What to buy with 250 certs vanu

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Jamezi, Dec 2, 2012.

  1. Jamezi

    I'm not sure what to buy should i get a gun or c4? If you guys say gun which? I like to fight from long to close range.
  2. Pat22

    I'd say C4.
    No gun has brought me as much joy as stalking an enemy tank on rooftops, landing on top of him, deploying C4, wishing him farewell as I fly away and detonating, resulting in a tank kill.
  3. Wolfwood82

    Grenade Bandolier might actually be the best option for you, if you aren't sure about which gun to buy (and honestly the best guns all cost 1k certs). Grenades are only 45 resources a piece and while you can't kill a tank with them, MAX suits and clusters of infantry are well within your realm of killing.

    If you pick up a gun, get a shot gun. C4 just isn't worth it until you get a great deal of jump jet practice and are good at keeping out of tank sights.
  4. parasitoidi

    If you enjoy fighting from a elevated position and want a gun that can pick off enemies before they realise where the shots are coming from I would recommend Pulsar C, good mid to long range rifle and costs only 250 certs. It has been working wonderfully unless I'm caught in a bad spot and have to engage in a short range 1v1 fight. But for that price I think it's good enough upgrade from the starting weapon. If you want something to come in top in those CQC situations buy a shotgun.
  5. DCWarHound

    If you play general infantry then try out the Flare for HA,comes with 75rounds and hard hitting ammo.It's slower rate of fire and higher damage makes it perfect for both close and long range.
  6. Sadaris

    Thats a Joke Right that gun is so ****
  7. Eugenitor

    Why not cert out a scope, a foregrip, and some high-velocity ammo for your current gun instead?
  8. DCWarHound

    Whats wrong with the Flare?

    I like it's low time to kill and good accuracy.

    It's better then the Orion.
  9. beregon871

    I recently unlocked the flash supressor. It allows you stay in that sweet spot picking off enemies without them seeing you for longer.
    Make sure you also have the first two jump jet upgrades.
  10. Achmed20

    im quite sure they are all bugeed right now resulting in giving you absolutly zero benefit.
  11. Wildclaw

    Rank 2 (you get Rank 1 free at the start) gives 8% duration (meaning 16.6% extra jump height) and some regeneration. The ones after that gives only minor regeneration (somewhere around 6% per rank).
  12. Siluria

    Play medic, and buy Hydra. H-V45
  13. gunshooter

    get c4, then save for rank 2 of c4

    nothing else you can get is as significant as those 700 certs