What the NC really needs

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Torok, Dec 9, 2013.

  1. Torok

    Explosive ammo rounds for the Jackhammer.

    That's it.

    Louder = Better

    And a Railgun.

    Don't thank me
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  2. Liquid23

    ok you can have a railgun... it fits in your pocket and fires BBs coated in rubber at high velocity

    you can now annoy targets at super far ranges... well 300 meters because that's as far as they render
  3. sindz

    What they really need is to to stop crying about being the weakest faction.
  4. iMartyr

    They need a motivational speaker
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  5. gigastar

    If the Jack gets explosive rounds, then what does the Lasher get?
  6. Yuukikun

    50 damage/second for 5 second stackable for every bullet hitting the target before the 5 seconds end.
  7. gigastar

    Hm... Acceptable.
  8. Torok

    You can get the blob pew pew pew gun variant aka GES bio rifle!11
  9. Liquid23

    than I want something for the MCG... nothing as fancy but how about we change the name (because it's not actually a chain gun) and maybe give it a ******* fire rate which actually justifies a rotating barrel design
  10. gigastar

    If im getting a blob gun can i get the Mutator out of Resistance 3?

    Charge up weapon, primarily does DoT, and as a side effect turns corpses into landmines.

    Also i just noticed your sig, and your fun score should be measured in megaHiggles.
  11. PurpleOtter

    "What the NC really needs...."

    ...incarceration (after due process of course)

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  12. Flapatax

    The typo in your sig is making me chew on my plastic mixing stick with exceptional fervor.
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  13. Mhak

    We're not the weakest faction, we just have the weakest weapons and air force.

    The fact that we don't lose every alert says more about the VS and TR than it does the NC.
  14. Torok

    Hah never! we'd blow ourselves in Jail!
  15. Liquid23

    I think you forgot to put "up" in there... cause that just sounds gross
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  16. FouckingBamn

    I don't see how we're the weakest faction. NC is just hard to adjust to.
  17. NinjaTurtle

    The Lasher doesn't need anything, it is already unique and has a purpose. The Jack is just another shotgun
  18. Torqameda

    What does NC need? The most important thing that would increase the quality of life for all NC across all servers would be... wait for it.... we have to build suspense so continue waiting...



    To stop whining. There is a fundamental difference between discussing the weaknesses of certain weapons/mechanics and then screaming foul that "X" is OP or "Y" is UP. Perhaps if people were willing to be more cogent --I won't hold my breath since this is the internet after all --people would enjoy the game more.
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  19. FocusLight

    "We are hard-mode, the fact we keep up makes us better than you."

    Whatever makes you sleep at night. What the NC needs is less whiners, and a balance pass from SOE. The latter is coming at some point. Can you please provide the former, too?
  20. ZEPLN

    You should check out the Higby AMA on reddit... it's pretty much what Higby said. We've been working at a disadvantage for so long that we were forced to overcome said weaknesses and literally play in hard-mode, which is why they have to be so careful with NC buffs. While buffs may help the general population, they fear they will make the very good NC players into gods among mortals.
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