What the Striker should have been the NC max suit will be.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Jube, Apr 26, 2013.

  1. Jube

    People have been talking about replacing the lock on guidance of the striker with a laser guidance system since it came out.
    Well you want to see what it would have been like? Go to the PTR and get on a NC max suit and try the Sparrow rocket launchers.

    I have to admit I'm jealous, if the Striker had that guidance system I'd never stop using it, it's that fun.

    I can see the NC's next population explosion just around the corner.

    Check it out everyone, then come give your comments.
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  2. ShayeUK

    NC will always get the cool toys
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  3. LonelyTerran

    Wouldn't surprise me if the sparrow is an OHK on infantry.
  4. Oheck

    Sucks beans..I would have loved to have a laser or wire guided rocket instead of the Striker. But...apparently they thought TR needed four lock on launchers........pthh..
  5. NinjaTurtle

    We only have the Phoenix that is cool but even then it is very situational.

    For example to take out esf with it they either have to be floating for ages or flying straight at you. A smart liberator pilot will stay out of it's range and it's speed means you can't chase anything down so good luck catching a Scythe or Mossie.

    Honestly I think the TR and VS have preferable MBT and ESF options (for me anyway), TR have better camos and VS have lasers etc
  6. Zaik

    it is on pts.

    one does 900 damage on infantry atm, so you need both unless it's an infiltrator.

    however all three MAX AV weapons have slug ammo attachments and +4 capacity extended mags, even if the normal capacity is just 1.

    basically, they are so not done that somehow they ended up with shotgun attachments.
  7. LonelyTerran

    That is so ****** broken.
  8. Jube

    No your right they aren't done with them, and I don't begrudge the rocket launchers on the NC Max suit.
    I just wish they would replace the "Hated" lock on guidance of the Striker and replace it with that one. It would be so fun to try to hit aircraft with it. Would take a lot of practice to get it down.
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  9. Jube

    Yea but what does the TR have that's cool....anything? lol
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  10. Zaik

    unless you're talking specifically about ESFs going max speed, it really doesn't. the few times i've actually used my AV mana turret I just point it directly at liberators and galaxies with zero leading and score a hit every time unless they started out far enough away from me to escape render distance before it hits. it'll be the same for the sparrow too, but it already has reduced air damage on pts, i'd imagine that will be staying.
  11. ShayeUK

    And ESFs
  12. Jube

    Go try the NC Max suit on the test server and you will see what I'm talking about. It will be possible for them to shoot down an aircraft but not easy.
  13. Zaik

    i have, that's how i know they have reduced air damage.it will take three double shots to kill an esf with them.\

    if you're talking about the extended mags that increase their capacity from 1 to 5, i recommend you try the slug ammunition for the sparrow as well.
  14. Laraso

    Would it surprise you that it's a four shot kill?
  15. siiix

    i dont care what anyone else say , i want my striker as it is .. i paid for it in cash .. i want to keep it !

    you guys want a new weapon thats your business i want to keep the striker as it is .. there is always more room for new weapons in the store
  16. Jube

    No what I meant to get across is I wish they would only change the guidance of the Striker to what the Sparrow launcher has, not the rockets too.
    As far as the "Slug" ammo goes...I think it's a place holder. All the Max suits have that same attachment,
  17. Jube

    I paid cash for mine too, want it? I'll take 50 cents for it and be happy.
  18. Zaik

    yeah i hate ******* lock on crap in this game too, it's so easy to exploit. i have super powerful rank 1 ir smoke on my lightning and i've never been hit by more than two striker rockets at once. eventually they get tired of being he spammed and not being able to do a thing about it and lay tank mines behind me so when i reverse behind a rock to reload it blows me up.

    the only launcher in this game that can reliably hit my lightning is the lancer, but i'd imagine that if i wasn't nc i'd have the phoenix to fear as well.

    if i changed rocks every time smoke was up i'd be unkillable by tr. they'd eventually just have to pull air just to suicide it into me because i could escape from everything else.
  19. siiix

    thats fine, it could be an option, but i want to keep it because i love it .... options are fine , but a general scrap of a weapon is just wrong

    i dont understand why you guys have no tested the weapon in the VR area before you purchased it ?! not every weapon fits every play style
  20. Ixidron

    4 rockets to kill infantry (the TR version takes 2, but it sucks since the rockets don't go to the centre of the crosshair) 10 rockets to kill a MAX, also it has slower firing rate than it's TR counterpart.