What was the magrider like before it got nerfed?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by IamDH, Nov 21, 2013.

  1. treeHamster

    I just remember the Maggy used to be fun to use. These days it's a terrible excuse for a tank.
  2. Loui5D

    the memories of all the forum tears when they were nerfed and bugged, glorious.
  3. sindz

  4. maxkeiser

    It was glorious. Totally glorious.

    Still great fun now though, with max racer and max mag burn equipped. You can still jump onto buildings, slide around and spin around in the air etc.
  5. gigastar

    Most of my memories of the old Mag are of me sticking to the cliffs of Quartz Ridge Canyon dropping explosions on anyone and everyone who tried to advance. and pulling back for rearm and repair in the blink of an eye when needed.

    Followed by a torrent of swearing when a lolpodder or Liberator came along. Gods of blood, tears, mass murder and easymode experience as they were back then.

    Sigh... so much has been nerfed.
  6. SpaceKing

    I seem to recall the Mag's main cannon being much more powerful.
  7. Xasapis

    Nop, that's one aspect of the tank that was not touched.
  8. natterfr0s

    A flying tank... maybe magriders could be implemented as the new ESF option for all factions, maybe this idea is too advanced!

    but wait... aren't prowlers shooting down airplanes already, what if they could hover Oo
  9. Axehilt

    The Magrider is by no means underpowered nowadays. It's still extremely agile for an MBT and I consistently get side or rear shots while my enemy is forced to hit my (reinforced) front armor. And I don't even have more than Magburner 1 yet.
  10. Mechlord

    Diagonal movement was bugged. If you moved forwards and sideways, your speed was capped, but you gained force from both. This allowed Magriders to go up small hills at full speed and climb steeper hills than other vehicles.
  11. Maljas23

    Ladies and Gentlemen................ Magrider Hill
  12. Blackbird

    You can go online and see the old OP Magriders . On top of buildings , jumping cliffs . crusieing Amp Station walls , etc etc
  13. faykid

    I wasn't there when it was OP. Now it feels UP, and i avoid facing armor in open field. It is good for speeding away, and that is it.
    It has very limited field of view, main cannon position is very inconvenient, it keeps moving slightly even if you came to a full stop making it harder to aim. Feels like a cow on ice.
    I maxed out auto-rep, magburn and rival, and i still do better with HEAT lightning - better mobility, better survivability, awareness, everything is better. If they introduce re-cert item, i will most probably cert out of it and put it all into my battle sundie. It is more durable, has two gunners, is faster, has shield diffuser, can carry AA maxes to fend off aircraft and medics to rez them.
    In a magrider, my life expectancy rarely goes beyond a couple of kills. You have to get close to the enemy, and this is where you're most vulnarable.
    It is more typical to see an NC or TR armor column than a VS one, for obvious reasons.
  14. Bill Hicks

    It wasnt the magrider per se rather it was the saron cannon , barely anyone had lock ons, and HE rounds were op.
  15. Nocturnal7x

    Lets just say skydock wasn't fun with them up there...

    (maybe a bit of a stretch :p )
  16. velleity

    The saron was the only effective secondary in the game, so you had nearly twice the alpha strike of any other tank.*
    The saron, also, hit like a ap lightning out to 900 yards and was completely pro in hulldown. The driver default (HE) gun had an
    immense hit detection box that made it pretty hard to miss under 400 yards unless you got blocked by an unseen pebble or
    have palsy.

    The movement stuff was mostly shiney. So, of course, the forums focus on this more then the fact that me and my gunner
    are doing 2x their potential damage from across the map. And when soe nerfs they invariably turn the item into complete garbage
    and then fix the initial problem, the lack of usable secondaries, and ranged anti tank weapons.

    You also had to take off and land flat or you got the maggie side rub thing and blew up.

    But seriously, you should just run people over with a harasser while they focus on aving tanks. and get a fury for the gunner.
    Tank farming is for TR.

    * except in alpha, when the NC had a fast autolocking super halberd+ which disappeared in a week after vast carnage.
  17. Xasapis

    It's been Prowler Hill or Vanguard Hill, depending on warpgate rotation now.
  18. velleity

    Actually, on blowing up. you would be just driving along somewhere in the open and the magrider would blow up. Sometimes the mag would flip first, then blow up. This was beyond the usual bumping a rock and blowing up. Jumping walls, and onto airpads was more Dukes of Hazzard then effective game play. Though you would be shocked how many could miss a tank from 5 yards with a rocket. Then when you left or ran away, you blew up because of side rub from not landing flat.
  19. SpaceKing

    oo, I want video of that
  20. Chal

    The Mags strafing was a huge advantage back then because infantry only had dumbfire rockets to counter us and the other tanks had slower velocity main guns so we could actually dodge their shots. We could get to places others couldn't and cling onto the sides of hills which give lots of base camping options. Add to that we had the best AV secondary that could snipe, it was a very effective.

    While it was fun being top of the tank food chain the general gameplay wasn't the best. Tankers want to be fighting other tanks and pretty much everyone knew the Mag was stronger so NC and TR rarely pulled tanks (atleast on Miller). Plus back then Libs and ESFs were also going through their OP times so you had them to contend with.
    Most fights were *fight the infantry zerg* *plink - plink* "getting nuked...can't see anything shooting us...must be a lib above" *death from a dalton at max height with the explosions not rendering* or the more annoying *fight the infantry zerg * *boom boom boom boom* "somethin...." *death in 1 second from pods to the rear*.

    Though it is always nice to remember when there were no AV engy turrets or lock on rockets, we had the old Saron and Esamir was fun to tank on...ahhh good times.