entirely stuck to the stock and long-range VS carbine selections so I'm not really qualified to make such a statement.
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  11. Accuser

    Almost everything TR specific is either broken, average, or -really- bad. The MAX Pounders are OP at close range, but are terrible for taking out enemy vehicles. Whereas with my Falcons, I can kill an enemy Sunderer while it's being repaired with 5 (dual arm) shots.

    1. Striker: Like the Annihilator, but worse in every way. Was OP, now broken and useless. The Lancer and Phoenix are both more interesting and (situationally) useful.
    2. Vulcan: A short-range weapon mounted on a vehicle that is massively inferior at short range. The Halberd is always a better choice (and the Enforcer or Saron HRB are both better choices as well).
    3. MAX Lockdown: It has never been useful (at least ZOE was good for a while). NC MAX is wildly superior (and I'm indulging in it).
    4. Mosquito: Just as good as the other ESFs, though the Scythe has been proven to be the better 1v1 dogfighter.
    5. MCG: Jack of no trades and master of none. There is no situation where you're better off using the MCG than another weapon. Whereas the Jackhammer is an excellent shotgun and the Lasher allows splash suppression (with decent anti-MAX damage).
    6. Prowler: I like it the best because it's a great artillery piece. But it's a terrible choice if you want to drive a tank. Because it's not a tank.

    So why would anyone want to play TR?
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  12. Konfuzfanten

    A lot of good points, i got my vanu to BR 73, before switching to my now BR 81 TR for 3 reasons:
    1) the pre-nerf striker
    2) 750 RoF and 100 mag LMG, need i say more? Yes its a bit less accurate, but OMG, its a fantastic bullet hose.
    3) 10 more rounds pr mag carbine.


    a) Well the nerfed the striker to useless.
    b) the Carv is still great
    c) they nerf both the jaguar and Lynx, but atleast the Trac-5 is still a beast.