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  1. oberchingus

    The only reason the Vulcan seems good is because it is a psychological weapon and few know how to fight against it. It's not actually good, unless it is in a Bruce Lee configuration and it's CQC. But anyway - I've played enough violins on this topic to get me a front row seat playing for the Vienna Philharmonic.

    Note: I will take pro-tips from anyone who wants to share some. You never know who's going to teach you something new, and rookies see he world through unfiltered eyes, so they usually have the best perspectives. That's my take anyway.

    BTW John - he has the same time (4 days) in his prowler as you do in your Vanny.
  2. SavageBacon

    I'm rarely salty when a counter does what it's supposed to do... Especially when I'm playing the lone wolf in a 1/2 MBT with no sort of ally support nearby. I may not have 100s of hours compared to you, but having actually driven and gunned Vulcans (whether it was one Harasser or a gank group) as well as staved off plenty of Harassers (Vulcan and other configurations), I was just showing that they can be dealt with.

    Also, my playtime is a bit misleading since I've deleted and remade toons (mostly VS and NC as I was trying out other servers back in the day).
  3. JohnGalt36

    OK, good luck when the new weapons hit, brother!
  4. JohnGalt36


    Plus, I have literally double the score.


    I'm not the one offering "pro-tips" either, just pointing out that I am not in the business of taking them from people less experienced than I am.

    It's funny that he has almost as many kills as I do, but a third of the vehicle kills.

    I like that an infantry farmer is giving pro-tips to a tank v tanker.
  5. SavageBacon

    Considering I spend most of my vehicle time nowadays in an AP Lightning on my VS toon and handle Vulcans just fine, I'm not worried. I think you could handle them now, but it first requires an honest assessment of your own driving habits... Maybe I came off a hit snarky, but these are the generally the things I keep in mind when I pull vehicles on my NC/VS and it's largely kept my deaths to Vulcans, Harassers in general, low.
  6. JohnGalt36

    I probably responded a bit snarky as well. I'm just a defensive person like that, and I hate the Vulcan-H.

    Sorry if I offended.
  7. SavageBacon

    It's all good, we both have our own dumb opinions on the subject :p

    I don't know how you roll your VG, but if you want to return the sentiment to the Harasser, you should put a Canister in the top slot if it's not too much of a risk... Vulcan Harasser goes poof in like no time.
  8. JohnGalt36

    I've actually been running HE and Canister a little bit lately. HE is my last Aurax on the Vanguard and I need driver assists for the master directive.
  9. Haquim

    Wow, thats a lot of hyperbole.
    The missiles phasing through terrain was a bug, NOT limited to the striker, and NOT a feature of the gun.
    It was fixed in september 2013. Thats not even close to 1.5 years, even if the striker would have been released at the start of the game. Which it was not. It was added in March or April.
    Also at the very same time there was another bug, that made flares do nothing with a 1in3 chance.... per rocket.
    If you think that this will make the Striker seem overpowered you are right, because people only notice "im getting still hit", not that only 2 out of 5 hits were scored.
    Seeing as the striker fired 5 missiles instead of one and was massively used because it higher damage it was simply noticed a LOT more on it.
    If SOE got their **** together and fixed their bugs it would have been much different.
    And NO rocket launcher needs to keep the target in sight, nor should any, that is simply ******** as the striker rework showed. Even tanks, especially Magriders have no trouble breaking that lock by dancing around a ******* tree, ESFs are absolutely impossible to hit with that mechanic, unless they are ******* that you could just as well hit with a decimator.

    And if you get you organize yourself can still do "striker mountain" with any G2A launcher, that really was no feature of the Striker.
    Oh yes I remember the outcry.... 15 Strikers instakilled my Liberator SOOO OP.

    It was certainly overperforming, but the myths about its godlike power and apparently also the time of its dominance get bigger everytime they are told. And a lot of that power came from bugs, that the striker could make use of because it fired a volley of missiles instead of a single one.
  10. Liewec123

    its not an exaggeration.
    if you played NC/VS at that time and tried going anywhere near a base that TR had presence at you were dead.

    you might also remember the world domination series which took place while striker was still godly.
    we all knew TR were going to win it, but when they started scoring about as much as NC and VS COMBINED it was just hilarious.
    SoE had to completely rig the scoring to give the other 2 factions the illusion of being competitive.
  11. Haquim

    Yes the WDS was a ***********.
    I don't remember the WDS that well since it has been some time, but I guess that was all the work of the Striker, and had nothing at all to do with the Vulcan still being in its overpowered release state or the fractures apparently annihilating whole biolabs or TR averaging 40% pop a lot of the time sometimes more.
  12. Liewec123

    yes fractures were powerful back then, 3 shot killing infantry, yes vulcan was even more powerful then than its current state,
    but still, none of it came close to striker.
  13. Haquim

    And that is just distorted perspective imo.
    I have never felt like I could pick ESFs like ripe fruit back then. Putting the bugs aside, especially since other G2A lockons had them as well, the only difference was that two strikers would kill an ESF instead of setting it on fire.
    All I see from the striker back then is stuff like THIS:

    Replace the Striker with an annilhilator and everybody is just as dead.

    But feel free to show me a source that shows that the striker was totally OP where they don't have enough numbers to instantly kill a MAX with their pistols.
    Here is a vid showing some TTK, sadly not vs aircraft

    I don't remember that god-item. I remember people flogging to it in such numbers that they could've downed ESFs with their carbines if they wanted to.
    If VS did the same thing with lancers right now (assuming they have good aim) there would be neither ground vehicles nor aircraft around. Not even Harassers would survive. All without some beeping warning of the impending doom.

    And before the rockets flying through terrain comes up again: EVERY G2A launcher did that. I've died to it in a Mosquito ffs. Suck it up and stop adding it to the myths about the striker. Malfunctioning flares were also not the Strikers fault.
  14. Liewec123

    as you seem to main TR (and i'm almost certain you didn't play VS/NC back then.)
    you have a very bias view, but facts are facts, one striker took off well over half of an ESFs hp.
    and as i said it was extremely easy to use, completely unavoidable and extremely long range.

    meaning that if there were 2 TR heavies in a region, it was a no fly zone.
    and as heavies are the most played class you could expect to see 20+ of them, and back then they were all using striker.

    anyhows, lets not draw this out any further ;)