What the hell is this?

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  1. hawken is better

    And no, this isn't a one-off situation. This crap happens all the time (and I've died because of it numerous times).

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  2. pnkdth

    It is the new class, the spy.
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  3. Corporate Thug

    Yep, happens to me occasionally. I once decimated a squad mate that was down a flight of stairs and around a corner when I was aiming at a VS max standing no more than 10m directly in front of me. He was pretty upset with me until I explained that I was upstairs and aiming at the back of the max that was looking down the staircase.
  4. ElectricSheepDream

    Oh good. I thought I was the only one.
  5. DJPenguin

    Disappointed i didn't actually hear the quote of the title of the clip.
  6. hawken is better

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  8. RIctavius

  9. hawken is better

    Really???? Thanks for the info, I thought it was intentional :DDDDDDDDDDDD
  10. Iridar51

    Wow, never had that happen to me. Must be a bug or something.

  11. Valok

    I find more worrying the fact that the guy took 20 bullets to the head before going down.

    This never happened to me though.

    Correction: After watching in 1080p it looked like most bullets were hitting the "air", maybe a friendly unit that was lagging could be there, or maybe there was a player "there" mere moments ago and the server/your client failed to update the info.
  12. Tuco

    Obviously the beeping sound needs to be louder and the red cross needs to fill up half the screen for folks to take notice.
  13. faykid

    I confirm having the same experience once in a while. Desync, i guess. Sometimes you don't get friendly fire warning, but the enemy still takes way more bullets than is supposed to
  14. IamDH

  15. Vikingo

    Common glitch
  16. Yuukikun

    It's been happening for over half a year to me. I don't know if it's a bug but it feels suspicious since it happened to me over 20 times and every single time the player was below BR 10. Why has it never happened to players i already know or higher BR? Maybe it's just a coincidence
  17. Astraka

    It's because you were playing on Connery, instead of Waterson where you belong. ;)
  18. FrankHH

    Wow, such a thing has never happened to me since beta days.
  19. eldarfalcongravtank

    looks like you've purchased the custom hitmarker sound pack for 500SC

    i swear they'll soon start to monetize every freakin thing in this game just to make money (see the most recent flashlight decals)
  20. Utrooperx

    I actually opened a SoE Customer Service ticket over this...had vid, just like this guy, was taking far too many shots to kill opponents while "Friendly fire" was being noted...

    After quite a few back and forths, where first it was my firewall (nope), then my router (nope), then my internet (nope), it was "escalated' to a "Tier 2 Customer Support Rep" (?), who proclaimed it was my CPU...


    Thank you for providing me with your updated system information. First, let me apologize for the inconvenience that you have experienced with this issue. I can tell you, based on the issue you have described so far, that I already know this is a dsync issue that is related to your CPU. The symptoms of the issue can seem like a latency problem, which is most likely why you were given so many steps to address this, but from what you have described (not to mention the connection information you have provided, which I see no real issue with) I can assure you that's not the problem here. This has been a known problem since PlanetSide 2 was released, and it effects certain kind of processors.


    Unfortunately this issue rarely has a happy ending, as there is very little we can suggest that can fix this problem in many cases. APU processors are the most common type of processor that experiences this problem, even with a dedicated GPU like the set up you have. The best suggestion we can make at this point outside of replacing your CPU is going to be to make the following changed to your CPU set up...


    So, I downloaded AMD Overdrive, made a profile for PS2, and set it the way the CSR stated...

    I went from 50-60 FPS in the warp gate to ~15 FPS...slideshow time!

    I quickly put my previous (original) settings back in place and my FPS went back to ~50-60...except now, as the video shows, every once in a while I'll hear "friendly fire" call outs while I'm shooting a Bad Guy...and it seems to take a awful lot of rounds to put him down...

    But this is a "known problem since release"...