[BUG] What the hell is Pride Banner?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by FliegerPanzer, Feb 7, 2015.

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  1. Hatesphere

    the entire first person shooter genera is pretty much a dedication to "I am straight and like girls"

    also there is this thing called freedom of expression, and this game is the property of daybreak at the moment, not you. you crack me up and i can almost taste your hate. I almost want to buy this banner now just to wear it to make you angry.
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  2. Reclaimer77

    I'm not bothered by that.

    But I think he brings up a legitimate point. If the Devs are going to add political/cultural/religious symbolism into the game, fine. But why ONLY the gay pride banner?

    If you're going to cross that line, and make no mistake, they DID cross a line; then you have to do it for everyone or at least offer some diversity IMO.

    I think if they added a Christian symbol into the game, everyone would go ape and they would be forced to remove it. But "gay pride" is fine because if you question it, you're just labelled a "bigot" and are forced to shut up.

    Planetside is the last place I expected to find modern-day political correctness run rampant. Not to get all #gamergate up in here, but I play games to have fun. NOT have messages forced on me.
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  3. Kloz

    I'm pretty sure that who or what a person is attracted to is not a political statement... so yeah good luck trying to compare that to Nazism.
  4. FliegerPanzer

    asking removal of banner of group which is offensive in my country's culture is not wrong.
  5. FliegerPanzer

    then add "I like girls" banner?
    WELL DO YOU UNDERSTAND IN MANY COUNTRIES BEING LG BT IS ILLEGAL RIGHT? This is enough reason to dont add such thing into game
  6. Hatesphere

    no you really dont, there isn't a magic rule that says they have to cater to everyone if they catered to someone. Its the developers choice to represent what they want, its the customers choice to use their services.
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  7. FliegerPanzer

    how its customer's choice? WHY AM I FORCED TO WATCH GAY BANNER WHEN guy who uses this banner kills me? what kind of policy is this? If they add cultural/religions, etc stuff, I want David's star and hammer and sickle right now then. will get both
  8. Kociboss

    You don't have to play this game if it's bothering you.
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  9. Hatesphere

    you are not being forced to play this game, video games are not a right. man you are way out in left field.
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  10. FliegerPanzer

    I already played this game and spent $$ before they added gay banner. so I am not going to abandon my money spent on this game.and long time spent ingame just because someone added gay banner after I spent $$$ to this game. at least give us option to turn off and make this banner invisible locally
  11. Crator

    Not seeing a problem with having a rainbow banner in the game. I see a problem with calling it a "Pride Banner" though.
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  12. Doc Jim

    I just thought I'd mention that this is not a "[BUG]".
  13. FliegerPanzer

    YES agreed
  14. Hatesphere

    luckily some of us live in more enlightened countries. the flag does not simply represent being gay, it represent all the people not willing to put up with the **** their gay friends take every day. you know, the "I like girls" people.
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  15. DG-MOD-04

    Locked thread to prevent further political discussion. Please take this into consideration when posting future threads.


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