What the Striker should have been the NC max suit will be.

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  1. Sharmanti

    Meh it's mostly the fun weapons.

    As TR I am restricted to CQC. I recently learned you have a 200 dmg carbine. A 200.. damage... carbine. How cool is that? You have the best max as far as I am concerned. It doesn't shine everywhere. But in the area it's supposed to shine... wow. '

    The TR smgs.. I don't see where they're good.. They're outshined to be honest, never mind, the NCs look a lot sweeter

    The AI mine... Claymore.<--- what?!

    Striker was my biggest hope... "Maybe we will get a really cool weapon"... Lock-on launcher with 5 shots instead of one. Doing roughly the same damage. I wanted something like the sparrow. WE ALL DID. And now NC gets it? **** this ****. That was our weapon.
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  2. PS2Freak

    this is what nc get for fighting for right thing.


    you had a chance as you started a game to choose, and what you wanted? exact, mooore bullets and rof .

    blame it on yourself now.

    and as always grass is always greener on the other side.
  3. Antich

    Well we have that carbine from the begining, how many times have you been shot with it till now? :D