What suit mods are you going for?

Discussion in 'Combat Medic' started by Maderas, Nov 22, 2012.

  1. Tuqui-tuqui

    Is this true? Thank jebus I haven't spent any certs on my medic because I would be pissed if I found out after. I'm pretty good about my survival skills, and as a medic I shouldn't be in the front lines anyway, so these nano and shield upgrades are a no for me. I think I'll go for flak. For now.
  2. WildCatNL

    Yeah, I'm pretty certain, even during beta people complained that the 2.5 sec reduction wasn't enough. According to planetside 2 wikia, when you look up the different classes, a list of class certifications is shown including each rank and what it adds/changes.
    Unless its out of date, I still believe its fully upgraded only 2.5 seconds reduction on the 15 sec standard delay.
  3. Domnonos

    Also certing Flak armour. Being able to survive the blast and then revive your dead teammates in time for the enemy push is just priceless :)
  4. Dornez

    I get a lot of mileage out of the flack jacket, Saved me many a time from grenades
  5. Ozymandias

    I've seen so many different times on the shield recharge its funny!
    I haven't timed it since beta, but at one point in beta it was 8 seconds to start charging a damaged shield.
    In this thread alone, I've seen 8, 10,12,and 15. No matter what, unless it halves the time, it's not the most useful suit mod IMO.
  6. Shake

    I like nanoweave as medic, i'd take shield regen on any other class. When you can heal yourself the extra base HP is really good in my opinion. 1 Shot is more significant than people think.
  7. KodiakX

    I do Nanoweave currently at 20% and waiting to flesh out some other areas before I save up for the final point. I see a lot of scenarios where I walk away with virtually zero hit points (less than a bubble or two in most cases) and they make me think it's worth it. That includes scenarios such as Grenades where I ran away and caught the outer blast area.

    That said most of my deaths do tend to come from explosives (grenades, tank shells, etc) in group style scenarios where I'm playing it safe in the rear with the gear and was considering Flak armor instead.
  8. Rory

    Anyone know which gives you extra grenades with the under rail grenade launchers, extra ammo or grenades? I would imagine its the extra ammo slot since you can get them refilled from the engy ammo packs and they dont cost infantry points to resupply.
  9. _delero

    Plus the Nanite Revive Grenade
  10. Pyros

    Don't know if anything does, but I know Bandolier doesn't for sure since I have that and I still only get 2 grenades in the launcher(which I get with nanoweave too). I'd say ammo belt probably doesn't either though but maybe someone who has both can confirm.
  11. saltin

    I went with the shield recharge because it fits my style of play which is to revive my buddies in almost any situation except the most extreme! and except if my not surviving would be a big set back to the team.

    I very often revive under fire right in front of the enemy and very often survive without issue.Number 1 cause of death for me is grenades but it's only because i have a maxed recharged shield and it saves me a lot from bullet deaths.
    Since i revive under fire a lot,and since i get shot by friendlies at least 60% of the time (jumping in front of them to revive) my shield is constantly either down or recharging,and so the certs speeding up the process helps a lot.

    For reference i am the highest rated medic on my server no one has more revives than me :)

    If your style tends to be to revive under safer conditions (behind walls,in room corners ect..) then the flak armor is probably one of the better choices.

    When you cert revive grenades build up a large inventory and practice throwing these,i threw dozens and dozens in practice just to get a feel for them and how they bounce,where they land and the area effect,if you are consistent and good at throwing grenades consider the bandolier as an alternative.
  12. Vortok

    I'd be interesting to know how much a grenade actually does to determine if later ranks of nanoweave can save you or not as well as how much life you'll be left at (from full health/shields) if you use flak. Rank 4 (aka, not blowing 1k certs for rank 5) is 20% health or 22.5% resistance for flak (rank 5 is 25% for both). Assuming base health/shields values are the same, 20% health increases your total combined health/shield value by 10% and works against all sources of damage (notably sniper fire and standard gunfights). Flak is barely double that and only works on one rather infrequent type (unless you're always in fights involving tons of nade spam like tech labs).

    Either a high enough rank of nanoweave will let you survive one, or you'll pretty much be crippled with flak (or die anyway if you weren't full health/shields). And you of course you can attempt to sprint away from the indicator regardless of suit option but sometimes you don't even get that if the fuse is already gone by the time it rolls into range.

