Whats going on with the game its degenerating every GU.

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by BigIronRanger, Mar 15, 2013.

  1. jamesr20

    Can't wait for the lattice system to introduce even more large scale zergs so I can enjoy the game even less!
  2. Dragam

    I may need stronger glasses, but i cant see that looking any better than the current. If you have seen the new battlefield 3 maps... or really just battlefield 3 maps since armored warfare, then youll know how shi.tty ps2 looks (games like crysis 3 looks even better, but aint really compareable).


    A few screenies from the new railroad map, just to give you an idea... my point is that what ps2 has going for it, is DEFFO not the graphics, but the gameplay... and as so, they should just focus on making the game run fluid, as the current lack of performance really hinders the gameplay.
  3. kazumi

    Dude, it's a different game. Different art style, different themes, different timeframes.

    I could understand if SOE was aiming for a more realism look. However they are not. That would be like saying boarder lands 2 looks worse than metro Last light.

    You cannot compare 2 games with completely different approaches to artistic representation of "their" world. Come on, you know better than that!

    lastly, the Alpha Graphics are much higher res than current models, some textures no, some sounds Heck no. But primary locations, it's a vast difference.
  4. Dragam

    Obviously they are different, but that doesnt change the fact that bf3 expansion maps has very surprior graphics AND is waaaay less demanding.

    I wouldnt be surprised if the alpha had higher res, as the current textures etc is veeery low res... the only way to get it somewhat decent looking, is by setting textures to 0... but even then, its only what would be considered "medium" in other games.

    Anyways, as i said from the start... i dont really care that much that the game doesnt look uber... but i DO care that it runs like sh.it... performance needs to get a VAST improvement.
  5. Cryless

    the game is getting worse with each update
  6. kazumi

    Your still stuck on "graphics" must be realism. I understand these are low res. Do you consider Boarder land 2 to have bad graphics? If so, your not seeing it for the art style it's suppose to me. I can't deny BF3 looks damn good, and plays good. But at the same time, they at most have to manage 64 players, on a Vastly smaller map.

    I'm not defending SOE, don't confuse this. I'm just trying to understand your term of "better graphics" when comparing totally different styles of games.
  7. JokeForgrim


    I found this thread a few weeks ago.

    Me and my friend disabled our Over Clocks in our Bios and I had a built in turbo boost on my comp that I also disabled.

    It really helped with our d/c's and the desync issues. Dunno? maybe look into it.

    As of each update though we all get bad lag until the hotfix is released a few days later.
  8. Dragam

    Bf3 simply has better quality on everything, ranging from higher res textures, to better lighting and shadows, better / more foilage, actual working AA (the jaggies in planetside 2 is what i dislike the most!). Basically, bf3 is technically better regarding everything visual.
    And no, im not saying it looks better due ps2 being future themed or that its arts is diferent /facepalm

    And from a technical point of view, borderlands 2 is sh.it... which is why you can run it on a gpu like the ancient nvidia 8500 card, which was bad even 7 years ago.
  9. ThaPhreak

    can we just have this version? it's what sold me!
  10. kazumi

    What your asking for is the Alpha version then. Maybe you should increase the format to 720/1080 and see they DID have most of that. However they also go a little more cartoonish. BL2 looked good, it's all about accepting the art style the creators went for. I completely agree with you on how battlefield looks, but I think your missing my point, and explaining it is hard in text.
  11. kazumi

    Yea, I've been expecting this as well for a long time. As well as the higher res packs we where promised last year. But I don't expect those any time soon, sadly.
  12. Dragam

    From that vid, the only thing that possibly looks slightly better, is the lighting... but honestly, i dont see a big difference inbetween the games.
  13. kazumi

    I've no words to explain anything further. If you cannot tell anything from that video besides lighting, I doubt I'll ever be able to explain it to you since it's clear as day to so many the differences.
  14. maxkeiser

    I actually disagree completely. I think PS2 is a far more attractive game than BF3. Just playing BF3 last night and I was staggered at how annoying the screen blur, lighting effects (tints) etc were. And frankly just how hard it was to see what was going on without squinting etc.

    In contrast, PS2 has a clear, visually pleasing look that does not give eye ache or irritation. With PS2 you get sweeping vistas, stunning lighting effects and the sort of grandeur that BF3 can only dream of. I'm talking of running it with everything on high, of course (but then I run BF3 with everything on high as well).

    In any event, when BF3 can display hundreds of people/vehicles etc on screen at once on MASSIVE maps we can revisit the conversation.
  15. Dragam

    Its quite possible that the vid just looks sh.it to me, cause its in 720p, and im used to playing at 1440p.
  16. Dragam

    What map were you playing?

    High in bf3 isnt the highest setting.

    How many players and how big the map is, is really quite irrelevant in terms of graphics, as the amount of players and map size is primarily linked to the cpu, while the graphics are linked to the gpu.
  17. Liamv4696

    Am I literally the only person in this game who doesnt have problems? ever?
    I run:
    i7 2600k (3.4GHz)
    Nvidia GTX 570
    8GB ram @ 1600MHz

    this is not an expensive system to say the least. No SLI gtx 690's here
    With spotify and internet/youtube running in the background, i get a solid 50fps, drops to 40/45 when recording with bandicam. Oh and my draw distance is 20,000 with all settings on ULTRA not high...
    What are you guys doing?!? o_O
  18. TribbleFluffer

    you think the lag was bad, well the seemed to fix it...last on my end but now i cant play because im laughing to hard...

  19. Trojnman

    Is it bad that the Alpha looks better than the game now? :p
  20. whitupiggu

    BF3 can handle up to 256 players on a map. PS2 will **** the bed it you try to get that many in the same sized area. Defend PS2 all you want but it looks worse and performs worse than BF3.