whats a safe cpu heat lvl

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Mortucus, Dec 9, 2012.

  1. Mortucus

    i just unparked my cpu cores and im at 88 to 90 degrees Celsius if i spelled that wrong im sorry
    is this safe just want to know and get some feed back
  2. General Epeen

    A lot of laptops are manufactured not able to handle all of their CPU cores at full load for long periods of time without overheating or throttling. Try using coretemp or realtemp to get a second opinion on those temps. Pretty sure the TJ max temp of 105 degrees from desktops applies to mobile processors but you really do not want to sustain temps of 90 degrees or more.
  3. Mortucus

    thanks i guess this is as far as i can push it and im using 2 programs to monitor the game proformance
    just the heat value was my consern i was thinking 90 is max for my system i think i wont tweek the cpu any more
  4. sagolsun

    The new sandy/ivy bridge chips don't mind running at a toasty 90C, although you don't have much thermal headroom.

    Laptops aren't really meant for that - you've effectively prevented your CPU from ever going to C1E/C3/C6. This means significantly shorter battery life, shorter fan life, more dust accumulation and the fan sounding like a hair drier even if you're not doing anything at all.

    Be sure to take extra care of your fan. It wasn't designed for constant 100% operation with an OC/d CPU. Also expect to drop in a new fan module soon or face frequent shutdowns once the fan performance drops.

    Edit: hell, I'm reluctant to disable core parking on my desktop, and I have a watercooler. It's just too inefficient.
  5. EwAB

    From a pure technical standpoint 104 degrees celsius and down. From a practical point of view older CPUs around 80C, modern around 60C (sandy bridge, bulldozer etc). They start throttling performance at lower temperatures to counter getting too warm. Around 55C in full load should be ideal.
  6. slannmage

  7. Hashlak

    Ive got a laptop - specs in my sig and ive got all my cores unparked.. Runs 10x faster than it did before and no extra heat.. I dunno what you guys are on about with all this heat stuff.. I have standard 60C full load on ps2 with GPU OC'd :)

    Unparking CPU was the best thing ive ever done, dont see any reasons not to, i payed for an expensive gaming laptop with 4 physical cores and 4 virtual ones, why not have them active all the time ? :)
  8. Mortucus

    i do have a 22 inch thermalltake laptop cooler pad is that ok
    and the main fans havent worked any harder since i unparked them
  9. Hashlak

    same with me, have not experienced any extra fan usage or heat on my CPU after unparking. But i dont have a laptop cooler, ive made my own custom mods to make up for a laptop cooler (drilled holes on the back where the fans are and added a filter to prevent dust), but i will probably get one later which will give me even cooler temps :D

    Any suggestions for a cooler that will handle a big 17.5inch laptop ??
  10. sagolsun

  11. Mortucus

    specs of chip saiz 100c max temp for safe operation ill get a coolmaster u3 laptop fan its cheep then ill look at drilling some holes in the casing and after unparking the cores the game run better
  12. Mortucus

    have a look at the coolmaster u3 seems the best choice i can find let me know if you see better
  13. HellasVagabond

    Anything over 70 degrees is not good for your CPU Period.

    As for a cooler the Thermaltake Massive 23GT is very good.
  14. Hashlak

    Nice one thanks, the cooler master u3 looks great and its not that expensive :)
  15. Legitsu

    90c for short bursts aka less then an hour is ok but longer periods > more then an hour will cause permanent damage .... eventually
  16. LordMondando

    I think we need a stickied thread on this as a lot of people have similar problems.

    1) laptops, inherently bad at dispating heat. However, they get helluva worse after even a few months of normal use. Why, well the heat sinks will get clogged with dust, hair, skin etc. Forming a thermal mat. Unforunately, opening your laptop up to clean it will void the warranty.

    At the same time, heat is what kills most CPU's and GPU's. I personally think your are wasting your money by not opening up your PC and giving it a quick run with a hover every 1-2 months (MAXIMUM), same should really apply to laptops too. More so even. Watch the **** out of some youtube videos to get a rough idea of what your up against first.

    2) Excessive heat can damage the battery to the point of being dangerous. I'm not saying 9/10 laptops explode (more 1 in 10,000 if that). But its not a risk worth taking (for what gain, the convince of having a battery attached?). Chances are your plugged in anyway. If your gaming and your getting over 60c take the battery out.
  17. TSR-Jesse S Customer Service

    For AMD processors, under 62C (143F) is considered safe, and for Intel processors, under 75-81.3C (167F-178F) should be good.
  18. JoCool

    With these temps, stop playing or kiss your Lappi goodbye. I recommend you get a cooling system to place under the laptop. Currently it is way too hot and will kill it.
  19. Legitsu

    that is CORETEMP
    package temp aka the sensor on the motherboard means nothing
    on pre-c2 phenoms II/Prec-C3 Althlon II's you need to add +10c to the core temps because there off
    when amd says 62c they mean the "core temp" not the package/IHS temp
    I have had Phenom II's well into the 70's on the cores for prime sessions not exactly good for it but its not gonna kill it ...... at least not right away
  20. Zeroba

    This may just be me, but I've never had to unpark the cores on my i5. I'm on windows 7 and I notice that they are never parked, even while I'm idle. Plus, I see no dangerous heat levels. I get about 65C MAX on a CPU intensive game, even on stock cooling which is horrible.