What weapon should I put on my Engineer to make it perform better?

Discussion in 'Engineer' started by Luminiouscow, Sep 10, 2014.

  1. Luminiouscow

    In CQC AND at range.
  2. LeafTheLeafeon

    As a TR, the Jaguar is a solid gun to use. My fave for sure. Laser sight for tight hipfire in cqc or fwd grip if you want a little more distance.
  3. Xasapis

    For VS carbines I would suggest:
    • Zenith, as an all rounder
    • Serpent, for close quarters
    • VX6-7, if you find Serpent's fire rate too high
    • Pulsar C, for something with some more range power
    Beyond that, Shotguns and SMGs work well, if your engineer is more of the support type. The battle rifle doesn't work all that well in close quarters, but it is one of the better options at range.
  4. Lazaruz

    Napalm... lots and lots of napalm. I'd guess over 65% of my kills as an engineer come from some sort of explosive.

    As for actual firearms, I recommend your faction specific S-variant carbine with an under barrel launcher of your choosing, they all have their uses in different situations.
  5. _itg

    Sticky grenades!
  6. linque

    the underbarrel grenade launcher
  7. Rtwpygbzstpqacihfd

    If you're TR, the default TRAC-5 is awesome. It handles any situation well. I should actually be getting it auraxiumed tonight. I put 2x reflex sight on and forward grip and the flash suppressor. The Hailstorm is also good (already auraxiumed) so I suggest doing a 30 minute trial and go into a good fight with it.

    And to win more fights get Nanoweave Armor 5, and for some easy bonus kills drop 2 claymores out behind doors, on stairs etc and you should start seeing how useful and fun it can be playing Engi.
  8. Crashsplash

    I used T5 AMC, rock steady. But seriously think more about positioning and awareness.

    The other thing to cert up is Claymores, think about where you place them and you should be getting at least 1 kill for every 3 laid.
  9. Goretzu

    You keep (repeately) asking this same question in various guises, and the answer always remains the same.

    1) The Jag.
    2) No weapon makes you magically better.
    3) Lynx/Jag/Trac-5/T5 AMC/Cougar from most CQB to most long range.
  10. Vixxing

    For VS: if you are doing long range stuff (like AV turrets) Eidolon is solid.... Short range Pulsar C or Baron...
  11. SacredRay

    Getting really tired of your threads...

    Use the Jaguar or T5-AMC. I can't really speak on the Jaguar, but my friend and the rest of this forum says good things about it. Apparently, its a very versatile weapon for only 250 certs. The T5-AMC is probably my favourite carbine. I have no attachments on it, but my k/d with LA is 2.21 with about 500 kills for this weapon. It has a nice hipfire and good recoil at range.

    If you want to go the support option, get, I repeat: GET the S-variant of the Trac-5 and spruce it up with IR/NV scope and Underbarrel Smoke Launcher. Get a Grenade Launcher also.

    Use the AI turret for cover and you should be a very useful and efficient Engineer.
  12. NinjaTurtle

    Leave TR

    Make NC character

    Buy AC-X11

    Make love......... I mean profit

    This is the sexiest gun in PS2, at range and up close it packs a big punch and has easy to control recoil. If I didn't have a thing for auraxium hunting I would never use any other gun

    I prefer it and all carbines as LA but it would be good on Engineer to
  13. Aegie

    Shotguns for CQC- pick your flavor really.

    S variants can be good with Engineer because you can spam the UB attachment.

    For long range, try the Battle Rifles but if you dislike those then you will have to choose among the carbines and there you want to look for the recoil and ADS accuracy values and go with the one that is most controllable while ADS.
  14. Taiji

    If you aren't a noobtuber the Cougar is the best TR carbine.
  15. FieldMarshall

  16. day ofm one

    I loved using the NC 11C.

    The T5 AMC is also good.

    Trac-5 (also the S) and Jaguar are also good.
  17. Aaren

    I'm going to be that one person - and say battle rifle + ammo packs = infinite win.
  18. patrykK1028

    Engineer = repair your vehicle/ throw ammo to some guys
    Any weapon wont make engineer perform good. HAs have shield, infiltrators have cloak, medics have AR and self-heal, LAs have jetpack, Engineer has..... sticky nades?
  19. cruczi

    Engineer can be competitive in fights when you know what distance you want to fight at and what sort of opponents you're fighting. A close-mid range engineer with a high DPS carbine, Nanoweave and Medkits or Claymores is a serious threat to pretty much anything that isn't a Heavy assault.
  20. Maddens

    Looks like you never tried GD-7F...