What's the most efficient counter to a solo A2G ESF, again?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Bonemiser, Jun 1, 2021.

  1. xMeserionx

    Most A2G farmers will slow down and hover in place (which is a no no in my book), so wait until they slow down then here are your options in order of effectiveness:

    - Skyguard can 1 clip an Hovering ESF not moving with ease. They'll try to run but generally you'll almost kill them with ease.
    - Ranger top gun is just as good as a Skyguard with downside of being worse vs. bigger aircraft. Easy to 1 clip ESFs
    - Another ESF with "Raider" loadout: Coyote missiles secondary, with rotary cannon primary. After getting close, fire coyotes then finish with rotary cannon, kills another ESF in literal seconds.
    -AP tank round, has to be AP otherwise it won't do enough damage

    Now for infantry options, these are less effective for a few reasons: they generally don't cost as much, and there can be 20+ of them at times.

    - VS only Lancer. 1 fully charged shot and then a quick +2 shot will kill an ESF outright
    - Burster MAX, like a ranger but gets melted if A2G is a Banshee, also they'll generally get away if you're at spawn.
    - G2A launchers, 3 lock-ons are enough to kill an ESF, so work in a group for effectiveness.
    -NS R3 Swarm Launcher, fires almost undodgeable lock-ons that do less damage but with reload times can either completely deterr or kill an enemy ESF because most pilots don't run decoy flares.