Whats is the Vanu special trait?

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  1. Eateroftheworld

    For the life of me I cannot figure out what the vanu special trait is. VR is fast rate of fire, NC has the developer's butt buddy perk and gets everything, but through all my testing of the vanu I cannot figure out what their supposed trait is.
  2. Eateroftheworld

    I was told by some that the Vanu have no bullet drop, but after reviewing all the classes "especially" the sniper, I feel justified in calling ******** on that. As it is extremely obvious that there is bullet drop when attempting long ranges shots with snipers.
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  4. FateJH

    The VS complain a lot.
    The charge mechanic, probably ...
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  5. z1967

    -Lack of bullet drop on most weapons
    -floating glowing things
    -odd weapon types

    That's what I can think of. VS is kinda patchy on what the actual faction trait is.
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  6. Bixli

  7. Elrobochanco

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  8. DashRendar

    Energy weapons. Yeah some things are iffy sometimes, but the new AI/AV changes incoming will fix at least some of that. Aside from that, no drop infantry weapons really are a perk with weapons that use soft point ammo/suppressor, and it really does change the feel, and helps with midrange headshot consistency. Lancer/Vortex have no drop and near infinite range. Comets have no drop but I find their accuracy just slightly lacking, I hope that gets tightened up a bit. Someone in another thread suggested the Magrider main cannon keep its signature slow velocity, but have its drop reduced so there's less gravity to the rounds, and I think that's a cool idea.
  9. Aloofgoof

    Its funny how you "especially" reviewed the type of weapon that is generally known to be the exception to the no bullet drop trait =P
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  10. d3adline

    +3 onto the skill 'Whining on the forums'

    Everyone knows that.
  11. Leftconsin

    Vanu don't have one. Only NC and TR have faction traits and they also have all the good guns and cool abilities. Vanu gets nerfed more than the other two factions and Higby clearly hates them.

    At least.... that is the narrative that some people want you to believe.
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  12. faemis

    the ever fabulous looking vanu butts!
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  13. Tommyp2006

    VS are more or less the middle ground between the weapons of the VS and the NC in terms of damage and ROF. Their other special traits are no bullet drop on most of their infantry weapons, except for bolt action sniper rifles and slug shotguns, and better mobility on the Magrider (meaning the ability to go places, not their top speed)
  14. ATRA_Wampa-One

    Fixed a lot of that for you.
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  15. Yuki10

    Looking like a toy used by adults?
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  16. Xind

    Being totally Overpowered.

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  17. FrozenCustard

    Keep in mind that balance doesn't work if you give one faction a weapon that is just a plane upgrade to another. Also no bullet drop is great for weapons that have options for both a silencer and soft point ammo because on the msw-r at least it drops like a rock at range.
    Also isn't VS trait supposed to be mobility and fast reloads? (with no drop on most guns/slightly lower velocity)
  18. P4nda

    These are the technical Empire traits:

    TR - High ROF - High accuracy - Low damage. Fastest MBT.
    NC - Lowest ROF - Highest damage - Poor accuracy. Slowest/beefiest MBT.
    VS - Medium ROF - Medium damage - Best long-range accuracy. Most maneuverable MBT.

    The VS are essentially the "happy medium". We are considered the most versatile and "jack of all trades" empire. The "best at nothing, worst at nothing" empire.
  19. FrozenCustard

    TR has higher accuracy than NC? Whaaat?
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  20. bl33ping

    being the easiest of the three factions to play.
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