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  1. Post Morten


    From 4:30 onwards.

    They've even shown similar feats in both the background art of the Planetside 2 website and the CGI trailer. The ability for LA to latch on to vehicles and shoot the driver/pilot/critical components has to be one of the coolest possible things to do and has been shown to us repeatedly but it's not in the game!

    Another bit of inspiration that could be taken from this is the behaviour of their jumpjets (shown from around 1:50) as maybe a sidegrade to ours. A quick burst of movement functioning a lot more like a double jump rather than the sustained burn we get from both current jet options would give LA a choice to opt into speed over climbing and distance coverage. I think a lot of people want and even expect speed from this class, but it's just not there at present.
  2. Kuriby

    That stuff won't happen. PS2 fps mechanics are worst then... Quake 3 Arena.

    But I support the idea 100%
  3. Bankrotas

    And are you implying Quake 3 had bad mechanics?
  4. Nobalification

    This is so epic. But Planetside 2 have some limits like future weapons from WW 2 :I
  5. Nobalification

    But i like the idea about one multiple drop pod maybe for 5 ppls :)
  6. Halvorana

    The problem is that this kind of altereration would make the game more like playing an XBOX solo shooter. It would be fun for you jump onto Libs/Reavers from a cliff and kill the pilot. But it would not be fun for the guy that lost his plane all because you simply have the ability to "latch on" and shoot him.

    Maybe if he hit the after burners you just flew over the top of the plane and cut your body in half on the tail and the pilot would get a "high dumb@$$ kill".
  7. Post Morten

    Obviously you wouldn't be immune to collision damage. If you try to latch on to a speeding vehicle of course you should get gibbed and I guess the LA could be shaken off if the pilot maneuvers in time, but if a guy flies up to your low flying rocket podder, positions himself in front of your **** pit and you still don't move, you really deserve a magazine to the face.

    I wouldn't even bring this up if SOE hadn't so prominently put a picture of an LA doing it as the home page splash image. The fact they recreated that exact image for the trailer (with reversed factions, sure) just shows they themselves think it's a badass thing to do. In terms of gameplay, this sort of thing would give LA a cool niche as melee vehicle killers and mainly against campy, lazy vehicles at that.
  8. Wolfwood82

    Ever stop to wonder at how many game trailers come out where characters in the trailers can do cool things but you can't while playing them? They did the trailer that way because it looks cool, and sets the mood for the game of brutal all out war between factions with no holds barred. They never intended for the LA to actually cling to aircraft and shoot the pilot, that would just suck.

    Now matter how you balance some things, it just won't fit with the game and would suck to be on the receiving end for. Somethings literally cannot be balanced.
  9. Post Morten

    I don't need to stop to wonder, because whenever a game's gameplay is grossly misrepresented by its trailers it's obviously a **** game that the developers are trying to compensate a lack of substance for with cheap flare. A better question would be, 'how many game trailers come out where characters in the trailers can do cool things but you can't while playing them where the actual game isn't garbage?'

    Now, I don't actually think that way about this game. I love it in fact. However, I do think that it needs a to be pushed further up in the awesome scale and I think the SOE could learn a lot from something like Titanfall in order to understand what sort of stuff can be done to really amaze people with this game.

    So we're talking about balance now? Have you even considered the difficulty of doing this? It's actually harder and riskier than just blowing up the vehicle with C4 with essentially the same effect. Just attempting to do this reveals the LA to the vehicle occupant and holds them in a position where they can be fired upon by pretty much everybody. The only obvious advantage to doing it would be that it costs the performer bullets rather than precious infantry resources. Also, of course, it makes the guy who does it look like a total badass.

    How about those jump jets though? Surely we can all agree those would be sick, right?
  10. Compass

    What, you don't blow up Liberators with your LA on your way to the next drop zone?
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  11. Steveru

    Worse than. If you're gonna correct grammar, you might as well be thorough. Otherwise, lay off, woulda!

    OP, I just don't think PS2 has the game engine to pull this kind of thing off. There are quite a few things hinted at or even depicted in the background art (not sure why they shove it in our faces like that if it's not a thing) or the original trailer for the game. I mean, have you seen this?

    And it's not as if it's all impossible or anything. It wouldn't LOOK as good, but a lot of it's possible. We COULD have jetpacks that fold out when we use them, better smoke trails, jet packs that have a lot more OOMPH to them, jet packs that break our fall faster, MAYBE the ability to run on vehicles with like, mag boots or something (I'm not sure the engine could even support that though), even like, cool death animations, options for gore.

    But the aesthetics are low priority. The mechanics on the other hand, those could all be done, and quite easily I think.

    But if you want to latch onto a vehicle from afar, or with like a grappling hook, shoot out the operator or critical components? Then yeah, I have to agree with Compass, gonna have to pull off one of those miraculous in-flight C4 bombings. O