What will happen to resource boosts?

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  1. Cirevam

    First, let me know if this is not the right section for this topic. The Resource Revamp isn't even on Test yet but I can't think of where else it would go.

    This old Roadmap thread goes over the resource changes which will remove all of our stored resources and replace them with a pay-on-use system. Bases dole out resources on-demand instead of players earning them.

    With that in mind, how are resource boosts going to work after the revamp? Players won't receive resources directly; the bases will, which end up creating our vehicles and consumables. I can think of a few ideas, like someone with a 50% resource boost puts 50% less load on a base when spawning anything, but that doesn't seem worth it. You pull a vehicle and leave -- making the load decrease pointless -- or you're fighting in an extended siege with 47 other people and your little 50% load decrease won't matter unless a good number of friendlies are also using resource boosts. This would be a good option for outfits as a bunch of them could spend 50 SC or whatever to get a 1 hour resource boost, which gives them that much more time to charge up an ANT and get it to the base. That's really a spur-of-the-moment thing, which could be a good thing for SOE's bottom line if it gets people to spend that SC without thinking much about it. Or SOE could just delete resource boosts and refund everybody in SC, but the chance of that happening is effectively zero. Yay corporate policy.

    I'd like to hear your ideas. And please tell me if there's an existing discussion on this already. I didn't want to go through all 22 pages of the roadmap thread but I haven't seen any serious talk about it.
  2. daniel696

    They are all going to burn in highest peak of the lowest deep.
  3. ZephyrBurst

    This isn't how it works. Everyone still has their own personal resources, they just get them from the base every x amount of time. The amount is based on how many Nanites the base has. The drain comes from the amount of players at the base every time it hands out the resources to the players. Resource boosts, if they choose to keep them in the game, would simply act as they do now. Every time resources are handed out, they would get +x% more dependent on the boost they have.

    To clarify something. (I'm simply going by how Malorn put it.) If you've not used your resources at all and you're at a base that's drained, you can still pull stuff or use whatever comsumes them, you just won't get that resource pool replenished while you're there.

    This would be horrible as it's straight up, pay to win. Everyone pay 50 cents so we can have more time to secure the ANT run, not a good idea. Luckily this isn't how the resource revamp works.
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  4. Regpuppy

    I for one hope they phase them out with these changes. All they have to do is stop selling them and let them fall out of circulation. Then replace the subscription perk.
  5. Cirevam

    That makes more sense, thanks for explaining. So we're switching from three types of resources to a single type, and we can't store 40 of each consumable, but the resources themselves are stored. I guess I was interpreting it as closer to PS1's NTU where a drained base meant you get nothing unless you stuffed everything in a locker.
  6. Backf1re

    If we are going to a pay-on-use resource system from base NTU's then it would be logical to change the boost system to a reduction system. So an old 50% boost will now give you a 50% reduction in cost.

    Edit: This may stack with membership bonuses evidently giving you free vehicles and grenades etc, so It might be wise to disregard my idea. :(
  7. nallar

    Change boosts and membership both to multiply cost by 2/3rd, opposite of current 3/2 50% boost. Stacks multiplicatively too so 2/3^2 = 4/9 cost for both membership and boosts.
  8. doombro

    Ideally, they would be refunded.

    I really hope they don't decide to stick with the individualized resource system.
  9. Gary

    Hope so =/ Got loads lying round