What to buy first in Planetside

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Zaxudih, May 8, 2013.

  1. Zaxudih

    If you had to suggest a single purchase what would it be?

    I would say a shotgun. Not having one in Planetside is like playing rock paper scissors with just a rock.
  2. MFP_TK_01

    I would just say a better firearm in general for your class, it doesn't have to be specific.
  3. MNO

    Suit slot upgrades. I don't use shotguns and I seem to do more than fine.

    Item wise, Commissioner honestly. I run out of ammo so often it's invaluable.
  4. Liquid23

    flashlights... lots and lots of flashlights
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  5. PS2Freak

  6. Chipay


    But seriously, probably a gun that fits the play style of your most played class.
  7. sindz

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  8. Total_Overkill

    Disregarding specialized characters, and taking in all playstyles to account.

    Rocketpods... you can get by with everything else, but rocketpods are the only singular item that drastically adds value to its chosen character.
    Stock inf weapons are great, stock vehicle weapons are good, stock Lib is good and Gal is servicable, but rocketpods turn ESFs from a non-threat into killing machines.
  9. MuNrOe

    Jackhammer / MCG /Lasher if you want to play the game on hard mode
    Rocketpods if you like the game on easy mode.
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  10. insane2170

    I would start off by looking into the Infantry bundle.

    You get very good weapons including a Nighthawk automatic shotgun, a good sniper rifle, and a good LMG. In fact, all the guns offered are pretty good, for TR at least.

    I would then opt for a vehicle bundle. Without knowing what is good, you will now have most of what is great on vehicles.

    Third, or first, I would join an outfit and get some basic training if they offer it.
  11. MNO

    I challenge you to get higher, more consistent killstreaks in a rocketpod ESF than most people can get on foot in the same amount of time :)
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  12. BH Brigade

    Yeah, I don't think people understand how hard it is to fly now. Sure, I'll pick off one or two guys every minute, but compared to me just equipping extended mags sweeper on my heavy and clearing rooms, the score per minute is drastically less.
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  13. Ash87

    It seriously depends on what you want to do.

    If you want to snipe, play NC or buy the first Bolt action.

    If you want to do CQC you'll need a shotty.

    Really, it's better to just play, and get a couple hundred certs to spend on the first round of suite upgrades for classes you enjoy playing.
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  14. MNO

    It's just the people that don't fly. They'll be running along, and out of nowhere die to rocketpods because they have the spacial awareness of a badger, and they'll think "wow that's OP, I died so fast and couldn't even return fire".
  15. BH Brigade

    Yeah, people just get pissed off getting killed by something they can't instantly hard counter using their infantry class.
  16. Konfuzfanten

    a) dedicated ground2air launcher, Since you are TR that would be the grounder.
    b) If you dont want to play heavy, then buy the 2. burster for the MAX - best AA in the game.
    c) auto-shotgun, cant go wrong with it in CQC
  17. Rentago

    I suggest NC, they start with shotguns on maxes and a bolt action sniper rifle.
  18. lootandshoot

    Or you can get rawwkit pods to farm easymode kills until you can get everything else.

    Or you can be a total badass like MuNrOe and get 30000 kills with the jackhammer. He's beast.
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  19. Captain Kid

    Not to derail the threat but which shotgun do you suggest for VS?
  20. llPendragon

    ^This. I've made way too many ignorant purchases.

    I'd probably go for a bundle with one of the following items:
    Walker or Ranger for the Sunderer
    Engineer AV turret
    MAX burster for the other hand

    Any of these will help you succeed.

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