What the hell is going on

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Ianneman, Aug 13, 2015.

  1. Ianneman

    So, the TR are going to lose the one good thing going for them (Vulcan, everybody is going to have it now)

    Yet the BIGGEST issue with PS2 right now (0.75 ADS) will remain unaddressed.

    Literally, WHAT?
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  2. FateJH

    If you think 0.75ADS is the biggest issue this game has, then you must have very a very optimistic view of the rest of the game. I wish you could share that with the rest of this forum because they (we) need it.
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  3. Takara

    There is like four weapons outside of pistols that have .75 ADS and that is your BIGGEST ISSUE? Sir you have been forumsiding far to much.

    I could literally pull random problems out of a hat that need more attention then that.

    For example....Alerts are some of the only things that offer any metagame....yet the servers can't handle the player load and often throws horrible pings around. :-(

    PS you do realize that every empire is getting their version of a (Vulcan/Saron) Don't ask me why no one gets a version of the Enforcer, the thing is cheese mode too.
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  4. Liewec123

    you're also getting a saron/enforcer equivalent.
    your sniper tank just got deadlier.
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  5. Haquim

    ... I WOULD agree with you, if the last thing TR got reworked wasn't the Striker.
    Someone has a video reaction of an NC in his sig, you can propaply also find it on youtube.
    If that is their vision of TR long-range weaponry and, more importantly, a proper representation of their understanding of how numbers on weapons work, never mind their intended purpose, I am not very thrilled for the huge diappointment that is propably coming up.
  6. Zombo

    you mean because 0.75 ADS is available for everyone on NS weapons?

    wait what?
  7. Peebuddy

    I believe what the OP was pointing out is that Nc/ Vs are getting weapons that fill holes in their arsenal while Tr haven't a real need for another long range secondary.

    That and that the proposed lmg arms rebalance hasn't happened yet (if at all) means on average, though slightly, Nc/Vs benefit more from this than the Tr when it is us who could really use a look at.
  8. Liewec123

    i was around when striker was released, for a year and a half it completely shut down NC/VS air game and seriously hindered the ground vehicle game too.
    it'd lock on from hilariously far away, once lock on was gained you didn't even need to keep the target in your crosshairs, and the missiles would never miss and would even fly through everything in their path until they hit the target, buildings, mountains, anything.

    while i do think it was overnerfed, a nerf has never been more justified.
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  9. FateJH

    What long-range secondaries does the TR currently have?
  10. SavageBacon

    The Halberd... Which has a fairly identical TTK as the Saron and Enforcer, but simply front loads all the damage onto one Alpha strike rather than break it up into multiple shots.
  11. Pikachu

    TR still gets to keep their vulcan. It's not like NC and venu are stealing it.
  12. FateJH

    Isn't that more of an NC thing than a TR thing?
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  13. Angrytortoise

    it's an NS thing. Everyone has access to the Halberd.. which is probably a better ranged option than either the Saron or the enforcer simply because alpha damage>sustain at long range.
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  14. JohnGalt36

    As much as I hate the idea of more Vulcan-like secondaries, I am going to revel in the TR tears as they eat their own medicine. I guess it won't affect me personally, because I rarely, if ever, fight VS.
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  15. Zombo

    oh god i hope we will get the same elevation as the Vulcan gets, beware mossies, here comes the pain xD
  16. Takara

    Fraction traits went out the window a long time ago sadly. There is only a few pretty much meaningless perks for each empire anyway. :-( Weapons make them money...fixing bugs doesn't. Understand that FTP gaming model is good for the business bad for the consumer. It will just be how the market goes for now.

    Yea we know you have been spawning in mid air to fall to your death four the last year...BUT LOOK SHINY NEW GUN THAT SHOOTS BULLETS AND LOOKS JUST LIKE THE LAST FIFTY YOU DIDN'T ASK FOR....*shoves gun down your throat* FUN RIGHT!?
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  17. Takara

    This drives me nuts...I don't know why they left the original elevation on the gun when they changed it from AI to AV...it's not even close to fair considering how decent it is at AA compared to the other empires. I did a post about this a long time ago but it sank under a bunch of other forumside nonsense :-( *shrugs* I deal.
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  18. SavageBacon

    Right... Have fun against a locked down Prowler. Pro-tip, if you adjust the turret swivel, you can pretty quickly turn the guns and smack the Harasser good... Not too hard with a double shot AP salvo from points blank range that reloads quickly... even easier with a gunner that's not overly tunnel visioned.

    After you've gotten a few MBT kills and realize that the ideal target is either a weakened MBT, is already fighting something else, or a 1/2 MBT lone wolfing, you'll perhaps realize that it was your bad driving decisions more than the Vulcan that led to so many deaths at the hands of one.
  19. Scorpion97

    Same goes for AV grenade,lib belly guns,PPA,banshee,ZOE and LMGs
  20. JohnGalt36

    I'm generally not into taking "pro-tips" from people who have less tanking experience than myself.

    We'll see who's salty when y'all have to deal with Vulcans. ;)