What was your worst investment of Certs/SC?

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  1. Edenwolf

    Worst: the photon magrider turret (the standard turret in many ways is better)

    Best: Commissioner revolver, battle rifle for engi with full certs(was hard to learn but quite enjoy it now, its a beast at tearing apart people with no shields.)
  2. SpaceCommie

    Worst: Lasher (not Lancer, I actually like that one)
    Best: AV Mana Turret (takes getting used to but VERY worth it) and the G40 Flak gun for my magrider. It's fun to tear up ESFs that think a 1/2 tank is easy pickings.

    Sure, I'd have problems with a pro ESF pilot, but many are not pros :D
  3. Imperium Assault

  4. isiy

    Worst: Nyxx semi scout rifle. Even post-patch it's still lulz
    Best: SMG, I guess. Slap a silencer and extended mags on it and it's go time on my inf.
  5. Scorch Draken

    worst: Vanguard's AP cannon. No improvement against armor and absolutely NO splash damage.
    best: depends, it's a mix between the Longshot and the cyclone (if that's the NC SMG)
  6. WalrusJones

    That vanguard cannon is about to be made an improvement against armor, in 6 hours.
  7. Scorch Draken

    the AP, HE, or HEAT cannon?
  8. WalrusJones


    Armor is being buffed against all projectile based explosives.
  9. Scorch Draken

    wait, so this means that the AP will be even WORSE? Gosh, they should make it the default, and the HEAT purchasable in place of the AP, they've make a bit more money doing that.
  10. WalrusJones

    No. It means that AP guns are the only thing that isn't nerfed against armor.

    They are not explosives, they are a chunk of metal.
  11. Scorch Draken

    eh, more like a sabot
  12. WalrusJones

    Generally, thats what an AP gun is.

    Basically: Rear armor now is very good at deflecting explosive rounds, and the other armor faces are slightly better against explosives.

    Now the C30 Tank buster machinegun, the 150MM AP gun, the 120 MM AP gun, the 100 MM AP gun, the Magrider AP gun, and the Vulcan do full damage to tanks when hitting any armor face.
  13. Scorch Draken

    I see. Do these affect rocket launchers, C4, AT mines, or any other infantry held AT weapons?
  14. WalrusJones

    It effects rocket launchers, and other handheld AT weapons.

    C4 has always ignored armor, and Mines are only resisted by mineguard.
  15. Scorch Draken

  16. WalrusJones

    C4 is best avoided by reversing slowly. Trust me™
    It is very effective.
  17. Scorch Draken

    well, I've done it by moving in any direction and just shooting the LA that's using his jet pack. He makes an easy target
  18. MrDerpAssault

    Best certs: Rocketpods, EM6, and Blitz GD-10
    Worst certs: Silencer on sidearm
  19. Babaganoush

    Worst: SABR-13
    Best: Lolpods
  20. y3ivan

    Worst: jokecannon (VG/MG HE)
    Best: Prowler 120-HE, followed by lolpods