Whats the NC's "Annoying" thing?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Swooped, Sep 29, 2014.

  1. Swooped

    As a almost purely NC player, I'm curious what the other two factions consider are the NC's most annoying features.

    For example, the VS has the PPA and the TR have the Banshee.
  2. Swooped

  3. DrPapaPenguin

    Scatmax I guess.
  4. Ztiller

    ScatMAXes and Jackhammer.

    And the I-Win shield.

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  5. phreec

    Best part about being NC is not having to face NC MAXes.
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  6. Iridar51

    Broken AI MAXes. Eye bleeding sound of Ravens and Phoenixes. Believe it or not - Canister. I rarely see Canister Harassers, but when I do I know **** has gone south.
    Airhammer. Ugh. Invisible undefendable oneshot, how interesting. Don't see Jackhammer that often, but hate it all the same. I think that's it.

    That said, in annoyance factor NC is much lower than VS. I don't like fighting NC, but I'd rather fight them than VS.
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  7. NCstandsforNukaCola

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  8. NC_agent00kevin

    Annoying random headshots due to recoil and CoF.

    You know the dude isnt aiming for the head and got lucky with that 200 damage weapon.

    I just avoid Vanguards. I can 1v1 a Magrider and sometimes even Prowlers if neither is running a dual AP setup in my AP Lightning, but Ive won that battle exactly once against a Vanguard. The dude was bad, and it was still hard. I actually ran but saw he stopped to repair and re-engaged smoking hard. Eked out a victory and then went to change my pants.
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  9. y3ivan

    mattock MAX in biolab or any of the new bases design. Raven spam and ...

    spawnroom warriors.
  10. \m/SLAYER\m/

    only Jackhammer. Because if i see NC MAX - i'm sure he has shotguns, while facing infantry with Jackhammer.. HA annoying even without shotguns
  11. Jawarisin

    Titan AP. That thing snipes air right out of the sky.
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  12. Vixxing

    Ravens -OP as hell and annoying sound...
    And that cute girl voice "i think i broke it" from a MAX you are about to frag... :/
    Also mustang AH against libs -.-
    And they should trade Railjack for Phaseshift imo... :( (i want RJ to auraxium!)
    And offcourse Titan no-drop-OP-railgun sniping Air, VS should have that on magrider since its almost impossible to get an angle to fire at air anyway...
  13. Xasapis

    Indeed, the annoyance factor fighting vs NC is mainly due to increased reasons of insta-death:
    • Increased amount of snipers, even low BR ones
    • Increased amount of shotguns on every infantry class (funnily enough, I noticed that both VS & TR seem to be more adept at fighting vs shotgun users than NC seemed to be)
    • Them hard hitting NC weapons on the hands of people who can handle them. Especially as a MAX, NC infantry small arms melt you a lot faster, or so it seems.
    • Insta-corner-facemelting MAX
    • Both lethal MAX AV options against infantry. The one is 1-clip-shot at "close range". The other is spammable and noisy damage at longer range.
    • Air hammer can be an annoying out of nowhere death, but due to the risk factor, NC pilots do less passes than their TR comrades.
    In the vehicle department NC are not that annoying to fight as infantry, probably because the amount of canister users is low. They are however a terror to fight as a vehicle.
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  14. Alarox

    I'm glad to hear that it is annoying.
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  15. LibertyRevolution

    Annoying NC.. that would be the fights with the endless "SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE"
    It makes the shoom, shoom, shoom, of PPA seem almost pleasant..
  16. Ztiller

    If you see a Magrider, you can be 75% sure he have PPA. That doesn't make the PPA any less annoying.
  17. Epic High Five

    What do I hate most about the NC when I'm on my TR/VS?

    The X11

    A gun that can kill you in the blink of an eye with headshots on an ambush class with jetpacks, in the hands of even a decent LA this gun is basically "PINGPINGdead" to any enemies

    What was that, I think I heard some armor over that hi-


    After months of preaching the SCREEEE Phoenix (and Ravens I guess too) meta I'm glad to see pubbies embracing it! There's no much more fun you can have than moving a squad of Phoenix HAs+support from cover to cover in a huge battle to keep their armor suppresse
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  18. Pikachu

  19. a-koo-chee-moya

    This thread........

    Forumside in a nutshell
    "Oh I don't have anything annoying at all only you guys have annoying things"
  20. Yeahy

    Reaver :CCCCCC