What's the deal with TR on Matherson?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by DXtreme, Jan 3, 2013.

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  1. Cyridius

    The problem with TR on Mattherson is that there are no outfits organised enough to move away from zerging. So basically it's just us, and a zerg. Even if outfits are large enough, none of them are able to organise. I think I have seen an organised Mossie zerg once. Command channel is a joke, but I think it's like that with every faction.

    Nah he only plays himself. When he's playing he's on TS and he's almost always streaming, his voice never changes so...
    They're generally uncooperative.
  2. Linedan

    TR on Mattherson have more than just TE...AOD and BONK show up a lot and are pretty good. The thing with TE is that yes, they roll in massive numbers, but you never quite know what they're going to do next. One day it's mass infantry via Sunderers, next day it's the "aluminum overcast" Liberator spam, next day it's Gal drops. They shake things up. And admittedly, hunting BCP can be fun, considering he's basically the closest thing we've got to a server "celebrity." (My favorite TE moment, other than getting one lucky kill in BCP once, was getting ready to roll in with an outfit Liberator on a TR mechanized column...when we died. 100%-0% health, bam, dead. Turns out BCP and his TE boys hit us with about nine lock-on SAMs simultaneously in a coordinated fire pattern. It was awesome.)

    VS have AT, GOTR, GOKU, TEST...and they work together the best of the three factions IMO. They split their zergs to multiple destinations which is damn hard to counter.

    And we NC have more than just GOON and SG...TAS, BL, WMD, CML, and I'll put in a plug for my outfit (SMG) as well. We still often do less with more than TR or VS, but I think our coordination is starting to improve. And when it does, we'll catch up in a hurry.

    Oh, and for whatever reason, we have a kick-*** graveyard shift crew who seem to roll around cleaning up deserted continents. That's the reason we tend to start most days holding Esamir and 'murrica.
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  3. Avicii

    @Linedan: You probably got hit by our combined Annihilator ordinance and I assure you it was probably more like 50-60 missiles if we were running on foot. We laugh that it must be insane to experience getting practically insta-killed by all those missiles but it looks badass from our perspective seeing them all fly nearly simultaneously into an unsuspecting liberator haha.

    Here's what it looks like www.twitch.tv/buzzcutpsycho/c/1799012
  4. Aragato

    I play on the Matherson server with others in my outfit almost daily. I believe, and this is solely my opinion, the major problem may lie in the fact that certain outfits within the NC and VS factions have decided to team up against the TR. there are always occasions during each play session when I encounter both the NC and VS defending the same location, and it is always the same outfit tags doing so. Conspiracy? Perhaps.

    As for the stealth nerf of the CARV for the TR HA, this was the main reason I stopped playing HA. If SOE is going to make adjustments, then by all means. I only ask that they be up front about it and include the documentation of these changes in their patch notes. I now have weapons that I purchased with station cash that I do not use any more because they were decent when they came out but were nerfed to uselessness. If this cycle continues, it would be best to just ask for refunds on these weapons and find something else to put the money into.
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  5. Linedan

    You guys were in an armor column IIRC, but there may have been deployed infantry from Sunderers. And yeah, I had actually seen it happen earlier that day on the livestream (not what you highlighted, but another where everybody deployed from a bus and fired simultaneously). I was in the tail turret on the Lib and heard the lock-on beeps and can tell you we literally went from full health to dead in one second. There was no sequence of hits, it was just BAMdead. Freaking amazing.
  6. ozziewolf

    Other factions ganging picking on one faction is something people on every faction cry about and only idiots believe. Playing all three factions I can tell you the TR has plenty of large outfits and doesn't need more and factions don't intentionally help each other.
    The problem is these large outfits are being led by a bunch of Patton wannabe's who who don't really accomplish much. I've watched numerous times where 200 TR sit around in the warpgate trying to get organized while they get warpgated because they lose all of their territory to 3 man teams.
    Then you have the brilliant Patton's who try to drive straight to the enemy warpgates to lock them in with out securing their own territory first and never bothering to defend the territory they just captured along the way so you end up with TR holding a few territories close to the enemies warpgates but nothing else. (This problem isn't specific to all TR outfits and if you or your outfit gets butt hurt over what I said then you're probably one of those I'm talking about. Otherwise you'll realize I'm probably talking about other outfits.)

    The other problem on is most of the TR tend to ignore armored/air combat and play as infantry. By and large the TR have the largest infantry force of the three factions but significantly smaller armor/air columns. In PS2 this is a detriment to the TR since the game is Air and Armor power.
    For the most part I've never seen the NC or VS take more than a few minutes to form up to get things done and both have a respectable amount of armor and air. I also frequently see the NC and VS take the time to defend their territories. The NC are probably the most consistent when it comes to defending their territory and I think it's partly why you typically see them with the lock bonus for Amerish and Esamir.
  7. Madmojo

    It might seem that way but I think every faction gets a taste of it. Right as VS move to defend Hvar or Allatum, NC will show up with platoons moving to Peris. For the most part we always agree to push the NC out first then return to reclaim Hvar and then Allatum. As anyone on our server can tell you, Allatum is the new Crown. :(

    Someone above had a good idea, we should try to get some action going on Amerish that isn't 70% 15% 15%. Indar is really getting old.
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  8. RayDrazon

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  9. h00n

    You want to know what happened to the TR on Mattherson?

