What was your worst investment of Certs/SC?

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  1. JackFr0st5

    As the title says: What has been your worst investment of Sc/Certs?
    On the flip side: What has been your best investment of certs/SC?

    Personally I feel that my worst investment was the AV turret. Maybe I'm not good with it or am not using it right but I feel that I rarely get the opportunity to use it properly. I feel that while using the turret I would be better put to be doing something else (laying mines, shooting infantry, giving ammo, repairing, really anything else). I would have rather used the SC for something else.

    My best investment, by far, has been the heat turret for my lightning. It makes such a huge difference and I find that I survive so much longer because I can kill enemy tanks faster/damage them faster allowing myself the opportunity to repair.
  2. Recce

    Worst: Skyguard
    Best: Lightning HEAT
  3. xGreedFuSioN

    Worst: MSW-R
    Best: Hailstorm
  4. VanuSovereignty

    Liberator for worst, LA or Scythe for best.
  5. almagester

    Worst: EM1
    Best: SAS-R or Cyclone
  6. WalrusJones

    Both are among my best investments.

    The skyguard needs 2X zoom optics to shine (It makes it much easier to visualize how the shells fly, thus, leading your target becomes easier.)

    That heat cannon is a straight up monsterbeast.

    Best: Advanced laser sight for TAR.
    Worst: Foregrip, for TAR.
  7. Flaeb

    Worse: Dropping about 2k on my lightning. Hate that thing,
    Best: Best....well I SC bought almost everything so I guess restoration kits? -shrug-
  8. ShopTrain

    Worst: Dual Walkers on my Sundie :mad:
    Best: Starter Bundle that included the H-V45 and Polaris, or just the Polaris
  9. Pikachu

    ESF I was never meant to be a pilot.

    Piston, pump, scatmax, phoenix Was awesome in older days.
  10. Nobalification

    Worst: T2 Striker
    Best: T16 Rhino
  11. ChaosRender

    Best: Gauss Compact S
    Worst: Pump action shotgun (only buy I regret)
  12. MilitiaMan

    Worst: VG HE
    Best: VG AP
  13. llPendragon

    Worst: Jackhammer, Annihilator, Phoenix,
    Best: GD-7F & Decimator

    Other regrets: Dalton/Zephyr, A2A missles, EM1, Vanguard HE, Bulldogs, All MAX guns, Kobalt for Vanguard,...
  14. Flashtirade

    Worst: Everything I bought for the liberator (Zephyr, Dalton, Walker, etc.). I just can't fly the damn thing.
    Best: It's between rocket pods and the Phoenix
  15. firewolf

    Worst: annihilator
    Best: Minichaingun
  16. MajorZbug

    Worst : T1 Cycler (replaced by MRC3 Mercy), Grounder (replaced by T2 Striker)
    Best : M9 SKEP. Still use it each and every day.
  17. AnuErebus

    Worst: Striker. Thing currently has too many bugs to make it useful. It's also one of only a couple weapons I bought for the full SC price...
    Best: Bolt-Action sniper rifles. All of them.
  18. eldarfalcongravtank

    1. magrider max racer chassis/max magburner (certs)
    2. pandora (sc) + slugs (certs)

    1. eidolon battle rifle (sc) + attachments (certs)
    2. dual g40f ranger for my sunderer (sc)
    3. liberator guns (sc) and specializations (certs)
    4. lightning AP gun (sc)
  19. chrisbeebops

    Worst: Sniper Rifles (hate sniping and haven't equipped any of them since SMG was released).
    Best: Max Spawn Beacon, Tank Mines
  20. LibertyRevolution

    Worst: annihilator
    Best: AV turret

    AV turret tips:
    Aim just to the left or right of your target, fire, then put the dot on the enemy unit.
    To use it best requires you to think ahead and setup in a position behind where the enemy is pulling its armor.
    It not very good if your trying to pull it out and take out the tank that it rolling at you.