[Suggestion] What weapons need Buffs?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Scr1nRusher, May 3, 2015.

  1. Scr1nRusher

    Stop de-railing & messing up my threads.

    I'm really getting sick of it & I know your better than this.
  2. Ronin Oni

    Stop making bad threads then.

    I also clearely explained what was wrong with this thread.
  3. Scr1nRusher

    Look at what you have done to a perfectly good thread.
  4. Ronin Oni

    Except it wasn't "perfectly good"

    As I said, you need to make specific threads about a specific weapon system or issue to be discussed, so that the discussion about it is linear, and not jumping around between a half dozen or more different weapons making it impossible to follow.

    Despite being wrong, your SMG on HA thread is a good example of a proper thread. Your concept there is wrong of course, but the thread is at least focused on a specific topic to be discussed.

    Although, the OP in that thread could have used with a better opening argument than just "Remove SMG from HA, Why is it this way?"

    You need to actually make a compelling argument if you want people to actually agree with you.
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  5. Scr1nRusher

    Fair enough. Next time I make one of these threads, I'll add a set topic.
  6. Gutseen

    TRs 1k cert knife needs a buff, so i can OHK magriders/vaguards with it, and add a laser sight and a 12x scope for it.[IMG]
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  7. Ronin Oni

    Well, not one of THESE threads...

    But a "Desperado is statistically underperforming, here's evidence and a suggestion" then yes, that would be prefectly fine (I still reserve the right to disagree ;) )

    Slight buff needed
    Moderate buff needed
    Serious buff needed

    There are, what, 20 people using this thing?
    Performs decently with a suppressor and from a good hiding spot against a hivemind zerg, but is ultimately outmatched by all counter-snipers in a tougher situation. Moderately effective, but very inconvenient to use.
    • Should be chargable while cloaked.
    • Should be equippable with a 4x, non-overlay scope.
    Once again a weapon so awesome it has to be nerfed prematurely to prevent mass-use.
    • Increase non-charged firing rate to 520 RPM (from 480).
    • Allow the weapon to be charged while cloaked.
    NC08 Mag-Scatter
    Needs a tiny bit more kick to be used by more than 3 people per server.
    • Increase magazine size by 1 (to 5).
    • Increase firing-rate by 10 (to 130 RPM).
    T4 AMP
    With strict focus performs acceptably, usefully - against slow targets. Against faster moving or dodging targets, 2+ mags are usually required.
    • Introduce 1x red dot sight to make it feel like a mini-smg.
    • Increase magazine size by 3 rounds (to 24). In turn, increase reload duration by 0.2 seconds.
    NC15 Phoenix
    Not as criminally underused as the Lancer or the Striker, but still not that well performing.
    • Increase range by 25 meters.
      • This will close the gap at some popular artillery points, for example, Broken Arch Road: rockets explode a few meters before the usual nests.
    T2 Striker
    Utterly inferior to all other launchers in virtually all aspects, minus the rare occasion of effectively countering dive-bombers. Very situational, extremely limited. Needs additional capabilities.
    • Should be able to lock-on to ground vehicles, while retaining the coyote mechanic against air.
      • This would make it a unique weapon that is also useful at range, something TR is in desperate need of (infantry based long-range AV).
    Lancer VS22
    Outperformed by VS lock-on launchers.
    • Increase damage by 50 (to 800).
    Lasher X2
    Given how awesome this weapon is, it is very underused, very situational.
    • Increase max damage by 20 (to 175).
    Performs between poor and acceptable in close-to-mid range engagements, useless past that distance. Performs moderately efficiently from behind and when hunting infiltrators. Needs a range improvement.
    • Remove the recoil from all shots but the last in a burst, so that it can be used as a sniper rifle.
      • An alternative to this is transferring the recoil to the last shot in a burst.
    • Slightly increase burst speed, but also the delay between bursts, to emphasize long-range combat instead of close-range spamming.
      • This should be a sniper rifle that achieves the needed damage through more bullets instead of heavier ones, but this trait should not affect effective range.
    • Introduce 7-12x zoom scopes to accomodate the increased range.
    MR1 Fracture
    Decent DPS against mid-range targets and stationary long-range targets, especially with Lockdown, but performs very poorly against most long-range targets capable even of slight movement. Outperformed by both Ravens and Vortexes past close-mid range.
    • Remove projectile drop.
    • Increase rocket speed by 40 m/s (to 220).
    G30-Vulcan Prowler
    Close-range berserker weapon that is useless past mid range.
    • Increase bullet velocity by 150 m/s (to 450).
      • Increase aircraft resistance against this weapon.
      • In turn, increase spin-up time.
    • Reduce CoF to 0.3, increase CoF bloom to 0.03.
  9. Goldmonk

    Don't forget the bipod and the bipod for your bipod.
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  10. Pfundi

    Yeah, when not reloading and in good ranges its real fun :D
    As longs as we hate each other its balanced, now lets go hate the Orion brother!
  11. ShiftedMotive

  12. Nextronix

    T2 Striker, MR1 Fracture, Heavy Cycler, T4 Amp
  13. CursoryRaptor

    "Mooom! James is running with scissors when you told him not to!"
  14. CursoryRaptor

    (Ah, good. Now I get to make fun of both of you.)

