[Suggestion] What weapons need Buffs?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Scr1nRusher, May 3, 2015.

  1. Scr1nRusher

    So that way certain weapons are more viable,more used, more seen & preform better.

    Infantry weapons,vehicle weapons,aircraft weapons & Base Turrets & Spitfires are all game.

    The goal of this thread is so we can tell the devs what we want buffed/improved.
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  2. Goldmonk

    Let's see, I want the TRAP, AI-Max weapons and Heavy Cyclers buffed slightly for the TR. I'll be nice to the VS and say the Magriders could use a slight movement buff. When I say movement buff I mean turning, not climbing up hills. Heck, maybe the Spiker needs a little tweaking. For the NC ,and VS at that matter, could use a buff with AI mines.
  3. Neo3602

    Fractures, Striker, Phoenix, and all burst-fire variants.
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  4. HadesR

    Suggestion ?

    They stop pissing about micro managing every forum call for a tweak or buff or nerf and they concentrate on putting real meat on the bone that is Planetside ..
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  5. Grumblefern

    Striker, obviously terrible

    Fractures / Vortex (and/or Raven nerf)

    Comet needs ... something. VS has no strong anti-MAX/AI dual purpose weapon and Comet/Vortex are too similar a gimmick(no drop). Pounders/Falcon are much better and less similar to the TR/NC 2nd gen AV MAX weapons.

    SAW needs to swap with a more noob friendly weapon for NC - not exactly a buff, but a buff to their starting experience

    HVA in general needs to be better for a lot of guns.

    Most non-NS low RoF 143dmg guns are lame (Equinox for example)

    Non-Cyclone/Blitz faction specific SMGs but particularly TR's (mainly less horizontal recoil to compete with NC's)

    Slugs need less drop/better velocity

    Most general vehicle weapons should be tweaked for balance among different vehicles - obviously a basilisk on a harasser is a different story compared to basilisk on a Sundy which is durable enough to suit its sustained damage.

    Phaseshift just needs a damn 4x scope. Or did they add one since I've been gone? I haven't checked.

    Most pistols could use some buffs to be more on par with revolvers.

    TR's muzzle flash needs to be toned down.
  6. IberianHusky

    TR needs to be redesigned completely. It is easily the most boring and uninspiring faction with next to nothing that stands out and actually makes me want keep playing TR. Where the hell is my TORQ LMG? Where the hell is all my high ROF Dakka? Where the hell is the uniqueness? Why are all our best guns just worse versions of what the other factions have? There's a reason I started 4th factioning the second I got to BR 100 on TR. TR is ******* boring, plain and simple.
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  7. Pikachu

    They should just revamp the bull to 125 damage tier. Then people might start using that gun. It has the look of TORQ so it fits perfect. Hm actually the rhino looks even more similar.
  8. Pfundi

    Are you kidding? Id kill to get TR Range and Magazines on my NC MAX...
  9. DashRendar

    Everything here is just an idea for a direction, no magnitudes of change are implied, that's for the devs to work out.

    Striker: Higher velocity, better accuracy, and fire rate should be doubled.

    Mustang AH: Automatic fire mode.

    ZOE: Further increased damage within its niche.

    Comets: A bit better accuracy.

    EM-1: Higher fire rate, better accuracy, or both. Reduce magazine size if you have to, just make it good at something. Having access to extended mags doesn't make something a good gun.

    EM-6: Needs to be more different from the Anchor, might be the one 167dmg LMG that should surpass 600RPM, its handling is already pretty bad, so it's probably not a bad idea. Alternatively, improve handling and velocity, and reduce magazine to 75.

    Onslaughts: A bit better accuracy.

    Heavy Cycler: A bit better accuracy.

    High Velocity Ammo: Change the downside to not be nerfed recoil because it makes absolutely no sense. HVA already doesn't change rounds to kill at any range for anything larger than a Carbine, and even then having to suffer through increased recoil may not be worth the gain.

