What to cert first

Discussion in 'Engineer' started by McMan, Jan 2, 2015.

  1. McMan

    Hello I am a new and free to play player which means certs dont just fly to me.

    For now I have:
    Flak armour 3
    Repair tool 5
    Ammo pack 1
    3 AT mines
    Sticky grenade

    Now I am wondering waht to cert into next: repair tool lv6? AV turrent? Flak armour? Ammo pack? AP mines?
    What will reward me the most or be the most interesting upgrade to my engineer?:) (and keep in mind that I dont have spare certs to just throw around ;) )

    Thank you
  2. Uncle_Lou

    If you are playing primarily as engineer, I would get your ammo pack certed up and start dropping those things everywhere. Max rank ammo pack lets you drop 2 packs. Beyond that, repair everything in sight. Besides the ammo pack if you play medic and drop the shield regen device that can also get you a lot of exp ticks.
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  3. _itg

    Yeah, the ammo pack should be your next priority. You'll get a lot of XP from the ammo pack once you start upgrading it. Not only does it last longer and cover a wider area when you upgrade it, but you'll start beating out lower-level ammo packs in the area.
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  4. Pointyguide2

    Scopes for your guns
    I recommend the night vision scopes
  5. Who Garou

    Nanoweave Armor, AP mines and ammo pack upgrades if you are going to stick with Engineer.
    Flak Armor is only good against vehicle weapons. Nanoweave armor is good against anti-personnel weapons. In general, I have been killed far more often by anti-personnel fire than vehicle weapons.
    Anti-personnel mines are great. You will get far more kills with AP mines than you will with anti-tank mines. I can pretty much guarantee that.
    Upgrading your ammo packs will mean that they stay down longer and they will resupply friendlies that are farther away. Throw down ammo packs in routes of travel, when ever there are a bunch of friendlies group up somewhere firing, and especially near capture points. These crank out XP for you in a passive manner, so keep them deployed as much as possible.

    If you haven't purchased a scope yet for your rifle, I would get one. They are only like 30 certs a piece. Go to VR and check out the different scopes and pick out one that you like.
    I would suggest a darklight flashlight for your pistol as well. Darklight flashlights reveal infiltrators that are clocked.

    I wouldn't rush getting the Anti-vehicle Mana Turret. The targeting looks like this . yeah, that dot there and it is about that big on the screen. Seriously. Go to VR and equip it and check it out if you like. I can say from experience, that firing one can make you one of the priority targets for the enemy almost instantly.
    I would definitely spend CERTs on slowing down the heating/speeding up the cooling of your Anti-infantry Mana Turret before saving up the big CERTS for the Anti-vehicle Mana Turret.
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  6. McMan

    About the ammo pack I would have to spent 810 certs to get to the max rank but I heard there is a cap on how much you can earn with ammo resupply. How large is this cap?

    And what do you mean with beating out lower-level ammo packs in the area? Do players resupply from the higher lvl ammo packs if more are in the range? Will ammo packs remain in play until the timer runs out if I switch class?

    Thanks for the answers :)
  7. _itg

    I'm not exactly sure how high the XP cap is, but it resets every time you die, so you can get around it if necessary.

    That's right, players take from the highest level ammo pack, so if you drop your level 1 next to a level 4, the level 4 guy will keep getting XP and you'll get nothing. Ammo packs will go away if you switch class (same with other zero-nanite deployables).

    Don't feel like you have to get the max rank right away. The last rank is definitely worth it, eventually, but that last 500 cert upgrade can wait until you've gotten more cheap upgrades.
  8. Danath

    I think you reset the XP cap by earning XP by other means, like killing an enemy or two
  9. Skiptrace

    Your kicking yourself in the pants by using anything except Nanoweave Armor, 20% Bullet Damage Reduction is a godsend for almost all classes (Sniper Infil, and MAYBE Anti-Air/Tank Heavy Assault being some immideate exceptions i can think of) Sure, it costs like nearly 1,500 certs, but it's worth it. I would go for Max Ammo Pack, then cert into the Medic Tool (for the Combat Medic), when you get Medic Tool 6, stop playing Engineer, and just heal EVERYTHING as a Combat Medic, heal and revive EVERYTHING and you should see certs flowing in like water, throw in the Shield Bubble thing, and you have opened the floodgates for Certs, after you've earned say, 5k Certs, you can pick a class, buy weapons you have tested in VR Training, and go to town with them.
  10. RuthlessMoose

    Get Ammo pack fully certed. Then finish off repair tool. I would personally then go for Flak armour, especially for those CQC situations when you need to stay alive to support others whilst the opposition is bombing the crap out of you. Last level is 1000 certs but is definitely worth it in the long run.

    Nanoweave Armour does not protect you from splash or direct damag from anything other than small arms and does not protect your head.

    Alternatively, a cheaper option would be to use Shield Capacitor. Fully cert that and the extra seconds with your shield up makes a huge difference.
  11. PhoenixError

    While not as experienced as others, have to agree with the ammo pack (especially if you want an easy cert grind). Mine isn't fully maxed yet, though thinking about doing it soon, but I still can rake in XP quick and easy from dropping an ammo pack or two during large fights.

    Even the smaller early morning battles can get a decent amount, bit harder then primetime 96+ fights but doable. Nice knowing you can drop it in that pile of 5+ other ammo packs and (likely) be the highest level =p.
  12. Klinkin

    Cue broken record here, but ammo pack and repair tool will get you the best return for your investment. Even as a fellow free player, when I play engineer with my maxed-out ammo pack and repair tool (which is most of the time), I rake in a lot of certs relatively quickly and steadily. There is a cap on how much exp you can passively earn from your ammo pack, but it resets periodically and will also reset if you earn enough experience from other things; it's just there to stop people from farming resupply certs in the warpgate. I'd also have to recommend flak armor over nanoweave for engineer, because if you're supporting heavies or MAXes, you'll find yourself taking a lot of damage from the edges of explosions from all sorts of sources.