Whats going on with the game its degenerating every GU.

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by BigIronRanger, Mar 15, 2013.

  1. BigIronRanger

    Used to run this game fine with no crashes and decent FPS now i can't go 10 minutes without the game crashing and without the stupid frame stutter.

    I've put 500 hours into PS2 and hoped to reach BR 100 but now thats impossible with all these errors and crashes.
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  2. kazumi

    Apparently to many people...These low frame rates are within "acceptable" levels. I say Shove off, and learn what real gaming is about!

    It's gotten pretty insane lately, I lost 50 FPS between GU3 and GU4. FIFTY, not 5, not 15, 50 It's simply insane at how bad this game keeps falling.
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  3. maxkeiser

    I can beat this. Pre-GU4 I was getting 100fps (often up to 120fps in the warpgate). To explain, I run at 1280x1024 with a 4.7ghz, 16gb ram and 580gtx.

    Now I get around 30. So I make that a rough 70fps lost. I'm not kidding.

    Elsewhere, biolabs/large battles etc I lost around 30-40fps.

    The game is unplayable now so I've gone to other games until it's fixed.
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  4. BigIronRanger

    Yeah i've noticed that when alt+F the FPS counter is always stuck at CPU maybe thats the problem.
  5. fdykn

    your cpu is not the problem. the game IS.
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  6. kazumi

    I'm running a i5 2500k @ 4.8ghz with a custom watercooling loop keeping it at a cool 40c. Even those running i7's with high OC's still get "CPU". They gotta fix the engine, and fast.
  7. Dragam


    Ps2 basically has the worst performing game engine ive ever tried.
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  8. maxkeiser

    My game was FINE pre-GU4. I've not had problems at all. GU4 basically ripped the fps down to 30 or lower lol.
  9. kazumi

    I feel the engine has potential. It can produce amazing graphics as shown during Alpha, it "can" render more players if the server allows, and it has the ability to be optimized. However, they keep tossing a fix, to a fix, to a fix, of a fix, to fix the older fix.

    They fix it like a cheap plumber, apply some water resistant tape to a leak and you will buy yourself some time, however if the leak returns and you just keep tossing more tape on it. Sooner or later the underlying issue will become so large, you will need to replace the entire section. Instead of just applying a 1 time fix.
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  10. Puppy

    The fps counter has been completely wrong for me in the past few days. When I am getting maybe 5 frames a second it says I'm getting 30 to 45. Stuff like that.
  11. Dragam

    Im not impressed in any way by the graphics in this game... its built for ancient dx9 and it shows... but thats really not that important - what is important is that the game is unplayable for me at this stage, getting as low as 20 fps in huge battles.

    I agree with your point though... i think it has everything to do with the game being released way too soon... to me, this game shows every sign of still being in alpha or beta, but simply got "released" so SOE could get some money...
  12. kazumi

    If you didn't get a chance to watch this last year, give it a look. 1 year ago, almost to the date (off by 14 days) this game LOOKED way more impressive in so many departments. Maybe not so much in others. However this engine has alot of potential.

    I feel the team is undermanned, and overwhelmed with issues. The primary issue being "optimization" and any sort of structure for players to "aim for"
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  13. BlackDove

    It seems like, in trying to make this game run on outdated garbage hardware in order to get more people to play it, they've made it impossible to run it well on high end machines.

    It does get worse every update. Now the map sucks. There's no borders on the hexagons, everything important switched sides and is even less intuitive now.
  14. LordMondando

    Might I ask how you came to that conclusion?
  15. BlackDove

    I noticed that seems to be the case too. We need to get the kind of frame time/rate system that Pcper uses.
  16. jamesr20

    A insane guess would be FPS counter is intentionally misleading.
  17. Hecket

    CPU or GPU is what shows in the game when you press ALT + F then that is the limiting factor of your FPS.

    As for the lag, it is something the new update did. The hotfix fixed it for some systems. But there are still ongoing issues. SOE i would love to get a confirmation on this and that QA is working hard on this.

    I'm running an insane setup, and getting drops to 10 fps when flying in a liberator.
  18. BlackDove

    Because the huge update was supposed to give people with worse hardware the ability to run the game better, correct?

    Was that not stated all over this forum?

    After the last two big updates, you've got people with insane computers with 690's and LGA2011's saying they're getting 15fps.

    I could run the game fine too before the last two updates, and it's gotten progressively worse.

    So it SEEMS like that's what's going on to me.
  19. jamesr20

    Here I am with a bulldozer, I can say I did get some improvement. Its slightly more playable with GU4.
  20. LordMondando

    The last time optimisation was made a big thing of was GU02.

    Indeed, the patch notes for GU04 Only mentioned 'optimizations' regards to the UI, which may or may not mean actual performance in terms of FPS.

    I think your inference is faulty im afraid.

    Also theres no principled good reason, why making a peice of code work between on a 'lower end system' should impact its performance on a 'high end system'.

    The simple answer is something that have done, has introduced a bug into how the client tracks player entities, to the point where nearly everyone gets 20fps when there are large amounts of people.

    And depiste the frankly insane conspiracy theories some people appear to be touting that, now they have your money they don't care.. (srsly wut). I'd imagine very few people at SoE have had much sleep, or are going to get getting much over the weekend.
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