What's the deal with cross faction teaming?

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  1. Anti-Vehicle

    This has typically been a thing I have been noticing for a while. Typically there's a liberator from one faction and the other faction has a friendly esf not part of the team. Generally I ignore it until I do 1v1's then they shine. For example I would fight a NC liberator and be focused by a Vanu esf so that once I die they just fly away from each other even if the NC lib is smoking and/or burning. I have some evidence here even though it's not as obvious it's all I have for now. I was only able to record it this time because I was using MEDAL for another game and happened to have it open so I figured why not.

    I am flying in a Valkyrie because I was doing some practice weaving in and out of battle solo, and that's when I came upon this.

    Video evidence below:





    In this instance the Vanu "FlowersAndUnicornsVS" esf is teaming with the D1RE clan planes. By watching carefully you can see they clearly have some sort of private coms together, because the Vanu player attacks other nc planes if they aren't a part of the D1RE clan.

    Anyway it's just something I happened to be able to record but I know it's always been a thing, I just happened to be able to show it in action. It's probably a niche thing but I just thought I would get it out there cause I wanted to know why people do it.
  2. JibbaJabba

    big picture: The liberator is utterly broken and ESFs don't want to tangle with the Dalton.

    That said there are indeed jerks doing jerk things in the game. could be that as well.
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    Its an uncommon and game-breaking method for "training" new pilots as well. They'll gather at a likely spot, like near an enemy warpgate, and have a trainee fight off anyone on the route outwards. The dirty thing is that the instructors are of the faction of the warpgate they are nearby, so any players coming out think they outnumber the opponent and get support. Only to receive none and be shot by their allies should they pose a threat to the trainee.

    Ofcourse they are just honourable players showing their buddy the ropes, you shouldnt hate them for it! They'll even offer to do the same for you if you are good enough! Thats fair riiiiight?
  5. RabidIBM

    That footage you shared isn't very conclusive. It's hard to see much of anything from such a distance. Also your 4th video does open with the reaver and sythe shooting each other. As for scoring one kill, then not following up on the other, there are many reasons why that might happen once or twice. They might be damaged and want to repair before re-engaging. They might be getting called away by an SL or PL. They might just have opinions about fighting liberators.

    Dirtiness does happen in this game, but it's perceived far more often than it happens.
  6. LodeTria

    Nah it's not the dalton, it's repair meta and the new NC flavour of landing and then mastheading the ESF. Was a good idea giving engineers a flak rifle, lol.
  7. Demigan

    ah yes, land and fire a weapon with less than 1/3rd the power of a Skyguard is definitely the smartest move you can do! It's not as if they'll either fly away or find you and have the opening salvo remove any advantage you have!
  8. LodeTria

    You're right all NC liberators are 1/3 and never have gunners/tail gunners.
    The whole point of them flying away/dying to flak rifle is that you & your liberator lives.
  9. Demigan

    The Masthead doesnt have the DPS dummy. If that ESF was following you he can kill you 50x, no joke, before you kill him. He can destroy your Lib before you get him. Because the Masthead isnt as powerful as you pretend it is.
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    How is this argument any different than if a liberator had two HAs with strikers in it? That's what me and my buddies do with Valkyries after all.
  12. AuricStarSand

    FlowersandUnicorns. I don't see him with a outfit logo when I play with him. He ninja's bases often. I wonder why he doesn't have a solo outfit to gain the outfit resources. He just likes to ninja infil style. Or esf style I guess.

    So as for outfit agreements with him, at least he's not part of the zerg outfit Wildcards.
    Probably just some low pop hour boredom & other alt outfit allegiance. People have alts.
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