    Titan HE: Slower cycle time than MagVPC yet no upside. Fix that.

    Titan HEAT: Slower cycle time than MagPC yet no upside. Fix that.

    MAX Lockdown: Faster unlock time. 1s can still get a MAX killed if he's slow to unlock.

    Fractures: Better CoF. Improved velocity by quite a bit, but keep the gravity what it is so ranged farming is still difficult, yet viable once again.

    Aegis Shield: Fix the bugs.

    Falcons: Actually one of the better examples in game of a balanced and unique weapon. However, the cycle time does seem a tad too slow.

    Vanu weapon models: More unique models. Avoid the fish look.

    Banshee: Improved blast damage.

    Phoenix: Make it less situational. ??? I've literally got no idea. It's such a mess of patched balance that I have no idea what would improve it.

    Dalton: Improved velocity since it has no splash damage anymore, making taking out ground vehicles/Sunderers too difficult and too short of a range to be useful in average sized battles. "Close enough" used to be good enough with this weapon, but now direct hits are required, and with the travel time being as high as it is, it's just not that practical of a weapon for A2G.

    Every Basilisk variant: Remove expanding CoF. It's a bad mechanic for a vehicle weapon.

    Every Kobalt variant: Remove expanding CoF. It's a bad mechanic for a vehicle weapon.

    Prowler Anchor Mode: Make all ammo available without reloads when anchored, but increase fire time from .5s to 1s. (Just whipped this, haven't thought about it in depth, it may well be a horrible idea. At least it's interesting)

    Magrider: 3rd person free camera, like Harasser, and zoomed out a bit.

    Sorry for the short list. If I think of more I'll post them.
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  10. Zica96

    Striker (ROF increase, vehicle lock on and an accuracy buff so the damn rockets dont go where ever they want when i fire the second rocket).
    Fractures (they're terrible for obvious reasons, just try using them).
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  11. Grumblefern

    Yeah I mostly agree with this, why I switched to VS entirely. TR weapons have too much horizontal recoil for my taste. It is nice having more bullets in Carbines/ARs in "Heavyside 2" but the loss of accuracy and/or damage relative to comparable weapons just wasn't worth the trade-off for me.

    I still prefer NC's infantry weapons stat wise overall but NC players are just too good to farm plus I dislike their aesthetics. Also their weapons sound bad to me.

    VS isn't great looking either and some of the gun models are butt ugly and ancient copy paste "placeholders" that never got revisited, but at least they sound nicer. I also only need like 1-2 weapons for each class on VS, having a few standouts and the rest pointless weapons actually saves certs. On NC I'd just have to buy way more guns.

    I don't think "MORE DAKKA!" is the answer though. Adjusting weapons to have higher RoF and lower bullet damage hasn't done that much for the faction. I know the Torq is nice but... have you tried the Terminus?
  12. JudgeNu

    Whatever weapon I am using at any given moment and only that weapon.
    Particularly the Tross.
    Needs more damage and more accuracy at range :)

    Seriously though I think the NS-11a needs something.
  13. eldarfalcongravtank

    • all tanks' HEAT cannons
    • underbarrel grenade launchers
    • battlerifles
    • burst-fire weapons
    • s-variant carbines/assault rifles
    • pistols: cerberus/inquisitor/magscatter
    • ursa
    • striker
    • all valkyrie noseguns
  14. Devrailis

    Strikers and Fractures need a buff.

