Whats going on with the game its degenerating every GU.

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by BigIronRanger, Mar 15, 2013.

  1. JDS999

    reinstate gu3 and ill give soe another month to work out it isseues, and why cant i have render under 1000m, i dont need to render another 3 regions on my feild of view
  2. Hatamoto

    Ill give them one more GU and if the game is still a circus then, im done ... its not worth the effort
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  3. AceMF

    it has been an ordeal. Mind blowing really
  4. nitram1000

    Think I am done with this patch. BR 70 and have put over 150$ into it. If they don't undo the damage they have done with this patch then I am off, there are so many other games out there worthy of my limited time. Never have I come across such an incompetent developer team.
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  5. ThereIsNoTry

    Ah if I would only loose frames. I could live with that. But no longer being able to deal damage, that's a completely different matter. And nobody seems to care despite a 50 pages long thread.
  6. nitram1000

    GU4 has signaled the end of Planetside 2 in my opinion.

    It is clear that they are never going to get to grips with this frame rate issue, so will be very difficult to bring in new players and older players will get bored. I honestly think the game will be a ghost town when Battlefield 4 comes out and SOE have only themselves to blame.

    But not to worry, we have heroic boosters and new shotguns coming!

    Im gona be honest...its pretty disgusting the performance drop since GU04.
    Thing is i really do like the game and i hate to see it getting bashed but if they dont get feedback then it will continue.
  8. Sworaven

    I guess I can add horrendous performance to the list of reasons why my friends play less and less ..
  9. kazumi

    That's all Dev talk. They've never allowed players to attempt the 256 match. Just cause a dev says it's "Possible" does not make it true or that the game will even function proper.
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  10. Hatamoto

    Also i hear via Twitter someone is getting a new haircut .. super exciting
  11. whitupiggu

  12. AtotehZ

    The outline of territories is back.