    Both of you shut up, sit on your hands, and don't even LOOK at each other or so help me God I will turn this car around go straight back home and ground you both until the end of your puberty!

    Edit: To be fair though, you aren't doing nearly as good a job of making yourself look like an *** as Ronin. Step it up, man!
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  15. nehylen

    Mostly i'd like the game to respect the standards it seems to set in some circumstances to abandon them entirely in others:
    • standadize the Pulsar VS1/Equinox/Darkstar/Pulsar LSW so that they behave mostly like the Solstice family ( lower horizontal tolerance for all at 0.5, nerf FSRM for the 3 ARs to get same first shot recoil as TR/NC, lower ads CoF to 0.35° for LSW)
    • standardize Zenith at 750rpm & Corvus at 550rpm instead of their odd values
    • standardize horizontal recoil on Flare (.175°) and Ursa (.15°)
    • standardize CME on the T5 AMC values for horizontal recoil(.20°). -0.05 horizontal tolerance, +0.05° ads CoF(nerf)
    • standardize Cycler TRV and Cougar hipfire CoF (why the penalty? No reason, especially on TRV!)
    • standardize the hipfire penalty on the 200 dmg carbine/ARs (+.75° on AC-X11, +.50° on ARs... just make it +.50° for all)
    • standardize NC S carbine/ARs horizontal recoil (variable. contrary to TR/VS)
    • standardize Bull on T5 AMC model with advanced. forward grip (minus SPA)
    • Improve default Sirius ADS behaviour a little (-0.1 tolerance)
    • Improve Hailstorm somewhat (why not a better hipfire CoF by default, like 1.25° instead of 1.50° on move+stand to make it unique?)
    • Improve horizontal recoil on Eridani a little (not sure how much)
    • +5 rounds by default on gen1 & NS SMGs, -5 rounds on the ext mags.
    • higher RPM MagScatter (150~180rpm?)
    • burst-fire on Beamer+Inquisitor
    • 2 tiers loss instead of 4 for Beamer
    • +5 rounds magsize on T4 AMP
    • Something for Cerberus (unsure what)
    semi autos:
    • 366rpm & 12m max damage range on battle rifles
    • Increase velocity on the long range semi auto sniper rifles (between T2 and T3 BASRs'), put all semi auto SRs max damage between 450~499 (making them counter-sniping guns)
    • +50m/s velocity on Phaseshift
    • Change Rhino into a Hailstorm damage model (800x125 + lower CoF), give it SPA instead of HVA
    • 500m/s default velocity on NS-11C
    • HVA gives max damage range penalty (-2m) and 10% bonus velocity, keeping +10m max damage range, no recoil penalty. No longer odd HVA values (like +0m/s on Gauss rifle burst...)
    • Burst guns: what Iridar proposes sounds good
    • Something about EM1/Polaris, unsure what
    • Burst variants: what Iridar proposes sounds good
    • Lower ads CoF (-0.05°) on Solstice SF/Equinox VE2/EM1/Polaris (i feel the other 652x143 have more of a niche)
  16. asmodraxus

    The problem isn't the projectile speed as its the same as the Enforcer and the Saron, its the low damage/cof which gives the target time to react, but when coupled with the Prowlers main gun, well 2 1/2 Prowlers > 1 2/2 Prowler, IF and ONLY IF the main 120mm gets changed so the DPS isn't 50% greater unlocked then the next tank the damage profile of the Vulcan could be changed, but as it stands...

    The only weapons that need to be looked at are the catastrophically under used (and not the Prowler secondaries as similar weapons (actually weaker variants) exist on the Harasser and THOSE get used alot) and those that for some reason under perform, or plain just don't sell well (TR and VS empire specific sniper rifle anyone).

    The list will no doubt have a lot of VS LMGs on as apart from 1 or 2 they are mostly meh, which few use apart from to grind to auraxium.
    All Max AI weapons are generally fine, its just the AV ones, as some need nerfing (in either AV or AI ability), others came pre-nerfed and that needs to be corrected.
  17. Kentucky Windage

    It's still a good thread OP. I've enjoyed it so far.
  18. isaac smith

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