What's best cert gain? Repair sundy?

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  1. Oddensquire

    I was considering decking a sundy out, I am not a big vehicle user but I am looking for easiest / fastest cert gain to grind some alts up with. Vehicle repairs seem like a very good way to get a constant stream of XP during big fights, and usually constant stream of XP > bigger but more spread out XP gains.

    But to fully cert repairs on a sunderer can cost a lot of certs, so I want to know if in the long run it is worth it.

    I could also do ammo sundy which is cheaper to buy but IDK if it gives as many certs.

    I was also think I may add some weapons to the sundy, but not sure what to put on it. I am thinking as a repair/support vehicle it should be something that can help while hanging back with tanks so maybe AA weapons? I'm going to be sitting in it listening to music and playing pretty casually.
  2. Pelojian

    Invest in Ammo Dispenser rank1 and at least prox repair 3. repair sundie is good for fights where the friendly vehicles are constantly under fire, ammo is better for smaller fights where the vehicles are mostly fighting off other vehicles (1/2 tanks) or shelling a base.

    both are good for large fights where there is one support sunderer of one type and there isn't the other, pull the other type of sundie.

    as for weapons an AA gun on the back is a good idea, fury or bulldog if you want close range infantry and armor damage, kobalt if you want to rip faires and infantry to shreds near you and provide long range AI fire to soften up or kill enemy infantry.
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  3. Oddensquire

    I don't care at all which helps my team I just want certs. I will worry about teamwork later when I have more unlocks.
  4. Doc Jim

    My certfarming bus has a Fury in the front, a Ranger in the back, fire suppression and ammo. The Fury is for infantry, the Ranger for AA (although I would recommend a Walker instead of the Ranger), the fire suppression for that extra bit of hitpoints and I chose ammo because friendly vehicles will ALWAYS need ammo. A repair bus is awesome, but depends on the enemy damaging your allies AND your allies coming to you for repairs instead of repairing themselves as engineers or with NAR. Repair is very strong when used in a squad running TWO repair Sunderers, my loadout is more suitable for running solo in a random zerg.
  5. sindz

    In my experience nothing beats medic farming, where you actually plays as a medic and ress & heal - the certs will roll in like there is no tomorrow.
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  6. Pelojian

    you may think that now but when you rack up the certs for this stuff you'll turn to the darkside and all you will care about is cert gain and cheese.

    having repair and ammo as an option means that you wont have to compete with a single support sunderer since you can pull the other type. also if you bother to put a front weapon on other then default you'll be supporting the vehicles near you and your sunderer's lifespan will increase with you guarding it while deployed.

    also who pulls a support vehicle if they don't care about support?
  7. Einharjar

    That's the whole deal, you need to be flexible based on your team.

    You need the right guns for the right encounter so that the guys gunning for you get the kills easier (thus more certs for YOU).
    You need Ammo Sundy for when the situation is on Offense and you're not likely to deploy for long (thus more certs for YOU)
    You need Prox Repair for when the situation is on Defense or is Stale mated and thus long deploys (THUS AGAIN, MORE CERTS FOR YOU).

    To get certs, support your team.

    It's not a hard concept, seriously.
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  8. Auzor

    Personally, I pick ammo dispenser 1 by default;
    ammo dispenser is always usefull if your team is doing something succesful.
    Repair means your teammates have done something they'd want to avoid: namely taking hits.

    Ammo dispenser also can be a bit behind compared to "repair truck",
    it is however, mostly usefull if your team is attacking; if your team is in fact defending a base, then there is typically a friendly ammo dispenser in the form of a tower right by the base.. so yeah..

    I do suspect that in heavy fights, repair sundy gives certs quicker; but again, then you're in range of the vehicles taking hits. Ergo, you're probably in range of taking hits too.. depends on terrain etc, and on being a better player than me ;)
  9. vanu123

    Ammo sundy, since no one ever runs it vehicles are starving.
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  10. Jac70

    Probably a repair Sunderer is the one that will get the certs fastest but an ammo one is also very useful. I think that the best way to get certs is to anticipate where the best spawn spot is. If you are on Esamir and hold the tech plant but enemy forces are closing in. Spawn a Sunderer at the plant and park it in the vehicle bay. When the zerg inevitably moves in every friendly on the map will want to spawn in there and somewhere where they don't have to walk a mile to get to the point.

    Last night I had a Sundy in that sweet spot and thousands of fellow VS spawned at my bus, I was swimming in certs.
  11. \m/SLAYER\m/

    yep, proximity repair max lvl, will give you more certs in zerg fights then ammo. because of xp cap.
  12. david06

    In the long run a maxed repair sunderer is worth it, but if you don't want to max it just get level 3 or so. Ammo sunderers are very important tactically but they kind of suck for XP because of the cap.

    If you want to help out from behind then a walker is great for AA, but it's 1000 certs although the sunderer pro bundle is on sale if you want to pay SC. The kobalt is actually pretty good to hang back and snipe infantry with and it's cheap.
  13. Jaedrik

    No to sunderers.

    Medic is the most rewarding cert farm. Insane res XP plus good killing potential and maybe some heal/shield heal XP thrown in.
    Max medic tool is probably the best cert investment to benefit ratio in the entire game.
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  14. Asageh

    Bubble Medic that shet.
  15. Alarox

    AV tank is the most consistently high score in my experience.
  16. PrimePriest

    Forget the Sundy. If you want certs, play medic.
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  17. Aldaris

    Get both. Pull whichever is present in the lowest numbers that's needed most so lower competition and the fight will last longer. Profit.
  18. LibertyRevolution

    For starting certs, play Medic.

    You want to make certs in a sunderer, cert 2 bulldogs and blockade armor and get 2 friends, it will rain certs.
  19. dstock

    Repair Sundy is really good, but it's not cheap to get into.

    You should be looking for a good balance between investment and return.

    Medic is cheap to get into, and you'll make a ton of certs back from it, plus have a well-equipped medic.

    I'd also recommend a Harasser, since you can get a decent AI Harasser going for >1k certs:
    Smoke 1: 30 certs
    Stealth 1: 30 certs
    Kobalt: 100 certs
    Zoom 2: 51 certs
    Ammo 5: 191 certs
    Turbo 2: 300 certs
    Total: 702 certs

    Turbo 2 makes the Harasser viable, without a chassis, and the rest of those upgrades are really cheap, and useful later. If you're interested in Harassing. If you don't have anyone to shoot the gun, put those certs into more Stealth, play for roadkills, lol.
  20. Regpuppy

    Bubble medic + drawn out meatgrinder = absurd certs.

    Just find a spot in a stalemate/farm where your guys are taking cover and keep your bubble plopped down by them. Ress, heals, and kill xp are just icing on that cake.