    TEST and GOON double teaming a faction that consists of two or three large outfits, a few dozen very competent but very small outfits. TEST alone can fill the VS pop on all 3 continents, GOON can do the same for NC.

    TR has no such analog. When the big outfits leave, it's a frustrating and pointless fight against swarms of liberators and magriders. I've seen 20 AA MAXes try to stem the tide and not even make a dent in the swarm. I've seen 4 magriders appear from the smoke of every one we kill.

    Why bother? Why? Seriously? I left, I went to a different server, I loaded up on SC during the triple sale and I will be transferring my TR char to my new server as soon as the service is available.
  10. Negator

    Enclave is your Goon/AT/TEST

    And your server follows The Enclave. So now you have The Enclave, which will always use more people then needed for 1-2 regions, PLUS a good chunk of your population following, and that's what happens buddy.

    Not to mention, The Enclave ALWAYS does the same boring **** (always is an exxageration. maybe 75% of the time). They hit VS, take Allatum or Hvar, and dick around for a while. Never NC. Rarely Amerish/Esamir. The TR zerg follows. And when youve got the Enclave dropping 2-3 times as many people on a point as there are defending it, this happens.
  11. QuantumGuard

    And may be, just may be it's not just the issue of player mentality. May be there are good reasons for it. There is a reason VS attack with large Magrider numbers and minimum infantry. There is a reason NC can hold biolabs very effectively even when unorganized.

    Also, as a TR I prefer fighting NC. At least when they attack it's not just Magriders everywhere, at least there is some infantry fight going on before it's too late to defend.

    Oh, I'm rambling now. It's just that lately being a TR has been a frustrating experience. Prowler is so much a piece of **** that a lot of players prefer using Lightnings against enemy armor. LMGs nerfed. Inside-fighting between outfits. Our "racial trait" of lots of bullets is easily beaten by Vanu weapons while providing more accuracy.

    Enclave does not have numbers to compete with Goon or Test. You are being dishonest here - confirmation bias.
  12. MrHenderson

    Having a measurable amount of an entire empire's population on a server tied up in one or two large zergfits exposes the complete and total lack of strategy in this game. "Daggers one through fifty six, recall and drop on Grey Heron Shipping", brilliant tactics I know, but a lot of these mass zergs end up hitting areas that are lightly defended, so you end up with 100+ players attacking 10 then sitting around waiting for the base to cap. Meanwhile, the other empires are taking advantage of undefended areas the attacking empire left behind, and what you end up with is giant derp circus.
  13. D0n

    Buzz must have lost his mojo, someone send him a vi4gra.
  14. TheArchetype

    Angels of Death rolls on that server as TR, but I haven't played in a while on my TR char (been trying out NC) but That platoon really dominates. Maybe they left.
  15. Madmojo

    AOD is still there and they do very well IMO.
  16. Zorlox

    i've seen vs do the same on mattherson, just hiding in the spawn room for no reason since we had a pretty even seesaw battle. Then half the people there just decide out of nowhere that it's time to camp inside and let them take it. Definitely not a faction thing, more of a kdr/cowardice thing.
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  17. Littleman

    I play on Mattherson and don't put much stock in The Enclave. They take a point, and then just as the counter attack arrives en masse, they mysteriously vanish back to the warpgate for redeployment to some other region they think needs their attention. Every. F***ing. Time.

    It's also hilarious to count maybe 1 TE tag among a dozen at a point and they're still gloating about how they brought about the victory. The only thing bigger than their roster is their egos. Usually when the TR push any real distance, they did it primarily on their own merits more as a bunch of randoms with a few good organized squads mixed in. We tend to get curb stomped when we either have A: the Crown or B: nearly have one empire gated and we get so tunnel visioned the other empire just sweeps in from behind, or C: spread our forces ultra thin because we took so much so fast. No zergfit on the TR was making much of a difference on any front at the point of set back after set back, obviously.
  18. inigma

    Well, let's try not to push this into an outfit trash fest. Mattherson has been the best server for massive battles in my opinion. I think we can all agree we want more battles. I like what someone suggested above: let's make Amerish the new Indar.

    Let's try to avoid the continent capping fest and instead let's engage in battle. Open field battle. I suggest outfits start laying down outfit challenges to make the fights on Mattherson even more interesting. Perhaps we should create a Mattherson forum where reps from all faction outfits can get together to plan events.

    I also want to encourage the use of /orders to send continental intel on where certain outfits appear to be operating, so other outfits can respond.
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  19. TeknoBug

    I've rolled with the zerg on VS, but god damn I haven't seen a zerg as big as THAT in the video. But we have had a dozen or so annihilator missiles go off at once, it's neat to see.
  20. Xae

    Because your main ZergFits cap a single base by mass drop, then runs from any resistance to drop on another undefended base.
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