What's the current XP situation for hacking?

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Hael, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. Hael

    It's fluctuated over time and I haven't played a hacking INF in a long time. Do you get xp for terminal hacks? What about turret hacks?
  2. Fishie

    You do get XP for hacking. A whooping 25 XP for every hack. Seems like a fitting reward for risking your life behind enemy lines, right? Hue hue hue...
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  3. Zinus

    you can look at it this way tho. you hack the things in enemy base. they destroy them and when the base swaps the zerg goes off and leaves everything broken so you can change to engy and fix it for tons and tons of free xp :/
  4. m44v

    You get 25 XP for hacking either terminals or turrets, and after 5 consecutive hacks more doesn't give XP.

    Al least they removed the 100XP gain for destroying terminals so now terminals aren't always destroyed.
  5. M3m3nt0M0ri

    ye, it was my main income source... Fly way into enemy territory, blow up every terminal and turret in the base - profit - fly to next base.

    Still works on turrets though
  6. RoaRawR

    25 Xp for hacking enemy terminal

    but tons of Xp for spawning at the new AMS I popped out

    or free kill as no pilot expect a hacked turret in their tower

    free change to max suit in enemy base or other class


    hack alone is meh, it what you use of it that count
  7. schrodingers_cat

    with double xp its all the way up to 50xp per hack.

    Is there still that thing that only gives you xp for about 3-4 hacks then you can still hack but dont get xp anymore for a certain time?
  8. Adamar09

    Yes. Someone mentioned in another thread it's 5 consecutive hacks. It seems if you do anything else (shoot someone, set a gen, etc) it resets. Stupid.

    I hope you get run over by a friendly tank.
  9. Xioul

    It's actually 3 hacks and then you won't get XP for a while from hacking. Which is stupid since engi's can just keep supplying ammo, repairing stuff all over and keep getting XP. So I don't get the limit on 3 hacks. XP and Cert gain as a infiltrator is already low and hard, but they are making it even harder with this stuff.

    I also still wonder why we don't get XP from spotting enemies with the sensor dart, it feels like we should?
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  10. Wraithclaw

    Infiltrators are SOE red headed stepchild... Don't see any love incoming. They are good to snipe and that's it. Point wise all other classes own infiltrator. That includes survivability.
  11. ChocolateLoveMuscle

    If you use a boost on top of that its 75xp per turret and terminal. AT a large size base that's significant.
  12. Imps

    Great points, the only answer I can give is that the devs have never actually played their own game.
  13. iller

    Was getting 43 XP per destroyed Term (only takes a single rocket technically making it faster to "farm" them as HA) this weekend compared to the 50 for Hacking them.... Turrets meanwhile were giving 220 XP for complete destruction. ...which I did for a solid Hour by going around behind enemy lines (pulling out a Tankbuster Liberator every chance I got to kill them almost instantly). I easily made 175 Certs which might not sound like much unless you're F2P like me with Zero Boosts of any kind.... It was so much more entertaining and lucrative than anything else I do in this game that I just let the couple of enemies who came snooping as usual ...kill me onsite without even fighting back. (lull them into a false sense of security and all that jazz...)

    Now compare that to my Sniping/CQC (yes I was specifically waiting for a topic like this to spam more random-Data scoreboard Screenshots in .... yes I'm a compulsive archivist, sue me). --- First Shot: Defending a biolab to the point we fought back from LOSING the SCU and then I go on a 20 headshot Killstreak in the last 30 minutes to pull my KDR out of the ditch:

    Then I move in to hack their terms, CQC, cap the point & even killed a MAX somehow.... (and my killstreak continues)
    FIVE more CERTs? That's all I get for going Rambo-Inf ???

    KDR still not high enough?
    Here's one where I had to contend with WolfsRainX (a great sniper and one of the few I have respect for despite my burning hatred for how that Anime ended), and I even managed to get way behind their Sunndy and headshot their congo-line of snipers /w the Suppressor while fighting 4ft bullet drop) .... killed the Engies too and got my Squad to nuke both Sunndies for me. The REAL kicker?? The only reason I died was some A hole with NV and Rocketpods was able to finally spot me from 600m out while I was cloaked and crouched.... (I want that **** GONE.... do you hear me SOE??? It's so WRONG :mad: and you all know it is)

    STILL not high enough? Here's the last one:
    Guess where the extra Certs came from.... that's right, I switched to Medic for 5 minutes and farmed Rezzes on spawncampin Allies...

    Notice how a some of the top scoring players on other classes in some of these shots had outright horrible even non-existent KDR's? What this tells me in no uncertain terms is that SOE doesn't want us playing this guy as a Combat Class. We are only meant to be a late night vehicle for acquiring other classes/vehicles to Farm rebuilt Turrets with and a Fallback escape-plan when we're currently on Engineer repairing all the Turrets for an AMP station we just captured. And if we're REALLY lucky some enemy Engineer will stay behind and start repairing them so we can troll the hell out of him by going around destroying them again with a Shrike/Lib from the Terminals we hacked.