[Suggestion] What weapons need Buffs?

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  1. Goldmonk

    God bless you, dear sir, god bless you. Honestly, the UBGL is a load of bull dung. It's useless and unusable. Even the UBSG is pretty horrendous by most standards. Seriously, Higgles expected me to use a GL that could barely shoot past 5m? Are you for real? Oh, but it probably did a ton of damage. WRONG! It basically tickled the enemy. The very few kills I have gotten from the UBGL were pretty much direct hits at a few meters away. Other than that, the enemy will still probably have his shield. I never found out because his buddies got me due the abysmal reload speed and transfer time. When I say transfer time, I mean the time it took for me to switch from my UBGL to my gun. Suddenly, my soldier turns into Little Ol' Granny trying to get her arthritic *** off the couch as I reloaded. Let's not even go to the small ammo pool. 3 lousy, no good at anything grenades? Pathetic. Let's recap: Horrible firing arc + little to no damage done + extremely slow reload time + very limited ammo pool + no visual difference from faction to faction - only available on one gun per faction=NO BUENO! This concludes my rant.
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  2. sL360

    You know how they'd start doing that? Giving us our real faction traits. Low damage weapons with middling to high accuracy, and actual high rofs instead of what we have now; Low damaging guns with little to no accuracy and DECENT rofs. No more damn handouts, too. NC and VS have no business having high rate of fire weapons. GD-7F is a ******* joke, for one. Our chaingun has to equip an attachment to even match its rate of fire...can you say cheap?

    That with some actual long range AV options. It would just be such a good step in the right direction, if DBG even bothers going that far...
  3. Leftconsin

    Exactly. Balance tweaks are less important than new fun content.

    Let's get a functioning Sky Lance.
    Let's get a round of empire specific Heavy Tanks!
    Another class would really get people buzzing.

    Buff/nerf calls have degenerated into arguing about tweaking the recoil angles on weapons. It is insane!
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  4. DashRendar

    If they ninja patched your machineguns to have similar ranged TTK to the NC MAX shotguns, you'd say they were broken.
  5. sustainedfire

    Buff Bull.

    I just unlocked it, so I would love a buff. (iI'm running out of things to Auraxium)
  6. Arkandae2

    the butcher
  7. PostalDude

    Anything belonging to TR.
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  8. EarlofSunderer

    Knives (buff movement speed while equipped)
    Spitfire (30sec cooldown instead of 1 use)
  9. Scr1nRusher

    Now will the devs notice this?

    Who knows........
  10. Caydn

    The Brawler , its the shotgun you get when you auxuriam 5 nc shotguns , dont know about the tr or vanu ones but this one is a absolute piece of junk
  11. Bloodwod

    The Warden is great, but I actually don't think it needs a buff.

    In certain situations, it's actually OP, but you just don't see them very much in Redployside: mid-to-long range open field fights. (Or alternately bases with long shooting corridors).

    To buff the Warden, nerf Redeployside.
  12. Liewec123

    Mag-Scatter: 2 extra rounds
    Aegis shield, more coverage from angles
    Jackhammer: triple burst mode cone of fire reduced.

    vortek: increased damage, less recoil, less bloomeriffic effect
    ZoE: range damage reduction removed.
    female infiltrator booty now makes enemies move and react slower while looking at it. (k, not serious XD)

    Pounders: more ammo (nerf reveted)
    Fracture: no wobble, higher velocity
    Striker: coyote effect on ground vehicles too.
    Lockdown: can crouch.
    MCG: BRRT by default (opens slot, BRRT is currently mandatory))
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  13. Ballto21

    pulsar lsw, zenith, pulsar vs1, skorpios/tempest/shurikan, polaris, debateably corvus, 99sv/specter,spiker, crossbows, manticore/magshot, cerberus
  14. Littleman

    T32 Bull - convert that sumb***h to a 125 damage, 850 RPM weapon, and give it .75x ADS. Alternatively to giving the Bull .75x ADS, take away the SVA-88's and Orion's .75x ADS.

    EM1 - .75x ADS. It's this awkward as hell T16 Rhino knock off with an advanced laser attachment. It's only redeeming quality is the reload speed, but it doesn't need it when the user can't even empty a magazine before getting killed. Also, constrict the hip CoF. It IS a 143 damage, 652rpm weapon after all. It needs to hit things if it's going to have an advanced laser. Hrm... maybe play with giving it 250 damage and 425 RPM...? It looks like a Reaper DMR.

    Yes, .75x on an LMG is THAT big a deal. I wanna be a f***er zipping all over the place with his shield active too.

    Hailstorm and Armistice - the equivalents to the Blitz and the Cyclone, respectively, only crappier. Hailstorm needs less recoil and more muzzle velocity. Those ten rounds don't justify the jittery sub-850 RPM (AKA, RPM of the Blitz) PoS it is now. Armistice needs at least 5 more rounds by default.

    Eridani - I consider this the unfortunate SMG. There's the Sirius, and there's this tool. They're the only actual side grades. At least the Armistice and Cyclone are the superior burst DPS to the Hailstorm and Blitz sustained DPS, but the Sirius and the Eridani are equal in DPS, the Sirius just has greater sustained. By default, this weapon should probably use heat for ammo. I don't know what to do with this weapon without turning it into another Zenith, so let's have some fun with it: the closer to overheating, the greater the RPM. Starting at 698, and hitting 850 just before forcing a cooldown. Alternatively, this weapon could have the highest muzzle velocity of all SMGs.

