what the F is wrong with nc+vs lately?

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  1. LordKrelas

    If you want to say TR is being attacked only, and VS & NC are ignoring each other..
    You do not pick identical colors on a Map, where you can only select 1 hex at a time to show any difference between the identical colored hexes.

    As well, it's a three-sided war.
    If TR at their warp-gate, it doesn't mean NC or VS can't be deep into each other's land mass.
    How can we see if this is true for the entire border between them, not just a hex? Colors.

    Change the Colors.
    Show the map.
    This reinforces your statement -- at present, you look like you are blind as hell to the issue of 2 identical colors on a massive map representing two entirely different forces you claim aren't attacking each other.
    As with identical colors, on this map, makes that claim near impossible to prove.

    It takes 5 minutes at best to change map color, and repost the image.
    Your internet isn't that ****, is it?
  2. typnct

    dude... i took the pictures... and later when i logged off i posted this
    how do you excpect me to go back 2 3 4 + hours back in time?
  3. Prudentia

    you said that it happens everytime so it shouldn't be too hard to find another example.
    tho i'd recommend you to not take that screenshot when there is an alert running against TR, that would be slightly embaressingly simple to explain.
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  4. typnct

    The alert was on the vs side
    Even when the alert started
    There wasnt much of a change until the last 10 15 minutes
    But the fights were about this 4 flanks against the tr with tr having 40% or less on each flank
    As you can understand this can only happen if 2 nations were attacking one.
    2 flanks had huge vs and nc pops that were out of their place
    Like 36 33 31(tr)
    This becomes pretty obvious that there is a huge pop attacking only one side
  5. Prudentia

    that alone is already a lie because during prime time today the VS pop, as usual was at 31% not the TR one. while TR do certainly have their days where they have less pop than VS today wasn't one of them
  6. typnct

    Thats not a lie
    A proof for that would be 31%+35%(nc)=66%
    Now what number is bigger? 66% or 33%?
    And is there is like 1 flank between the vs and nc with less than 1% then where is all the rest of the pop?

    Well if 66% is attacking 33% then its more than possible to have 40% or less in each flank
    As each flank is about 2 to 1 its healthy to say that 33% ( or more if the pop goes more concentrated areas)
    Therefor i can conclude that this is more than possible and if you played on miller a few hours ago you would see
    I saw more than 30 tanks in one area... And guess what? It wasnt only tanks
  7. Prudentia

    yes i was playing on miller a few hours ago.
    i was fighting in NS material/Howling pass and sometimes jumped over to quartz ridge and defend there till that fell and TR pushed all the way up to sungrey and saurva while the fights around palisade, NS material and crimson bluff never died down in size.
  8. typnct

    Pretty much... But didnt you notice the vanguards that were attackin tr? Or the nc libs nor theirs deployed sundies and think that there is something wrong there?
  9. Prudentia

    i'd be utterly confused if they didn't shoot at each other. afterall there were lane connections and all 3 factiona do fight against each other so ofcourse there were areas on the map, mostly around Regent rock i think it was, where NC and TR bashed their heads against each other.
  10. typnct

    Dude they were about 2km from their own teritory...
    How were they connected?!!
  11. typnct

    heres something interesting
    you can see faction focus
    and as of right now - the tr is heavily focused by the nc and vs(we dont have an alert and wont start one prob even if we try)
  12. Prudentia

    nope, VS simply isn't having any TR fight back.
    [IMG]Vs is equally spread across mulac and acan (more at mulac) but there is NC at acan but no TR at Mulac.
  13. Prudentia

    and the reason why TR aren't fighting back is because they have 2 platoons at bitol fighting against half a platoon of NC
  14. typnct

    Lets see
    75% of nc is attacking tr
    60% of vs is attacking tr

    Logically what does it mean?
  15. Prudentia

    that you grab numbers out of thin air and scream about the unfairness of the world based on your imaginairy numbers
  16. typnct

    Why do i keep feeding a troll?
  17. typnct

  18. typnct

    what does this imaginary picture show? what?....
    ill try to guess by your logic - umm it means you lie
  19. Prudentia

    mate seriously
    Equal pop fight between NC and VS
    TR zerging down NC
    VS zerging down TR
    TR's fault for not going and defending against VS to make 3 equal pop front lines
  20. typnct

    lets see 41% 47% 39%
    yep, you are lying