    Those two weapons are a joke. MANGuards are more worried about TR infiltrators than Striker Heavies and Fracture MAXes.
  15. Goldmonk

    And I'd kill to have the NC's TTK.
  16. Iridar51

    • Lynx is decent, but still inferior to Serpent / GD-7F. Reduce CoF bloom per shot and/or vertical recoil.
    • Crossbow's detect bolts - buff area of effect significantly. No other changes. Not OP because of super short duration.
    • Crossbow's explosive bolts - make them not pointless.
    • AF-4A Bandit - there is no reason for 3 tiers of damage degradation when other 75% ADS carbines get to keep 2 tiers.
    • NS-11C - increase velocity to 500 m/s.
    • Inquisitor - change from semi-auto to full auto. No other changes. Simple QoL fix. Or double the damage and halve the fire rate. Or make it a 2-shot burst. Whichever. There really is no way for a high-capacity TR sidearm to be original, so might as well make it effective.
    • Mag-Scatter - at least add 1-2 rounds per magazine.
    • Cerberus - directly inferior to Rebel.
    • Shotguns need a rebalance as a whole. Increase number of pellets, reduce pellet spread, reduce damage up close, increase damage at range. The idea is to make shotguns do consistent damage within 10-15m without the need of being precise, but reduce their lethality at very close ranges.
    • Burst weapons need a rebalance as a whole.
    • 143 @ 652 and 143 @ 698 weapons need a buff across the board to compete with 167 @ 550 and 167 @ 600 weapons, which are directly superior.
    • Eridani needs buffs. It just doesn't compare to Armistice and Cyclone. Increase minimum damage by 1-2 tiers and improve recoil to put an accent on accuracy.
    • Same for Hailstorm. Easily the worst primary in the entire game.
    • HVA needs buffs. Currently, it's only useful on carbines. On all other weapons penalty to recoil far outweighs the benefits.
    • Slug Ammunition is incredibly underpowered. There's no reason for CoF penalty. Remove it.
    • MKV Suppressed... devs left themselves without much choice when they created simply an NS-7 variant with pre-installed suppressor. However, MKV fails at its intende role: to be the most effective suppressed SMG at range. Due to damage model, NS-7 with a Suppressor performs better at that role than MKV, which makes it a pointless weapon.
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  17. Grumblefern

    Personally I dislike the Serpent due to terrible velocity, wish I'd have got the VX6-7 instead though eventually I might pick it up as well.

    Bandit would be almost a straight upgrade to Mercenary if it had no extra drop-off. Jaguar and Zenith are also WAY less accurate. Bandit would just be insane without the extra drop-off. It'd be the best generalist carbine in the game without a doubt.

    I would also say Zenith is pretty major downgrade relative to Jaguar right now. About same base accuracy, but -10 rounds, no soft point, and lower RoF. An advanced grip option is absolutely not worth all of those downsides.
  18. FieldMarshall

    They should pull statistics and make a list of the 10-20 least used weapons, have a meeting and go "ok, so why are these weapons not being used".

    Take burst weapons for example.
    Why are burst carbines not used? Because there is no reason to.
    Does burst weapons suck by default? Some would say yes, but SABR would disagree.
    Why is SABR so awesome? Among other things the FSM is so low that you can actually take advantage of the burst mechanic at range.
    Possible solution to burst carbines? Lower FSM.
    Does lowering FSM in burst carbines have an impact on other weapons and other game mechanics? Try lowering FSM for a few weeks and see how they perform
    etc etc.

    They should also compare ES equivalent weapons. TRAP/Phaseshift/Railjack. Look at statistics and figure out why some a performing worse than the others. (Hailstorm, Spiker)

    If they can figure out why something is bad, the balancing wouldnt be so random and weird.
    Like the Vulcan. (Needed range to be viable but recieved a slight range buff and a completely unneeded TTK buff for some reason)

    I must be the only TR player who dislike the Jaguar and would rather have a Zenith.
    I agree that not having SPA sucks, but i drool over the AdvGrip.
    As someone who ADSs even at close range and reloads before spending more than ~15 bullets anyway the Zenith sounds like my kind of gun.
    The ROF also doesent help recoil on the Jag for someone who likes to ADS for headshots and any range.
    But Jag is really popular so its probably just that it doesent fit my playstyle. Anyway, just wanted to speak up for the Zenith and say that it fits some people perfectly.
  19. CursoryRaptor

    Ranger, Striker, UBGL
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  20. rncRET


    I love that gun, but everyone seems to hate it for some reason.

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