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  1. Halkesh

    Double post, just realized I'd forget to answer you that point :
    I don't like the concept of handicaps : IMO, rules should be the same for everyone. Giving extra-HP for low BR player do change the rules.
    Asymmetrical rules lead to a lot of anger and frustration : because enemy have more advantage than you, because you just lose the advantages and can't get them anymore.
    Also, it only depend on BR : you'll see plenty of smurf coming from anywhere.

    If you really want to give extra-HP for those in need, you need to make a fair rule that include everyone. For exemple, change the BR requirement by losing spree requirement. It still have problem (outfit may exploit this then make an instoppable MAX-crash), but at least it's more fair.
  2. StaHoo33

    So what should NW protect from then? Dragon's breath, AP shells or what? Why the f* would anyone still want nerfs in the game that TTK is 3 times longer than standard FPS games? NW is available to all classes, everyone can wear it, it's not limited to HA only so stop crying for more nerfs to this class, if you engage heavy as infi or engie, you're in disadvantage straight away, even opening fire first doesn't guarantee that you win the battle, it's even worse if you can't aim. Remember that you're firing on assaulting class, built to forcefully take the points with brute strength and resolve, and for the love of god let it stay that way or we gonna have cluster-fu*ks with maxes sitting on the points, and nobody to take them down. If you decide to play engie, you're doing it wrong if you go first to the room full of heavies, you're support unit not assault, grab other class if you want to fight in a front row, simple.
  3. Ziggurat8

    They should just add some kind of a HELMET to the suit slot. Reduces HS damage taken at the cost of other suit slots and doesn't stack with resist shield.

    Comes equipped on all newbie character load outs.
  4. Halkesh

    About NW, the idea is to remove it completely while reducing headshot multiplier so it narrow the gap between low-skill player and high-skill player.
    I didn't think at all about HA when I'd proposed that, since on my head if you do that for everyone, non-HA and HA, it won't change the balance about HA against "support class".

    For the rest of what you've write, I've no clue at all of why you're speaking about HA, it look like an ***-pull because you'd take this proposition as a personal attack against your almighty and superior HA class : not my problem but you should see a doctor about a potential superiority complex.

    Why make it a suit slot when you can make it for everyone ? ;)