    NC MAX Mattocks - Grant a .6 crouched hipfire spread, and 12 rounds per arm. Extended mag increases this to 18 or 20. 3 pellets at 125 damage each at 1.5 spread as opposed to 2.5. Render fully automatic, just as an added touch. I'm honestly guessing numbers here. Balance tweaks will be necessary. The intention is to give the NC MAX a weapon that can compete with the Mercies and the Blueshifts. These weapons can work up to 70M, give or take while crouched and stationary and work because of the sheer volume of ammo in conjunction with burst control. NC doesn't get this luxury of fire rate and ammo capacity. The least that could be done is to convert their accuracy based AI into something close to a rail gun, providing finer precision and spare rounds to fire. Still a higher skill floor, but much more forgiving than what we see now.

    I won't speak on vehicle warfare. I feel this is more of a map issue and no amount of numbers tweaking will solve the problem. Except maybe faster dumbfire rocket velocities to justify an overall armor buff to vehicles. Simply put, this game has a lot of valleys that force tank columns into engaging each other in narrow chokes with little to no cover, and a lot of flat open ground with maybe one or two rocks to hide behind. What made vehicle-infantry cross-engagements work in PS1 was that there were forests everywhere. This made the huge and very lethal splash of PS1's tanks justified because infantry seldom bunched up behind one tree or rock (as opposed to often the only piece of cover in PS2) and really rough terrain wasn't created to make for a poor substitute so that tanks could actually zip about without worrying about getting stuck on anything. What PS2 has is a lot of rugged terrain that makes quick traversal in combat too risky, and no vast amounts of cover options for infantry flanking this open area.

    In short, the relationship between infantry and tanks is like this:

    Infantry = fish armed with harpoons.
    Tanks = sharks with lasers mounted on their heads.
    Open area = open ocean where sharks prey.
    Forest = coral reef where fish hide from sharks.

    Except in PS2 the open ocean has very turbulent waters and there is no coral reef. From the beginning the tank/infantry interaction was ****ed.
  15. Plastikfrosch

    It needs to shoot all rockets in 1 straight line and not spay like a smg. That would fix a lot for this launcher.

    No need. I am able to find all mines with my feet. mines dont need any buffs.
  16. Morti

    i'd rather not return to the UBGL apocalypse. cheesy as hell sitting somewhere with infinite ammo launching nades nonstop
  17. GhostAvatar

    If you touch my Bull, I will find you and I will teabag your dead corpse until you respawn. Rhino would be a better option for this.

    Just use Ravens, they are pretty good for killing infantry at range, especially extreme range. I kill more cloakers (the annoying ones that think they can snipe MAXs) with that thing than actual tanks.
  18. Obstruction

    i'm not sure if more velocity is the answer for the Dalton. i think it would be nice if they removed the cone of fire and gave it a little bit of splash back. just like 1 meter radius, and make the damage there 1% vs infantry and 99% vs vehicle.

    in same line of thinking i believe the Zephyr could use a boost to velocity and AV damage, at the expense of AI damage.

    then we could really improve the Duster, because it should be the pure AI choice and could definitely use major improvements to achieve that.
  19. task_master

    -basilisk. lousy as a generalist weapon, balanced around the fact that sundy has two of them. somehow, devs have not come up with the idea of balancing sundy basilisks separately from the others.
    -ranger. worse than basilisk at all roles. exists solely to drop frames for potato pilots.
    -fractures. first nerf vortex and ravens range, then rebalance them all.
    -solstice burst. straight downgrade to the other burst carbines.
    -titan HE. seriously needs more splash damage or radius.
    -MBT/lightning HEAT. give them a significant bonus against light armor and MAX or something if infantryside doesn't like splash guns.
    -skyguard. needs to be stronger against lib/gal, ranged damage against ESF reduced slightly. lightning top armor also doesn't provide a significant boost. make it on par or better than reinforced lightning front armor.
    -valkyrie noseguns.
    -vulcan. remove the COF and adjust ranged damage + resistances. increases the skill floor/ceiling of the weapon, allows it to be reliable at range, and keeps it from being a huge threat outside of the intended range. obviously make vulcan-h deal less damage than prowler vulcan.
    -rotaries that aren't vortek. this is probably both vortek being OP and others being UP.
    -cerberus. bad version of rebel. will always be a bad rebel as long as it has less max damage range. needs to be changed completely.
    -inquisitor. i think it's at least better than dumpster pistols magshot/cerberus/manticore, but give it burst fire.
    -HVA. needs revamp.
    -striker. coyote onto ground vehicles, but make composite flash able to survive a 6 hits without burning.
    -flash gunner weapons that aren't phoenix, valk rumble weapons that aren't striker or repair gun. stabilize that ****.
    -banshee. if it's going to be piss poor for AI, make it somewhat useful for AA. hammer already does this, except hammer also dunks on infantry and robot. therefore, make banshee better than hammer for AA.
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  20. Kristan

    • Striker
    • Phoenix
    • Banshee
    • Fractures
    • Skyguard
    • Zepher
    • Dual Cycler
    • Spur
    • Pelter Rocket Pods
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