    Be cool if flak armor was like Sunderer anti-tank mine armor that starts at 25% and gets up to 70% which is pretty significant and lets you actually shrug off explosives, but maybe the devs felt that'd be too strong. Would be great for rocket pod spammers (not the solution to that anyway) but would probably irritate every other vehicle that mainly does explosive damage (like tanks - can't imagine an infantry being able to run right at them with C4/mines and ignore getting shot with tank shells would feel fun for tank drivers) so hard to say.
  13. Vilmond

    Currently rocking 2 points of NanoWeave.

    Gonna be using grenade bandolier because seriously grenades are super amazingly good for indoor fighting, and if I ever do decide to use any of the medic grenades I can use more of those too.

    In general I'm not overly concerned about my personal survivability, generally if I'm getting killed I'm getting killed REALLY hard. Meaning things like Flak, NanoWeave, etc don't do much for me and the shield regen while it would help from fight to fight again mostly I am either living or dying, not somewhere in between where the slight extra damage resistance or shield regen would be super helpful. Instead I want to make sure my team can push into buildings effectively and grenades are one of the best options for that.

    That said I will probably max C4 before i work on grenade bandolier as I'm not in a huge hurry to get there. My current plan is Max on medic gun (just the last 500 left), ******* out my gun with bullets/foregrip/etc, C4 max, grenade bandolier. After that its finishing off my lighting certs.
  14. Vortok

    Seems at rank 4 nanoweave (20%) you can survive a grenade if you're about 10 feet away (very rough estimate) with 3 bars of health or so. Ditto on tank mine (was some derp involved there to get hit by it... was practically in my face, lul). Noticed I was surviving nades instead of getting insta gibbed by them as soon as I put in the points for rank 4. Tested by nading myself and can still die by standing more or less on top of it, but barring an unlucky drop at my feet with a fuse short enough that I can't sprint away I should hopefully have far less deaths to random nade spam now. Here's hoping it stays consistent.
  15. Shockfrosted

    I am getting incredibly mileage out of my flak armor.
    Tank shells, rockets, pitched battles with grenades - one can't always avoid getting hit with an explosive. When my teammates get hit, most of the time they croak and I pull them back up, while my healing fixes them up as it does me.
  16. Raidin

    As a Medic, I tend to favor survivability and support over being on point and engaging the enemy head on. This is especially true when you have your med tool maxed, as you can revive and run to the next dead guy or cover very quickly.

    If this is your playstyle, the shield is probably the best defensive suit upgrade for you. If you engage then duck and cover quickly in bursts, you can limit the damage you take to the shields alone. With the shield upgrade, your shield will come back quickly, which is when you can go back out and fire again. Playing hide and seek with the enemy using this upgrade makes you very difficult to take down.

    Since you can heal yourself, and your shield would recharge quickly, you can cut your replenishment time in half, practically speaking. You take a few hits, shield is gone, your health goes down, you duck behind some cover, and engage your heal ability. Your health regenerates and by then, your shield is probably regenerating as well. You basically regen both at once and can get back out there quicker than the other guy, in many cases.

    This strategy would make Nanoweave more or less not worth it.

    Now if you have issues with vehicles or grenades taking you out often, flak might be the best option.
  17. JDCollie=VX9=

    The Nanoweave is probably more useful for the Medic than any other class (other than possibly the Resist-shield Heavy) for the simple reason that it increases the "buffer" their self heal has to work with in combat.
  18. Joust

    I seem to end the majority of my CQC fights (vs. LA & HA) with about 20% health. I use the +20% Nanoweave.

    As long as you run from MAXes, Nanoweave and starting your self-heal as soon as you engage will generally give you the upper hand to take out someone, even though they've got a better gun than you (and man does it really piss them off).
  19. BillNye The Vanu Guy

    capacitor recharge works good with the passive healing
  20. qazqazqaz

    I nearly got 1k certs and I don't know where to spend them, not sure if 1k for 5% hp worth it (I have nearly maximum Nanoweave), but I want my medic maxed out :( Got my applicator and aura @ maximum, got H-V45 with ammunition, grip and reflex sight, is there anything crucial i am missing?

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