what the F is wrong with nc+vs lately?

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  1. typnct

    theres been constant attacks only on tr for the last month or so...
    ive first noticed it when nc constantly had 55%+ pop on every flank against us
    now its the same everyday especially last 2 days when i see a vanguard and magriders riding together not even looking at one another and high nc+vs pop not on their flanks attacking the tr

    its like this - 33% 33% 33% or even worse(not even close to their own flanks)
    today we had 1 flank between the nc and the vs
    it was 1-12 people... that it its only from the vs...
    so... what the f**** is wrong with you people exactly?
  2. JibbaJabba


    It comes and goes. Same thing happens on other servers.

    On Emerald.. NC got double teamed several times that I saw. By double team I mean when there is no logical strategic purpose in attacking but it's happening anyway.

    Have your outfit rep on your server mention this during their next server meeting.
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  3. LordKrelas

    Miller is an Odd place.

    It's likely an outfit that spans between both sides, farming alerts or fights near where you are.
    Given unless your Entire server down to the last player, Hates TR when not on TR, that's not actually possible.
  4. typnct

    not possible? sure... so i just see the numbers 78% nc - 10%tr rest vs
    and every other flank is the same!
  5. typnct

    other flank 60-25 rest nc
  6. CplRDaWiggy

    Mayhaps the vs and nc realised the true threat is those freedom hating unenlightened space commieNazis.

    Though from my experience on Ceres, people just don't look at the map.
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  7. typnct

  8. typnct

    one flank, only one flank between the vs and the nc
    it was like that for 2 and a half hours...
    and it is daily
  9. Prudentia

    this picture explains everything about why you think you are being double teamed.
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  10. typnct

    actually if i would compare the 3, then the nc is worse than the *****.
    the proof for that is the nc right decleration - you CAN BUY RIGHTS
    if you are poor then you have no rights to oppose anyone with more rights than you.
    if you get fired from your job - then you cannot go back to any job
    if you are poor from the start then well... you are screwed and prob will be sold as a slave

    tr would be necessary evil - as it is the only nation that tried to stop this war
    rules:peace for any price
    downsides - will hurt any needed target until peace is achieved
    plus sides: well... this is the only nation that actually made a clear goverment - they cant hide anything from anyone - as anyone can access information

    and well vs:enlightment for everything(might know something we do not... but still they do not connect to the war)
  11. LordKrelas

    Maybe if you had different colors for the opposing empires, you might be able to more easily see?
    As dear lord...
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  12. CplRDaWiggy

    Quoted for truth.
  13. typnct

    nope but it SHOWS you a picture of 1 flank between nc and vs - of less than 13 people
    guess where all the rest are...
  14. LordKrelas

    You mean in the red zone vs the red zone, or the red zone vs the red zone, vs the blue vs red zones?

    If we could SEE where VS and NC end in that map.. it would be better.
    As right now.. it's red, red, blue.
    With both being red, it's near impractical as hell if not impossible to see Whom is where on the map that isn't TR.

    VS could be on the NC warpgate, and wouldn't see it.

    Then show the map!
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  15. CplRDaWiggy

    You dare question the will of the Spandex god? It demands we fight for more comfortable yet more revealing spandex.

    We VS call it "SuperSpandex", but thats a secret, don't let anyone know I told you why we really fight.
  16. Collin

    On MIller its the Zergfits which actually don´t want to fight each other. The Leader of DIG statet that he does not want to face the NC because of their guns on reddit. If you look up his stats over 60 % of his kills are TR .

    While I normaly don´t care its for me clear that at least on TR side over the years every gun that shines got nerved or removed from TR side.

    I don´t say that the game is imbalanced but its clear that the traits of TR loose the usefullness in the change of the game and the TR are just more "fun" to fight against. No spider tanks and no Scattermaxes. Many of the TR guns have a funny mechanic on it that brings it in a very niche position.

    Example the fireing arc on the Pounder which makes it very powerfull in certain situations with lockdown its most of the time very harder to use than it should be.

    Lets see the Jackel and its underbarrel thingy. Useless.

    The Striker is stronger than you think but its wonky mechanic its very hard to understand and to explain how to use its potential.

    Vulcan on a lockdown prowler useless
    Gatekeeper nerved into the ground

    All this makes the guns on TR side less "exploidable" and straight forward which makes it fun to fight against. I guess a boombox is a nightmare against a magrider and a magrider hanging in the hills is a nightmare against the scatmax.
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  17. typnct

    TR is blue
    VS,NC is RED
    if you look at the HUGE RED AREA you can see only 1 flank
    that flank is in the RED AREA therefor the RED AREA is the nc or vs
    so if there is 1 FLANK between the vs and nc of less than 13 people
    then it must mean that there are no more flanks between them
    and as you can see im explaining this to you like to a 13 year old so you can conclude that the RED COLOR IS THE NC AND VS
  18. LordKrelas

    The Huge red area is the entire map.
    Which means that VS or NC have exchange land mass with each other...
    It's Red vs Red... We can't see if team Red has taken any steps into team Red as both are red.

    1 Flank..
    You sure? Your map has red vs red.. any pushes would be red.. on red...
    Only your side can be seen in that Mess.. Put NC as any other color but blue or Red, on this map.
    Then it becomes Obvious where the **** the Land control is about.

    Which means depending on WHOM OWNS WHICH RED HEX, determines WHERE THE FLANKS ARE>

    Go change the bloody mod colors, so we can see WHICH IS VS, and WHICH IS NC.
    As with both Red, you can't see if they are even into each other.. but it LOOKS entirely like one force since they are both the same color..
    Make your own team red as well, and look how hard it is to see what the hell is going on.

    Change colors, take the same screen shot with the new colors.
    Post image.
    Marvel at the clarity.
  19. Prudentia

    or just use enemy + ally heatmap
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  20. typnct

    man have you been eating some special cookies? basically look to the left and to the right of my mouse = thats the border
    the vs has more land, the nc has more land than the tr
    thats whats going on - how do you find an active flank? - well you see that little times? well that the clock
    you know like the one that does tuk tuk on the wall and a bird luanches out once an hour to tell you an hour has passed
    use your head not only to bang it against the keyboard to tell me to go back in time and take another picture only because you like colors and need colors to understand a basic task
    stop smoking or whatever you do.

    also if that didnt help you then go to paint and color the nc and vs in what color you want
    and look! there are connections! you can see them if you look at the map!!! and it took me 0.3 sec to understand all the flanks!