What weapon do better at my gameplay style?

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by RooX, Nov 24, 2012.

  1. RooX

    Hello guys, im playing as LA, and most of time i try to fly and hide behind a build/tower and neak hunt my enemys, so i whas thinking about what weapon should do better for this situation?

    i can use some SC to buy one weapon and i was thinking about GD-F7, AC-X11 or the Gauss-S.

    The x11 has more damage and the 2 others got more acuracy, BUT if i pruch the soft point upgrade for the GD-F7 and Gauss-S, the damage will be close to the X11? or the bonus damage from soft point is to low?? if the increased damage is good i will chose betwin GD-F7 os Gauss-2 But again we got something to thinik, what will be beter, the extra fire rate from GD-F7 or the lol extra damage from Gauss-S???

    about the other upgrades, i was planing to get laser sight for close combate and a 3,4 or evan 6x scoop for ranged atacks, im not sure about that but i guess i can handles and use hte mouse to hold the recoil....

    Any other build sugestion will be great.. thx and sorry for my bad english
  2. irishroy

    i can only say, that the Gauss S can have any attachment, so you can have
    underslung nade
    underslung shotty
  3. Achmed20

    had pretty much the same problem.
    Tried and bought the x11 and the gauss. X11 is bbetter the the default gun but can be tricky.
    and the guass is a pretty allrounder IF you have enough certs for the upgrades. Didnt liked the GDF at all.
    Since i was allways more about shotguns I went for the piston. Its awesome at CR fights but otherwhise useless.
    but ... with Slugs and a propper scope that thing realy rox. U Instantly become a Close and midrange monster since this thing can snipe pretty well.

    - no need for a CR scope, fire pretty well from the hip like with normal ammo
    - u can midrange snipe ^^
    - it does pretty high damage. enemys are usualy 2-3 shots

    - lowered firerate
    - no more cone dmg so better aim well
  4. RooX

    thx for the tipes, can you tell me what didnt you like at the GDF?? the low damage?? because it looks like is has a great fire rate and acuracy...

    about the X11 vs Gauss+S what did yuo prefer and what upgrades??? Soft point for more damage?? reflex + grip or 6x/3,4x + Laser sight???

    and i will test the Piston, what scoop and upgrades?? my only fear is to be unable to hit the enemys that was a litle far... How long can i shoot?

    if i like the weapon my final task will be chose betwin Gauss-S or Piston

    thx for both you guys to reply my question