What's the point of the level 5 nanoweave armor now?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Vulpecula07, Jul 9, 2018.

  1. Vulpecula07

    Level 5 reduces anti-materiel rifles by 20%. So it's just archer? for 1000 certs?
    How many people use archers today? How many people use them on infantries? What does the 20% damage reduction do against the archer? Are the devs in their right mind to make this change?

    Don't answer these questions (unless I made a mistake), I just want my certs refunded.
  2. Prudentia

    it's also allows you to reduce the overkill of charged spiker shots on you from 300 damage to 140 damage!
  3. Vulpecula07

    You mean... to 240 damage?
  4. Prudentia

    no a 4 second charge spiker does 400 anti materiel damage and 150 common explosive damage. so thats 550 damage... oh wait i derped and for some reason had 650 damage...
    so yeah, with nanoweave 5 that gets reduced to 320+150 for 470 or flak 5 which means 475 damage for a 3 shot kill.
    so it actually allows you to survive 12 seconds someone using charged spiker shots against you instead of just 8!
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  5. Vulpecula07

    Wow! that's a total of 4 seconds difference!
    You can survive it for 4 more seconds, when the average TTK of regular weapons are 0.5 seconds, looks really powerful ; )
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    Did I miss something in the Patchnotes?
  7. Prudentia

    nanoweave 5 has affected only Anti Materiel Rifles for a long time now. this guy just only now noticed that there is only 2 guns in the game use that resistance value and one of them doesn't get used and the other one doesn't get used ontop of not being used against infantry.
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  8. rsonny

    I I think it needs to be rework. 1000 certs.. Can you give back the resistance to headshots and knives? :D
  9. Sazukata

    I use the Archer on infantry... Nanoweave 5 really messes up my headshot + bodyshot combo.

    Though I have to agree, 1000 certs for this is not exactly cost effective.
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  10. Campagne

    What about the GODSAW in AV mode?

    Isn't that "anti-material" too?
  11. Prudentia

    no, HMG aka basilisk damage resist, that is in NW2
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  12. DIGGSAN0

    Do you know the Patch Notes? Could you provide the Link please? I didn't found it and i would be very glad :)
  13. FateJH

    Just check the wiki page for Nanoweave. It has an explanation for what each rank does.
    Cross-reference with the row labels from the second of the resistance tables.
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  14. DIGGSAN0

    So it does still defend me 20% more against all infantry weapons...doesn't it?
  15. Prudentia

    yes, it does that at rank 1
    the only exception are the GODSAW in AP mode which you are protected from at rank 2 and the Spiker in AP mode and the archer which are at rank 5
  16. DIGGSAN0

    What's the Problem then?
  17. Prudentia

    that level 5 costs 1000 certs and does absolutely nothing
  18. Halkesh

    The rank 5 is useful as a cert sink.
  19. FateJH

    So, too, are implants.
    In theory.
  20. LaughingDead

    Why would they refund it? You obviously got use enough out of it to make up those 1k certs you put into it, so therefore even though they changed the last level of the item into something completely worthless in the meta you obviously made certs off it originally and therefore deserve no refund.