What We Want to do in Planetside

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  1. Mr_Giggles

    That's my point exactly. Even in GTA probably about 90% of the buildings are little more than blocks with skins on them. What these guys want are multiple open floors and it just isn't feasible with the current technology.
  2. Littleman

    Eh, nanites or auraxium, it's the mechanic that counts. I suggest ANTs, because they were these flimsy little trucks that needed escort and a gentle touch. They also made a really big boom when they were destroyed under a full load. Additionally, I stuck with gathering the resource from a warpgate because with all of the minor facilities out of the way, there are a lot less latticed facilities to capture. The major balancing point for territory control for an empire that has pushed FAR would be maintaining a supply line. An ANT would have to travel a long way to gather energy from the home warpgate, or they could be sneaky and try to snag some from the nearest warpgate... It turns into a self-mediating system that might give a low popped empire a chance to hold onto their own land. Or, ideally it would.

    Sunderers are like battleships in comparison. It would be easy to ram one of these guys through a line of hostiles and out of sight before they got a chance to zero in on it.
  3. NoblePixel

    For the buildings, they could be "war torn", with craters and holes torn in them, but that's the only places you can go.
  4. NoblePixel

    I'm sorry, but I've been hearing about ANT's for awhile, and I still don't know what they mean. Are they some sort of vehicle?

  5. IamDH

    They could be 2-story villas or something

    Doesn't have to be a skyscraper
  6. BadAsElite

    Small naval Combat!!
    Speed Boats WITH GUNZ!!!

    How cool would that be? :)


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  7. Mr_Giggles

    Doesn't matter in the long run. If you are surrounded by 25 villa's with rooms, you are rendering 25 villas with rooms. Noble is getting closer to the idea but having craters to run through. This means that instead of having full blown multi-story buildings it would be more akin to buildings with tunnels you can run through.
  8. ReconTeemo

    - more variety infantry guns, i hate how most Tr weapons are too similar.
    - Alien Apocalypse Event. This is when the 3 factions have to work together if they want to win. :D
    - Capture the Flag
  9. Littleman

    This is an ANT.


    It's a turd-sauce little vehicle with all the durability of something between a harasser and a flash, handled like stock vanguard minus the hill climbing capability, and all in all was essentially what it looks like: a big coffin. But it was also arguably the most important vehicle in Planetside 1. The only purpose this thing had was to head to a warpgate, collect energy from the warpgate until it was full, then drive back to a base silo and fill it up.


    This baby right here dynamically displayed the power level of the base in 10 incremental stages. At yellow, lights started blaring and everything knew what was going down: an ant run. At this stage of the fight, the offense has two options: They either push and take the base before the silo runs dry, or they go into lock down and make sure nothing enters or leaves the base, and just force the defense into pushing out to hold onto the base. Either way, at this point victory for the offense was imminent, even if the defense had all the advantages in terms of defense. This one little mechanic allowed the defense to hold onto their base with relative ease, but a prolonged siege meant defeat despite neither side gaining ground, encouraging the defense to take to the offensive or risk losing the base.

    The flaw in PS2's design is that largely offense is easier than defense, which kind of negates the necessity in tactics as simply parking the sunderer closer to a point of interest than the spawn room in addition to its shorter respawn timer means throwing enough bodies at a facility is usually enough to win the day. The defenses only tactic is to get someone to the sunderer successfully and blow it up. So yeah... no one's being asked to problem solve in a base assault for the most part, which is where the zerg mentality is fostered the most and any notion of strategy and tactics is soon realized to be a waste of time and effort, because they're essentially unnecessary.
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  10. KenDelta

    I want more hardcore(1hitting elements) , I want my HE cannons to 1 hit 3guys sitting on each other , I want my rocketpods to be rocketpods , not "lol"pods. I want more weapon models , I want more weapons overall , I want weapons to make sense(phoenix 1 hitting infantry , lancer scopes , dumbifre strikers) , I want overhauls for ***** weapons like Enforcer C85 , TR MAX AV weapon(forgot it's name) , I want my MBTs to be actual tanks , I want my gunship to be a bloody gunship of death and doom , I want my flying whale to be able to adapt into almost every situation.

    I want objective play to be more rewardful , I want population imbalances to be fixed , I want a community that doesn't nag about every death and toy , I want SC price reductions , I want better optimization , I want more helms , I want more toys and troll weapons , I want better MLG features , I want more classes , I want nanosuits.

    ^such a spoiled brat with that want-list
  11. Loclear

    Yeah, like in ps1. I'd also like to see the Galaxy Gunship make a return.
  12. Kid Gloves

    A lot of people fear that ANT-driving is going to be painfully boring and no-one would want to do it.

    As someone who was a fairly dedicated ANT / Gal operator in PS1, I can attest that it is anything but. Some of my most incredibly tense PS1 moments came from driving a fully-loaded ANT into a base under siege. From the initial sneaking up on the base trying to avoid the outlying enemy patrols, to hiding under trees from passing reavers, to the final dash for the base doing your best to not die.

    Having no guns and being target #1 but having a goal to get to made driving the thing just awesome. It created moments like this one:

    The base is down into the deep yellow and there are three of us in ANTs trying to punch through the defensive line. We all go at once, and split up slightly to create three targets. The first ANT goes up in smoke in seconds, but it buys time for the other two. We're both careening across the open ground at best pace... but the second ANT hits a minefield and that's the end of that one.

    My ANT is at about 50% health when a pair of Vanguards turn their guns towards me. I'm thinking it's all over when our skyguard escort comes roaring in from the side, hand-brake-slides in next to me and eats the Vanguards' rounds. The skyguard goes up in smoke but he's done what he needed to do: ensured the ANT made it in through the base gate. There is cheering over voice-comms as the little ANT that could, smoking and with a trail of friendly engineers behind it, rolls up to the nanite silo and brings much-needed nanite supplies to the base. The NC will have to fight harder if they want this place!

    ANT driving can be epic.
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  13. Aegie

    Better jetpacks, a tool for LA and the a recoil rather than COF multiplier when you are airborne.
  14. Aegie

    Oh, also, remove spawn rooms and give Galaxies the ability to shuttle AMS sunderers.

    There, game fixed.
  15. Littleman

    Shreeeeeeeeeeeeee wron wron wron wron wronn.... SHPOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!

    I think that's how the orbital strike went.
  16. -Synapse-

    First person interiors for Galaxies/Sunderers. Just imagine walking around inside an in-flight Galaxy, seeing the ramp drop open, then running and leaping out the end.
  17. NoblePixel

    Thanks for the in-depth explanation. I think that if they were added to the game, it would make things much more interesting.
  18. NoblePixel

    That sounds cool. I find myself imagining the game trailer, with that one section with the Galaxy. I wonder how they'd do it though...