What to with 1500 station cash.

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  1. Yeahy

    My and my brother just went to gamestop to get the 15 dollar game card. We have 1500 station cash each and the commissioner. We both play vanu on waterson.

    Could somebody give me an opinion on what to buy. I would like:
    1. What would give me the most return for my money?
    2. What would be the most fun?
    3. In general, what's good? I can research from there.

    I am open to buying anything. Air, armor, infantry. I know this is a bit general, but I honestly don't know what to buy.
  2. cruczi

    Personally, I don't spend any SC on anything I can buy with certs. 1500 SC is just not alot, it's only 3 months of subscription. I'd spend it on cosmetics for my preferred class/vehicle. But I wouldn't spend it all at once, I'd wait for daily deals to happen on gear worth buying. For members, there's the standard daily deal plus the members daily deal which means you shuffle through 60 different items per month, a significant portion of which will be items you can't buy with certs.
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  3. Yeahy

    Yeah I know its not enough. I could probably get 2 1000 cert weapons.
    I saw a few daily deals that were pretty good. I might try to find one.
    I just don't know if I should get something like the lol pods or maybe a nice NS smg.
  4. Ronin Oni


    Anyways, it depends what YOU like doing the most.

    For now, I'd suggest just banking it. Explore the game and see what you like to do.

    You also get free weapon trials... you can use one every 8 hours (so basically once a day) though you can't trial the SAME equipment for 30 days. (Note: You must be SPAWNED IN and click the Trial button from an ingame terminal... doesn't work if you're dead)

    In the end, you don't really need anything. I'd highly advise staying away from Air expenses... air will cost you thousands of certs on top of a weapon system to be useful.

    As Vanu I might recommend the Vortex's for your MAX... that or a Lancer. Kinda the same, dual-Vortex gives you much greater damage output though, but is tied to the MAXes resource cost and, until resource revamp, timer.

    You might also think about grabbing the 2nd Burster arm.

    So Lancer + Burster would give you a long range AV option on your Heavy (which ain't to shabby against Libs and Gals) and dual-bursters for those pesky ESF's (though if you want low cost AA... just buy the 250 cert G2A Nemesis launcher... with certs of course)

    Hmm... OH! Saron on your Magrider if you guys like tanking.
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  5. -MJ12-

    ^ This.

    And don't buy anything you can get with certs.
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  6. IamDH

    Give them to me, of course. Actually, if i were you i'd wait for a sale like Ronin said
  7. Krayus_Korianis

    You can get the NS-7 PDW for $1.99 (199 SmedBucks) off the website. That to me is incredibly cheap, you also get an Xp boost on all your characters as well as a camo all factions can use. You can also go for bundles for your preferred faction, they sometimes have the pistols/faction specific weapon bundle. Next month I might get the NS Baron and the AV MANA Turret (Unsure on that however, I could go for the new TORQ-9).
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  8. Degenatron

    Buy cosmetic items.

    Use cert points for weapons.

    Inevitably when people purchase weapons, they are disappointed. The weapons for sale are often "side-grades" with no distinguishable difference over similar default guns. In fact, often the other weapons give up overall utility and specialize towards a single play-style. So you're best served by:

    1. Using the VR to get a general feel of each weapon
    2. Using the weapon trial system to get a real feel for the weapon in combat
    3. Upgrading exist default weapons - that will serve you best

    Blowing SC on stuff that makes you look cool and stand out in a crowd.
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  9. Yeahy

    Thanks for all the input.
    The problem is that I'm only battle rank 19. I have only earned about 1200 certs total. A thousand cert or even a 250 cert seems like a lot when I get 70-100 certs in a 2 hour session. I know I should save but I really want to buy something.
    Im pretty satisfied with my infantry play. The vanu weapons are pretty good and I dont see anything that isn't a sidegrade or a downgrade.
    I definitely don't want to spend it on cosmetics.

    Do random weapons go on sale? How often do the sales cycle?
  10. Poppington

    Yes, once a day. One weapon per, unless you are a member and have access to member's sales too.

    However, I would suggest the fresh meat bundle seen here.

    It's got the NS-7 PDW, which you will be able to use on all classes on all factions on every character on that account, a 1-day boost, and a camo. It's worth it for the PDW alone. It's 199 SC. It will effectively allow you to be an SMG infil without the huge investment of SC or certs.

    But what they said is correct, wait for a sale. Also, when considering spending SC or even certs for that matter - consider playstyle. The difference between a long range gun and a short range one is minimal when you're new. However, having that second burster arm, SMG, or tank/air weapon literally opens up new ways of playing - even if you arn't efficient at it at first due to cert reqs (see: air).
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  11. eldarfalcongravtank

    of course, HOLIDAY HORNS!

    what else is there?
  12. Key Pusher

    "What to with 1500 station cash."

    Demand a refund.
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  13. Paragon Exile

    I was in your situation a few months ago; buying my H-V45 and certing it out for 480 certs felt like a real accomplishment for me. However, as you play more and the hours pile on, you'll find yourself getting larger amounts of certs faster, and you'll find that you see things as being less expensive than they were before.

    Save your money for a daily sale, and buy some cosmetic items, then use what you have left and buy whatever.
  14. Yeahy


    Do the popular weapons like the dalton, the sauron hrb, and lolpods go on sale often?
    And if they do, they go from 700 to 250 right?
    If that's true, instead of getting 2 1000 cert weapons, I can get 6 of them.

    Thanks guys. I'll keep an eye out for sales and stuff I want.
    I'll check out the fresh meat one, but I don't know if I need an all class smg.
  15. Ronin Oni

    ^OH YEAH!

    Spend your first 199 SC on the newbie pack w/e it's called

    You get the PDW (SMG) which is great for infil (cheapest SMG even with sales), get a boost (save it for a 2x XP weekend), and a camo that looks great on VS characters (well, all chars... but frankly a lot of camo's that look fine and military on TR/NC look like dogdoo on VS).

    All told it's like a 2400 SC value for 200 SC.... it's a steal. Get it.
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  16. Ronin Oni

    They rotate through, been a while on Dalton and Saron so they might come up again in the next couple months...

    more likely you'll hit some summer blow out sale like they did around XMas where they put entire categories on sale a day at a time. Wait for THOSE. Then you can get whatever you want at 50% off.

    We just had one for cosmetics only (which, TBH, is what you should probably spend your SC on.)

    IF you buy weapons, ONLY buy the 1000 cert weapons, at 50% off (it's 350SC not 250) and ONLY if you REALLY want it.

    I'd recommend getting a helmet. They're 1000SC, but if you wait for a sale, you can grab an all class helmet for 500SC. With the aforementioned camo in the 199SC bundle you'll have basic cosmetics for all classes with 700 SC left over for something. (like 2 weapon systems 50% off)
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  17. Ronin Oni

    Don't want to wait eh? heh heh heh... yeah, you're gonna end up impulse buying alright. :p
  18. GaBeRock

    Olumifiber on your galaxy. The back end makes a smiley face!
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  19. Sagabyte

    Make a tepee with the SC card :D

    Also, wait for what you want until it goes on sale or you get it with certs.
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  20. Yeahy

    I was __ this close to. I'm probably going to get the fresh meat pack even though I already have the artemis. Is it good for any other classes?
    If the helmet is just a cosmetic, then nah, tf2 has enough cosmetics for me.

    Edit: I watched 2 minutes of Wrel's vid on it. It seems good.

    Again, thanks for the advice!