What the Striker should have been the NC max suit will be.

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  1. NinjaTurtle

    As I said I think the Mossie and Prowler are cooler than the NC equivalents and all NC camo looks ****.

    I have however just been on the test server and I have found the Sparrow to be awesome. Another great weapon for the NC, it's like having 2 AV mana turrets on your arms and what with them being wire guided ie wherever your cross hair goes they follow I can see this being very fun for many players to use.

    I just hope they have some great ideas for TR and VS to match up to the Sparrow
  2. FigM

    Anything is better than "lock on" launcher
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  3. Devrailis

    It was but now it isn't, However, the refire rate and projectile speed is such that the TTK on most infantry will make the OHK a moot point anyway. It's still TOO good against those poor lesser beings we call "infantry".
  4. FateJH

    I'm sure someone at SOE has them. Now I just wish they would implement some of those great ideas for TR and VS.
  5. Fenrisk

    AV turret is over powered against everything

    SOE Solution?

    Give a max AV turret arms!

    The nerfs will come for both..... after everyone has already drowned on the forums due to the tears....
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  6. Brusilov [TR]

    And spent their station cash...
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  7. Jube

    I bought for one reason and one reason only. When a platoon leader calls for a group of heavies to equip it and harass enemy air, I have it available to support his wishes.
    It sucks to use it in my opinion, it's no fun for me to use, but I have to admit the fact that a squad of heavies can force enemy air to back off with it. It's not as effective at killing them as a double burster Max is but it does work for harassment purposes.
    So when that is what the Platoon leader wants I can give it to him. Other than that I use a devastator launcher as my primary launcher.
    When the new Max suits come out I will very likely switch to that though.
    Or drive around in a Harasser it's alot of fun too.
  8. siiix

    it does not have to be, the point of this weapon is that it can EASY destroy ANY vehicle , not just air... in the 1st 2 weeks it came out it became for me the weapon that i make the most XP with.. so i cant complain

    max is a max, and the striker is the best rocket launcher for the TR HA ... totally happy with it

    i also think the 1 lil rockets are kinda cute.. much more fun then the single shoot launchers.. but thats just me.. i love the striker
  9. Jube

    I'm glad you like it. I'm happy to meet at least one person who enjoys it.
    But...there's always a but right?
    When the Striker first released I though it was ok, but as time went on using the launcher just became mind numbing to me.The more I used it the less fun it became to use, until now I hate it. Then I realized why I hate it so much.
    Adversity in a game equates to fun. in other words if it's too easy, it's boring. The Strikers is far too easy to use and therefore the most boring of the launchers in my opinion.
    The Decorator on the other hand has to be carefully aimed (especially if the target is dodging) to make it hit. That is fun to use.( And yes I have used it to kill Aircraft also)
    So too are the Laser guided rockets on the new NC Max suit fun to use because you have to manually guide them.
    Just one man's opinion and the reason I would like to see the Striker changed. Not to worry though, I don't see it happening.
  10. gudman591

    Don't compare it to TR 2 shot infantry AT. It's most probably just bugged out. Nothing should kill that fast.

    Oh. Right, shotguns...
  11. Sen7ryGun84

    What the f*ck have you been smoking? The TR camo's are totally sh*thouse. The NC and VS get full body camo that covers 99.8% of their standard coloring while the TR get giant f*cking red and black blotches all over us. Don't even get me started on the TR's completely worthless piece of sh*t camo with its permanent giant black splodge across the chest and face.

    TR camo may as well be neon pink with a great big "shoot me right in the dick" sign printed on us in neon letters.
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  12. Sharmanti

    That's it. I am jumping ship. Probably just jumping off the game. But I am so sick of TR. This **** is what we were promised
  13. Sharmanti

    Your infils look better

    your max is a nuclear bomb

    The reaver looks cooler than the mossie atleast

    the vanguard aswell

    You have better all-round weapons

    You got the sweetest smg

    etc etc... Anyways, I am jumping ship after this ****. I am NC now.
  14. Ixidron

    Shotguns don't damage tanks, and also don't kill in 2 shots pass 10m.
  15. siiix

    i have to agree , the only camo i like for TR is the one from the nvidia special (circuit board), and even that only looks good on infantry+weapons, the digital is acceptable for vehicles.. the rest in the store are complete garbage, i would not use any of them even if they pay me

    now i do like red and black, but the designs are just awful ... in fact the only reason i'm TR is because i like red and black
  16. LordMondando

    I like it how people fail to get the purpose of putting weapons on a test server before a live release.

    Yeah, it obviously needs changing.
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  17. Antich

    So did many ppl till they change right back after seeing the max is not that great, the looks don´t win wars and our weapons aren´t at all "better". And about smg, as a TR you should be careful what you say (and anyway, everyone that isn´t an infiltrator is using a shotgun instead cause at the same ranges is just ... better)
  18. TintaBux

    This is not true, as the statistics and facts show.
  19. fuzzbuket

    2 hits with slug ammo in VR. (4 hits with splash)
    seriously those things are brilliant, sorta meh against tanks but against harrasers, planes and infantry? wow they are great
  20. Sharmanti

    That's exactly what facts show.

    You have very potent CQC weapons. (MAX, GD-7F etc etc), but you shine in long range. Seriously you have a 200 damage ******* carbine! It has a 6x sight! I want that. The SAW is just amazing